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Pre Book jio phone in Online and Offline Process

Pre Book jio phone in Online and Offline Process: Jio phone pre-bookings have been started on August 24th at 5:30 pm. If you want to buy the jio phone then you must complete the pre-booking. Here we are giving every detail on How to pre-book jio phone online offline. For pre-booking, you need to pay 500 Rs to complete the order. Where the actual cost of jio phone is 1500 rs but you can get the whole refund after 3 years. For more details read this Free jio phone article. Once you have paid 500 rs then you are officially eligible to buy Jio phone. People who haven’t done pre-booking aren’t eligible to buy this mobile. In this article, we are giving information on how to pre book jio phone.

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Pre Book jio phone

You can pre-book jio phone either from the official jio site or from offline stores. All you need to do is pay 500 Rs to complete jio phone pre-booking. It will just ask for your mobile number and pin code while pre-booking, in case if your pin code isn’t eligible then visit near by DX Mini store to buy Jio phone. You can pre book jio phone from the official site or DX mini store or you can visit Myjio application.

Reasons to Pre-book Jio Phone:

Jio phone effective cost is actually zero rs which means it is completely free. But you will get the refund after 3 years. This is a mobile which offers few Android features at the very cheap price. In Jio phone you can access the internet with few apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google and more. It even gives you unlimited free calls. Here are the detailed reasons to pre book jio phone.

Jio Phone Price is Zero Rs: Although you need to pay 1500 rs to buy jio phone. But you will get 100% refund in next 3 years. It’s your choice to use the mobile or not, but if you want unlimited services like free calls and the internet then you need to do the monthly recharge of 153 rs

Free Calls and Internet: For a monthly recharge of 153 Rs you will get unlimited free calls and the internet. You can also use this phone as a hotspot to share the internet with other devices.

Jio Phone Assistant: This isn’t a touchscreen mobile but it got one feature which isn’t even available on few Android devices. You will get your own personal assistant in this Jio Phone

So many inbuilt apps: This mobile comes with some inbuilt which includes whole myjio app list. It even offers few social media apps like FB, Google, Whatsapp and you will get a free subscription to complete myjio apps list.

 You can watch Live TV: From Jio TV app you can literally watch live channels and cricket matches.

How to Pre-Book Jio Phone Online from

  • First, visit Jio official website which is
  • Then you will see an option to pre-book jio phone, just click on that
  • It will redirect to one-page where you need to enter your mobile number
  • After that, it will ask for a pin code. Check the availability and go to payment page
  • Complete your 500 Rs payment to pre-book Jio Phone

How to Pre Book Jio Phone Offline DX Mini Jio Store:

  • Visit nearby DX Mini store at your location
  • You can find nearby DX mini store from my Jio app
  • Then fill out your details such as phone number and name
  • Complete the payment of 500 Rs as cash or digital payment
  • Then you will get one registration number
  • You can use that registration number to buy jio phone in actual sale

How to Pre-book Jio Phone from MyJio App

  • Presently jio pre-booking option isn’t available on MyJio app.
  • But once it is available you can find the option in the main page
  • You can simply click on that to pre-book jio phone
  • You can either register for Jio phone from the myjio account or you can register a new mobile number
  • Complete the 500 Rs payment to complete the registration

Jio Phone Pre Booking Charges:

If you are really looking forward to buying jio phone then complete the pre-booking. You can follow above steps to book jio phone. They are taking a one-time payment of 500 Rs as jio phone pre-booking charges. Later on, you can simply pay the remaining 1000 Rs to buy the jio phone. After 3 years of time you can get the whole refund, here are the  more details

  • Jio Phone Pre-booking Charges: 500 Rs
  • Jio Phone Price: 1500 Rs

Jio Phone Next Pre Booking Date:

Presently neither jio site nor MyJio app is accepting pre-bookings of Jio Phone. The first round jio phones are expecting to deliver by 21st of September. But they are only available in few major cities, it is still unclear on when jio will start pre-bookings again. Recently one member from Jio made an announcement that they are taking 2nd round pre-bookings before delivering the jio Phones. So you can stay tuned to our blog for more updated on Jio Phone Next Pre Booking Date or you can visit this article for confirmed jio phone next pre-booking.

Pre Book jio phone

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