Which One Should You Choose? Jio Fiber vs Airtel Fiber!

Jio V/s Airtel Fibre

Jio and Airtel, two tenacious providers, have significantly shaped and elevated the digital industry in the country. Reliance Jio, led by Mukesh Ambani, has made its mark with the introduction of 4G services, altering how we connect and communicate. On the other hand, Bharti Airtel has evolved consistently to meet the ever-changing needs of the vast customer base. Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel introduced Jio Fiber and Xstream Airtel, offering a wide array of services that extend beyond the basic voice and messaging services. With lightning-fast internet speeds, a sea of entertainment services, and other innovative services to match the needs of modern consumers, Airtel Fiber vs Jio Fiber will be a tough competition. Know more about what is best for you with Jio Fiber vs Airtel Xstream. Jio has also launched Jio Airfiber!

Which is better, Jio Fiber or Airtel Fiber?

Jio vs airtel plans

The competition between Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream has become the center of attention in the realm of high-speed internet, thus prompting users to take a deeper look to evaluate which suits their needs best. The Jio Fiber and Airtel Fiber plans bring users a formidable combination of speed, reliability, and diverse services. While you navigate the choice between the two, consider factors such as customer service, plan flexibility, and other additional features to decide which is best for your home.

Benefits of Airtel and Jio Fiber recharge:

The cutting-edge broadband services stand out not only for their speed but also for their multiple benefits through their recharge plans. With a commitment to redefining the broadband experience, the plans are made reliable and flexible to ensure users benefit from the wide range of services provided. From high-speed data to seamless video streaming, Airtel and Jio Fiber recharge benefits provide more than any broadband service can.


  • Price: Jio Fiber plans start at Rs. 399 per month, which is the lowest in the industry, and Airtel Broadband plans start at Rs. 499. Jio Fiber also has a larger plan to cater to small businesses or larger families priced at Rs. 3,999. On the other hand, Airtel has a similar plan with different benefits at the same price.
  • Plans: Plans are offered on a per-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month basis from both providers.
  • OTT Apps: Airtel Fiber plans offer 12+ OTT apps whereas Jio Fiber recharge offers 16 OTT apps.
  • Customer Support: Both providers offer 24/7 customer support. Customer care is a very important aspect for both companies, and they prove it through their top-notch customer service.
  • Data: Unlimited data provided by both companies. When we talk about broadband, it only makes sense if it means unlimited data.
  • Speed: Airtel Fiber offers speeds starting from 40 Mbps to 1 Gbps, and Jio Fiber offers speeds starting from 30 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. You may select the plan that offers the speed you want.

Comparison of Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Fiber

Jio Fiber vs Airtel Xstream has taken center stage and convinced customers to think long and hard before deciding on which providers they should use for their services. You must consider the comparison of Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream since they have some distinctive features, plans, and other additional benefits. Customer support also plays an important role in shaping your broadband experience. Take a look at the Basic and Advanced plan comparisons before you move further in your journey of selecting a network provider.

Basic Plan Comparison

Network ProviderPlanPriceSpeed Additional Benefits
JioBasicRs. 599 +GSTUpto 30 MbpsDisney+Hotstar, ZEE5, SonyLiv, HoiChoi, ALTBalaji, ShemarooMe, Universal+, ErosNow, Lionsgate Play, Discovery+, DocuBay, Epicon, Jio cinema, SunNXT
Airtel BasicRs. 499Upto 40 MbpsApollo 24/7 program, Wynk Music, Unlimited Local/STD calls

Advanced Plan Comparison

Network ProviderPlanPriceSpeed Additional Benefits
JioMonthly PostpaidRs. 3999 +GSTUpto 1 GbpsNetflix Premium, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, ZEE5, SonyLiv, HoiChoi, ALTBalaji, ShemarooMe, Universal+, ErosNow, Lionsgate Play, Discovery+, DocuBay, Epicon, Jio cinema, SunNXT
Airtel InfinityRs. 3999Upto 1 GbpsApollo 24/7 program, Netflix Premium, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, Xstream Premium Pack, VIP Service, Wynk Premium.

Jio Fiber VS Airtel Xstream Speed Comparison

The most important factor is the internet speed. As customers are heavily relying on smooth internet experiences for work, entertainment, and communication, the rate at which data is transferred is paramount. Both Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream provide similar speeds for similar prices; however, the only thing that sets them apart is the additional benefits that come with the plans. You can refer to the table to make an informed decision when it comes to the speeds of the respective providers.

Up to 30 MbpsUp to 40 Mbps
Up to 100 MbpsUp to 100 Mbps
Up to 150 MbpsUp to 200 Mbps
Up to 300 MbpsUp to 300 Mbps
Up to 500 MbpsUp to 1 Gbps
Up to 1 Gbps

Coverage in Jio:

  • Comfortably covers an open area of 1000 sq. ft on the same floor.
  • You can check if it is available in your locality through the website.

Coverage in Airtel:

  • Covers an area of 3500 sq. ft.
  • You can check the availability of Airtel Xstream in your locality through the website.

Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream: Plans, Price & Benefits  

Smooth connectivity and high-speed internet have become integral aspects of everyone’s daily life. The two major companies, Jio and Airtel, have risen to the top by offering a wide array of plans with competitive pricing and other additional benefits. In this comparison, you will learn more about the plans and pricing along with the benefits provided by the companies. The plans are designed keeping the diverse needs of the customers in mind which prioritizes speed, affordability, and accessibility.

1. Jio Fiber plans

Monthly PlansSpeedOTT apps
Rs. 39930 Mbps14 Apps
Rs. 699100 Mbps14 Apps
Rs. 999150 Mbps14 Apps + Amazon Prime
Rs. 1,499300 Mbps14 Apps + Amazon Prime
Rs. 2,499500 Mbps14 Apps + Amazon Prime
Rs. 3,9991 Gbps14 Apps + Amazon Prime
Rs. 8,4996600 GB@1 Gbps14 Apps + Amazon Prime

You can get your Jio Fiber recharge online for the plans mentioned above. Jio Fiber has a diverse range of plans designed to cater to the varied needs of customers. These include lightning-fast internet speeds and unlimited entertainment.


  • 14 apps include: Disney+Hotstar, ZEE5, SonyLiv, HoiChoi, ALTBalaji, ShemarooMe, Universal+, ErosNow, Lionsgate Play, Discovery+, DocuBay, Epicon, Jio cinema, SunNXT
  • Unlimited data and calls
  • 550+ TV Channels
  • Symmetric downloading and uploading speeds
  • Jio Fiber Price starts at Rs. 399.

2. Airtel Xstream plans

Monthly PlansSpeedOTT apps
Rs. 49940 Mbps1 Year of Xstream premium, Wynk & much more
Rs. 799100 Mbps1 Year of Xstream premium, Wynk & much more
Rs. 999200 Mbps1 year of Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar & much more
Rs. 1,498300 Mbps1 year of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar & much more
Rs. 3,9991 Gbps1 year of Netflix Unlimited, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar & much more

You can sign up for the aforementioned Airtel broadband plans through the website. Airtel Xstream offers an assortment of plans to cater to every lifestyle.


  • Amazon Prime, Netflix Premium, Disney+ Hotstar, Xstream Premium Pack, VIP Service, Apollo, Wynk Premium
  • Unlimited calls, local and STD.
  • Airtel Thanks benefits in all.
  • TV benefits are available at minimal extra cost.
  • Airtel Fiber Price starting at Rs. 499.

Installation Charges of Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream Fiber

While trying to find the right plan, we must look at more than just the price and speed provided. You must also be aware of what the installation process entails, along with the charges. Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream offer compelling high-speed options and affordable plans. However, the installation charges can significantly impact the complete cost and convenience. Here, you can learn more about Jio Fiber and Airtel Fiber installation charges and make an informed decision.

1. Jio Fiber Installation

Along with the integration of high-speed internet to homes and businesses, Jio Fiber’s installation process is very efficient and straightforward. The installation signifies a physical establishment of fiber-optic infrastructure. The Jio Fiber installation charges for a new pre-paid connection are non-refundable. You must also pay a refundable security deposit of Rs. 500 for Jio Home Gateway and Rs. 1,000 for Set-top Box if opted. However, the Jio Fiber Postpaid offer is a paid advance rent plan requiring no security deposit or installation charges.

2. Airtel Fiber Installation

Recognized for its dedication to technological innovation, Airtel Fiber has a comprehensive installation process that integrates the fiber-optic infrastructure into your home. Designed with customer satisfaction in mind, Airtel provides a hassle-free process so you can enjoy the benefits of your plan. The Airtel Fiber installation charges are only applicable if you choose a monthly plan. However, it will be waived if you pick a 6 or 12-month plan.

Jio Fiber Installation charges Airtel Fiber Installation charges
Rs. 1,000 non-refundable.Rs. 1,500 refundable on 6/12 month plans only.

Jio Fiber and Airtel Fiber Customer Care Service

Both Jio and Airtel are aware of the pivotal role that customer service plays in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. By prioritizing customer-centric approaches to address the various needs of the customers, the telecommunication giants ensure efficiency, responsiveness, and excellence for their customers. Both providers have multiple channels open for customer service and are going the extra mile to ensure a positive and supportive experience for their users.

Airtel Fiber Customer Service:

  • Call 121 for inquiries and requests.
  • Call 198, the toll-free number for complaints.

Jio Fiber Customer Care:

  • Jio fiber helpline number (Whatsapp): 7000570005/7000770007
  • 24/7 Jio Fiber Helpline Number: 1800-896-9999


Airtel vs Jio Fiber has brought forward the competitiveness that runs rampant in the industry. Both telecom companies have curated compelling plans to cater to the diverse needs of the consumers with their unique strengths and benefits. It has become abundantly clear that the choice between Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream largely relies on individual preferences, requirements, and availability. You have the power to select the plan you need depending on your priorities, whether it is speed, entertainment options, or cost. Along with the discussion on their plans, benefits, and prices, you can also learn more about their installation charges and dedicated customer services. The competition fuels innovation and sets the stage for an exciting future where you can live, work, and entertain with high-speed internet connectivity.

FAQs of Jio Fiber & Airtel Xstream Fiber

Q1. Which is better: Jio Fiber or Airtel Xstream?
Ans. You should conduct thorough research and pick the plan that best suits your needs. Both Jio Fiber and Xstream Airtel have a wide array of plans curated to meet the diverse needs of the public.

Q2. Which is better: Airtel Black or Jio Fiber?
Ans. You can pick the plan based on what you prioritize. Have a look at the most basic plans provided by each:

  • Airtel Black costs Rs.699, whereas Jio Fiber costs Rs. 599.
  • Speed provided by Airtel Black is up to 40 Mbps, and Jio Fiber is up to 30 Mbps.
  • Both providers offer unlimited calls.
  • Airtel Black has 12 OTT App subscriptions, while Jio Fiber has 14.
  • Airtel Black has 350+ TV channels, and Jio Fiber has 550+ TV channels.

Q3. Which network quality is best: Jio or Airtel?
Ans. Jio and Airtel have varying network qualities depending on the locality. You should speak to the respective providers and pick the one that works best in your locality.

Q4. Why do you consider Jio Fiber over other brands of broadband fiber?
Ans. You might consider Jio Fiber over any other brand because it is more suitable for your needs. However, Jio is known for its commitment to accessibility and affordability; these are very sought after when looking for a network provider.

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