Tata CliQ Customer Care, Email Id’s & Customer Support!

Tata Cliq Customer Care
Tata Cliq Customer Care

Tata CLiQ is an e-commerce platform brought to you by the Tata Group, specifically catering to the Indian audience. Tata CLiQ carries a wide range of products from varying categories like fashion, gadgets, accessories, home and kitchen. The site has gained the trust of millions through the commitment of the customer service team. In case you are in need of assistance, Tata Cliq is available 24/7 on the TataCliq customer care number. In this article, you can explore all the ways through which you can reach out to Tata CLiQ customer service.

Tata Cliq Customer Care Number & Email IDs

Tata Cliq has built on the trust of its customers and the hard work of the customer service team to ensure that you have a smooth shopping experience. The platform has provided many ways of solving any problems you encounter while using the website/app, have any issues with your orders, or just want to make a general inquiry about the products.  Additionally, Tata CLiQ Luxury is a part of the Tata Group, which provides the finest in luxury. If you face any problems with your Luxury order, you can contact them on the Tata CLiQ Luxury customer care number or the Tata CLiQ Luxury customer care email IDYou can contact customer care on the Tata CLiQ customer care number or their customer care email ID as mentioned below:

  • Tata CLiQ customer care number: 9029108282 (Available 24X7)
  • Tata CLiQ customer care number Mumbai: 022-62313777
  • Tata CLiQ customer care helpline number: 9029108282
  • Tata CLiQ Luxury customer care number: 022-62313777

TataCliq Customer Care Email ID:

Tata Cliq Head Office Number & Address

In the event that you have a more complex complaint that needs to be discussed in person, needs to be handled by a higher authority, or you need to send some physical documents, Tata Cliq has a Head Office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. You can visit them at the address mentioned below or call Tata CLiQ’S Head Office at the number mentioned below:

Head Office contact number: 022-62313777

Head Office Address: 4th Floor, Empire Plaza 2, LBS Marg, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400083.

Tata Cliq Social Media Accounts & Support

Tata Cliq understands how social media is one of the most important ways of connecting to its customers. The platform is very active on its socials in terms of updates and announcements. Tata Cliq values customer interaction and hence keeps its social platforms open for the audience. Therefore, other than the Tata CLiQ website and app, you can also connect with Tata CLiQ through the various social channels provided below :






Tata CLiQ customer complaints are also addressed on these social platforms. You can directly message or comment on any posts or videos to receive a reply from Tata CLiQ.

How to contact Tata Cliq Customer Care

Tata CLiQ customer care has been extremely thorough and has opened multiple channels through which the customers can contact Tata Cliq customer service. Ways to contact Tata CLiQ customer care are mentioned below :

Through the website :

  1. Visit the Tata CLiQ website and log into your account.
  2. Click on ‘Contact Us’ under the ‘Customer Service’ heading at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on ‘CLiQ Care,’ choose the topic of your concern and browse all help topics related to the respective issue.
  4. In case your issue is not resolved, you may call the Tata CLiQ customer care number 9029108282.

You can even email Tata CLiQ customer care email ID if you prefer to resolve your issue through email. Email Tata CLiQ customer service at csmanagement@tatacliq.com with your complaint ID/Tata CLiQ customer care ID in the subject line.

Through the App:

  1. Open the Tata CLiQ app. Log into your account and click on ‘My Account’ at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on ‘CLiQ Care’ to access Tata CLiQ customer care.
  3. Click on the topic of your concern, and you can browse all help topics related to the respective issue.
  4. Tata CLiQ also has a CLiQ Genie you can chat with to get help with your order status, returns, exchanges, refunds etc.

Tata CLiQ has earned its reputation as a reliable and customer-centric platform through the dedication of Tata CLiQ customer service. Tata CLiQ customer care is available to assist you in the event that you face any problems with Tata CLiQ. Whether it is general enquiry, order-related issues, payment issues or anything else, you can get in touch with Tata CLiQ customer care through their helpline number, customer care number, website, app or email. Tata CLiQ customer care ensures a hassle-free and seamless experience for its customers.

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Q1. How to return an order in TataCliq?
Ans. To return your order :

  • Go to ‘Order History’ and select the items you wish to return.
  • Click on the ‘Return’ option below the item.
  • Select the reason for your return and confirm your return request.
  • You can also raise a return request over the mail or via TataCliq customer care number at 9029108282

Q2. How to cancel a Tata Cliq order?
Ans. You can only cancel your order and get a refund before it has been processed by the seller. To cancel your order :

  • Log into your account and click on ‘My Account’.
  • Select the order you’d like to cancel from ‘Recent Orders’.
  • Click on ‘Cancel Order’ for the items you wish to cancel.
  • Select the reason for your cancellation and confirm the cancellation.

Q3. How can I modify my order in Tata Cliq?
Ans. Tata Cliq does not offer any modification of orders after you have placed them, although you can cancel the order and place a new order with the correct address and other modifications.

Q4. What is the Tata Cliq helpline number?
Ans. You can reach Tata Cliq customer care through the Tata Cliq customer care helpline number 9029108282.

Hope you like this article (Tata CliQ Customer Care, Email Id’s & Customer Support!). For any suggestions or queries, feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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