Blue Star Customer Service Number, Email, and Other Information You Need!

Blue Star, founded in 1943, is a well-known consumer goods company in India, headquartered in Mumbai. The firm produces and markets various goods, including commercial refrigeration equipment, air coolers, water purifiers, air conditioners, and more. The best part about a reputable company like theirs is that you can continue to get great service over time and buy many items. Blue Star offers an extensive customer service programme and places a high priority on client happiness. Each time you get in touch with the Blue Star customer care number, you get prompt, attentive assistance.

Blue Star Email Addresses and Customer Service Numbers

Blue Star puts a strong emphasis on customer care to keep clients satisfied. Its approach allows for swift assistance to consumers. Customers can directly contact Blue Star for assistance through Blue Star customer care number or official email address. Having convenient access to phone and email support is an advantage when customers have questions about products. It allows swift guidance on usage, warranty details, troubleshooting tips, arranging repairs, checking request status and more. The dedicated assistance channels play a key role for consumers seeking efficient responses. Customers can provide suggestions to help the company improve products or services. Blue Star wants to provide customers with a satisfying experience.

1. Blue Star Customer Care Number

If you have a problem with your Blue Star product, calling customer service is the best way to get help quickly. You can contact Blue Star customer support 24/7 at the free helpline number if you need assistance installing or operating a Blue Star product correctly. If you have any problem with Blue Star AC, call Blue Star AC customer care number. A professional can diagnose the problem over the phone and advise you on the next steps. Having access to prompt support means you can get your Blue Star appliances and devices up and running again smoothly.

  • Blue Star toll-free customer care number: 8976781177
  • Blue Star customer care WhatsApp number: 8291001177
  • Blue Star customer care SMS Service: 57575

2. Blue Star Email ID

If you have questions or need help with anything related to a Blue Star purchase, you can email the customer support team. This includes inquiries about returns, exchanges, order cancellations, or any other issues that can come up. By sending them an email detailing your question or problem, you can get a quick response from the staff.

Service Request Features by Blue Star:


When buying a home appliance or electronic product, consumers expect the product to work well and last a long time. Blue Star aims to provide complete peace of mind by backing all its products with comprehensive warranty coverage. Some of the products that comes with warranty are as follow:

  • Air conditioners
  • Deep freezers
  • Water purifiers
  • Bottled water dispensers
  • Air purifiers
  • Air coolers

Service Solutions:

Trained professionals carefully install and demo products in customers’ homes. Throughout usage, Blue Star offers periodic maintenance packages to help sustain optimal functioning. With home appliances being such vital daily utilities, quick resolution of problems enhances peace of mind. Blue Star’s multi-channel assistance framework aims to deliver just that through customer-friendly service solutions. Have a look at some of the top services offered by Blue Star:

  • Standard services
  • Upgrades & enhancements
  • Air management services
  • Water management
  • Energy management services
  • Green building consultancy
  • Facilities management services

Installation and Service Costs:

Investing in high-quality appliances entails installation and periodic servicing costs. However, Blue Star India provides equipment for such necessary additional services at a reasonable price. Many Blue Star products, like air conditioners and water purifiers, come with complimentary installation by trained professionals. The first-year general service is also free for new purchases. If you want more details, click here.

Warranty Registration

  • Blue Star provides warranties on most of its products to cover defects. To register your Blue Star product warranty:
  • Go to and click on “Service & Support”
  • Click on “Click Here” under the Warranty Registration tab.
  • Fill out the customer name, billing address, and installation address. The warranty can be registered for room AC, water coolers, bottle coolers, deep freezers, ice cube machines, water dispensers, and other commercial refrigeration products.
  • Keep the warranty registration acknowledgement for future reference.
  • Registering your Blue Star product warranty ensures you are covered for manufacturing defects during the warranty period. Please contact Blue Star customer care for any warranty-related queries.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

To optimize performance and increase productivity, Blue Star offers customers the option of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). AMCs can be purchased for select appliances and durables across categories like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and televisions usually within the first year of purchase. Blue Star has Annual Maintenance Packages covering routine servicing visits, breakdown repairs, parts replacement and emergency call-outs. Here are some services of Blue Star’s AMCs:

  • Genuine Spares
  • Service Quality Assurance
  • Risk Cover
  • Preventive Checks
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Priority Service

Blue Star Social Media Support

Nowadays, many brands use social media to interact with customers about their products and services. Blue Star has recognized the value of platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for connecting with consumers. Social media profiles provide users with access to corporate news and announcements, including those on new product launches, special offers, and promotions. Maintaining an active social media presence allows Blue Star to inform customers in a modern, engaging way.






How to talk to Blue Star Customer Care?

Blue Star’s excellent customer service makes getting assistance with devices simple. The customer service team of Blue Star can be reached in several ways. You can call the Blue Star customer service when you need any kind of assistance. Blue Star’s staff is well-trained and professional in providing support.

1. Using the Blue Star Customer Care Number on the Phone:

  • Call 897678-1177.
  • Follow the guidelines that specifically address your issues.

2. Get in touch with WhatsApp:

  • Add 8291001177 to your contact list.
  • To proceed, please open WhatsApp and search for the contact with the phone number 8291001177.
  • After filling the text box with a detailed description, click the Submit button.

3. Send Blue Star an email:

  • Enter the email address [email protected] in the recipient field of the email.
  • Provide a suitable subject for the given matter and a detailed explanation of the issue you are facing; attach any relevant images to help illustrate the problem.
  • Double-check the email for any errors and then click the ‘Send’ button.

Blue Star has earned customer trust through high-quality products and a focus on keeping clients satisfied. Blue Star’s online customer portal allows users to easily access information in one place. Options to reach assistance include calling the Blue Star customer care number, direct messaging on social media, or messaging via WhatsApp. So whether customers have a question, issue, feedback or any other need, Blue Star aims to provide seamless assistance. Getting support at any moment allows customers to have an effortless experience for years after getting Blue Star products. Its customer-centric strategy prioritises the greatest satisfaction. Hence, it has become a trusted brand in Indian homes.

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Q1. How many services are free in Blue Star AC?
Ans. When using the extended services, customers are entitled to 2 Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) for residential use and 4 PMS for commercial usage.

Q2. How long is the warranty on Blue Star AC units?
Ans. Blue Star Ac offers a standard one-year warranty. The standard warranty is limited to the repair/replacement of any equipment found to be defective within 12 months of the date of purchase.

Q3. What is Blue Star Customer Care Number?
Ans. Blue Star has a dedicated India-wide toll-free customer care helpline number – 8976781177.

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