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activate dnd in airtel

As one of the leading telecom companies. Airtel has established its commitment to delivering only the best to its customers. It recognizes the importance of letting users choose if they want to receive promotional or other spam calls and texts. Users have faced uncountable problems with spammers for decades and Airtel has come up with a solution to help them prevent it. The DND Airtel feature ensures users have complete control over who contacts them and how. Through this article you will learn more about what it is, how it can help, and how to activate DND in Airtel as well as deactivate it. This ensures you can enjoy the features of your plan at no additional risk. Check out how to block sim in Airtel.

What is DND in Airtel?

The DND feature in Airtel is designed for users who prefer minimum messages and calls on their mobiles from unknown senders. Airtel DND service allows you to manage and customize your communication preferences, especially in terms of promotional and unsolicited content. By learning how to activate DND in Airtel, you either block all these messages and calls altogether or choose the ones you wish to receive while blocking the rest, ensuring a more focused and tailored experience. Whether you seek a quieter environment where you want to focus, or you want to secure your personal details, this feature provides a flexible solution to cater to your diverse needs.

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Types of Spam Calls

Spam calls have always been a challenge, but over time, it has become an increasing problem with not many solutions. These calls not only disrupt your daily activities but also pose a threat to your privacy. From fraudulent schemes and phishing attempts to repetitive telemarketing calls that may be an inconvenience, everyone encounters a variety of spam calls. To ensure that you don’t worry about compromising your privacy, Airtel has come up with a service that lets you prevent them instead. The company is committed to ensuring that its customers feel safe and remain undisturbed. 

The types of spam calls:

  • Telemarketing calls
  • Robocalls
  • Scam calls
  • Spoofed calls

Types of Spam Messages

You may often receive messages about winning the lottery and the sender requiring some personal details to contact you, but you know you have not signed up for any of these. From unsolicited promotional texts to unauthorized people seeking personal information, the list of spam messages never ends. These messages can have a severe negative impact on every kind-hearted and naive person out there. To reduce the risk of leaked information and unauthorized access, Airtel’s DND feature prevents the majority of these messages from even reaching you. Learn more about how to activate DND in Airtel to have fewer disruptions and a lot more security.

You may receive spam messages of the following kinds:

  • Phishing texts
  • Baiting
  • Package delivery
  • VoIP spam
  • Tech Support scam

How to activate DND in Airtel Number?

activate airtel dnd

Airtel has put together multiple ways through which users can gain control over unwanted promotional messages and calls. As one of the leading telecom providers, the company offers very user-friendly methods to activate DND to ensure that you can enjoy a more peaceful and focused experience. All methods provided by Airtel are fairly easy and require little to no time to execute. You can learn more about how to activate DND in Airtel using all the methods provided further in this section.

How to activate DND in Airtel number using SMS:

activate airtel dnd using sms

Take control of the messages and calls you receive on your Airtel number by completing the Airtel DND activation. Airtel recognizes the importance of letting users choose who can contact them and how. The most used method of activating the service is by sending an SMS. It is extremely user-friendly and requires mere seconds to execute. By following a few simple steps, you can manage all your communication seamlessly and prevent any unwanted disturbances.

You can learn how to activate DND on Airtel through SMS by following these steps:

  • Open the text message app on your phone.
  • SMS ‘START 0’ to 1909.

Airtel also has another number you can text; just follow these steps:

  • Open the text message app on your phone.
  • SMS ‘STOP’ to 2442.

*If you want to check the status of your Airtel DND Service, SMS ‘STATUS’ to 2442.*

How to activate DND on Airtel number online:

online airtel dnd activation

Airtel offers a convenient method to activate the DND service on your number from your phone, laptop, or tablet. Users who prefer websites can still activate DND Airtel. By using the online platform, you can directly perform the activation without any issues. You may opt for the Airtel DND service if you are focused on creating a more concentrated environment on your phone or just prefer an empty inbox. Learn how to activate DND in Airtel, the telecom company offering you a personalized and streamlined approach to managing your settings.

Process of how to activate DND on the Airtel website:

  • Visit the DND Airtel page by clicking here
  • Scroll down and click on ‘Click Here’ in the red box that says ‘Airtel Mobile Services’
  • Enter your Airtel number and get the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP.
  • Click on ‘Stop All’ on the screen that appears.
  • Click ‘Submit’

How to activate DND on Airtel number by calling:

dnd activate through call

Airtel encourages users to take charge of their communication channels by offering them the option of Airtel DND activation through a simple phone call. This is a quick and accessible way for individuals to customize their preferences and have almost no interruptions. Whether you are aiming to limit promotional messages or just prefer to receive important messages only, activating DND on your Airtel number is an effective solution. Through this section, you can learn how to activate DND in Airtel in pretty straightforward steps.

Learn how to activate DND in Airtel by call:

  • Open the dial pad on your mobile
  • Dial 1909 from the registered Airtel number
  • Follow the instructions to activate the Airtel DND service

Types of DND

Airtel offers you a couple of options when it comes to managing your preferences. Whether you wish to block all unnecessary messages and calls or have certain categories to block out, Airtel ensures flexibility and control. Recognizing the diverse needs of its customers, Airtel provides two types of DND services: Fully blocked and Partially blocked. Here, you can learn about the differences between the two as well as how to use them.

Fully Blocked Mode: Allows Airtel customers to opt out of receiving promotional messages via SMS.

Partial Block Mode: Allows customers to choose specific promotional messages they want to receive. Any category not selected is blocked. The list of categories is as follows:

  • Text 1: Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products
  • Text 2: Real Estate
  • Text 3: Education
  • Text 4: Health
  • Text 5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles
  • Text 6: Communications/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
  • Text 7: Tourism & Leisure
  • Text 8: Sport
  • Text 9: Religion
  • Text 9a: Christianity
  • Text 9b: Islam
  • Text 9c: Others
  • Text 10: Information on New Products/Services
  • Text 11: News Alerts

To activate partial DND service, just text the appropriate number to 2442.

How to deactivate DND in Airtel?

how to deactivate dnd in airtel

After you have activated the Airtel DND service and made the most of its benefits, there might come a time when you decide to deactivate it. The process to deactivate Do Not Disturb Airtel is as simple as activating it. Airtel provides you with a couple of convenient options to manage the Do Not Disturb preferences to ensure that you have full control over the messages you receive. Once you have followed the steps, you will receive all promotional messages. Additionally, this service is completely free of cost, enabling you to tailor your experience to suit your preferences.

If you wish to deactivate Do Not Disturb Airtel, one way to do it is by SMS:

  • SMS ‘ALLOW’ to 2442

To deactivate using the phone:

  • Call 1909 with your registered Airtel number and follow the instructions.

How to register a complaint with your Prepaid or Postpaid SIM?

Along with an easy activation and deactivation process, Airtel also offers a simple process to register a complaint. Whether you are facing connectivity problems, have billing issues, or any other concern related to your SIM, the company has designated numbers for you to use at your convenience. Airtel has a commitment to ensure that all your concerns are heard and addressed promptly, so you can make the most of the benefits that are included in your plan.

If you are calling using Airtel:

  • Call 198, a toll-free number for complaints or service requests.
  • Call 121, chargeable at 50paisa/3 mins for agent assistance.

If you are calling from a non-Airtel network:

  • Call 9810012345 for Postpaid
  • Call 9810198101 for Prepaid

The Do Not Disturb Airtel feature serves as a very valuable tool for everyone seeking control over the calls and messages they receive. By learning how to activate DND in Airtel, you can effectively manage and customize the content you receive, especially when it comes to promotional content. This article provides all the information about how to enable and disable the service through various methods such as SMS, call, or through the website. You must be aware of the risks that come with disabling the Airtel DND service since there is very sensitive information at stake. Whether you have prepaid, postpaid, or any other concerns, Airtel has the best interest in mind for its customers and will be there to assist you.

FAQs of DND in Airtel

Q1. How much does DND cost?
Ans. Activating or deactivating DND is free of cost.

Q2. How do I deactivate DND?
Ans. To deactivate do not disturb Airtel just SMS ‘ALLOW’ to 2442.

Q3. Why can I still receive calls on DND?
Ans. Airtel DND activation means that spam calls and messages are kept to a minimum. If you wish to not receive any calls, you should turn on the DND option for your mobile instead.

Q4. How do I activate and deactivate DND?
Ans. For Airtel DND activation: SMS ‘START 0’ to 1909. To deactivate Airtel DND service: SMS ‘ALLOW’ to 2442.

Q5. Can you turn off DND for one person?
Ans. You cannot turn off Airtel DND service for just one person. However, if you have your device on the Do Not Disturb mode instead of the Airtel number, then it is possible to turn it off for just one person.

Hope you find this article (How to activate DND in Airtel?) helpful. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us in the below comments.

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