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How to activate Jio Sim Card Step by Step Method, 100% Working Process, 15 Mins Activation Method Added

How to Activate Jio Sim

How to activate Jio Sim Card Step by Step Method, 100% Working Process, 15 Mins Activation Method Added : So did you got the reliance sim from Jio stores or and don’t know how to activate Jio Sim, or did you got the jio sim using our barcode method for free and still it hasn’t activated yet..? So here is the step by step process I am giving on how to activate Jio Sim. In case if you don’t know Jio sim has been enabled in more than 10 mobile brands on over 500 devices. You can click this link to check whether your phone is eligible or not.

So many people already activated their jio sim but they don’t know what is the main problem because they aren’t getting a signal on their jio sim. I have got so many requests to provide the possible solution to that problem, so I made one perfect article on how to get Jio Signal in any mobile with 4 possible methods you can check that article from this link.


In this article I am giving away all possible solutions on how to activate jio sim, in case if you want to buy the jio sim just don’t buy If your phone isn’t on the above mentioned list but you still want that mobile, then don’t worry we are at flipshope made an awesome trick to get the free jio sim in any mobile.

You can check the above articles to use the jio sim anywhere, but people are still struggling to activate the Jio Sim. So here is the process

How to Activate Jio Sim:

Once the billing process is done online, then you will get a receipt on your mentioned mail soon after. SMS receipts will also be been sent. After few hours the formalities are done you will get a message which will ask you to tele-verify your details.

Steps to activate Reliance Jio Sim

  • Once you got the jio sim, all you need to keep is Aadhar card & 2 passport size photos
  • You need to provide valid email if at the time of Jio buy because all the details will be sent to that number.
  • Once you got the Reliance jio sim card from jio store, then you will get an email id.
  • The activation process is completely online, you can visit jio store just for verification.
  • Follow the steps given in that email for reliance jio sim activation process.
  • Receipt of a bill will be mailed to your address and you will also receive the SMS on your registered mobile number.
  • That’s it everything is completed now you just need to verify ownership
  • Now call on 1977 (toll-free) Reliance Jio customer number. Customer care employees may ask you about the details in the receipt, so keep that receipt in front of you before making a call to reliance jio customer number. You also need to submit last 4 digits of Adhar card for reliance jio sim activation process.

If you are unable to call 1977, just read this article. I have given complete solutions for all reliance jio sim activation problems.

FIXED: Jio Tele Verification Number 1977 isn’t working Solution

How to Activate Jio Sim VoLTE:

VoLTE supported devices have a chance to enable both unlimited internet and unlimited voice calls here follow these steps to enable any option or to enable both options.

Steps to Activate Jio Sim

  • If you want to enable voice and data then call 1977 from your SIM to initiate the process.
  • If you need just data services call 1800-890-1977
  • In the voice call, it will be asked to key in your Reliance Jio number, which can be available in the SIM pack.
  • Next, you will have to give last 4 digits of your ID document
  • That’s you just activated your jio sim.

Once you activated jio sim you need to enable VoLTE support to get unlimited calls, here you can get the complete process on how to enable VoLTE support for unlimited HD voice calls. In case if you want to check whether your mobile is VoLTE supported or not and is it compatible with every jio offer. Then you can check this article we have listed more than 1000 mobiles which are compatible with Reliance jio Offers.

FIXED: Jio Sim Slot Not Working Problems, 2nd Slot issue

Solution: How To Convert 2GB Data to Unlimited Data

How to Activate Jio Sim For LTE Device:

  • You can call 1977 from your Jio SIM for completing the tele-verification process.
  • You must keep your document details like Voter ID or Adhaar card because this will speed up the verification process.

So your Mobile is LTE and it don’t have VoLTE support that means you won’t receive unlimited voice calls, but still, you can convert LTE to VoLTE to received unlimited HD voice calls on your jio sim.

Reliance Jio Customer Care Number:

There are two jio tele verification number are available but don’t get confused. They both are meant for two different purposes. Here are the details, so on the jio tele verification process

  • If you want to enable voice and data then call jio tele verification number 1977from your SIM to initiate the process.
  • If you need just data services then you can call jio tele verification number 1800-890-1977 from your registered number.

How to Activate Jio Sim in 15 Mins (Available in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai):

According to the recent statement made by the company, reliance will be setting up some e-KYC centers at their Reliance Digital stores and DX mini stores across India, they are starting with Mumbai and Delhi. At these centers, you need to showcase the Aadhaar Card and you have to submit your biometrics like a fingerprint of your thumb and in some cases retina scan. It should be matched with the database which is submitted at UIDIA, which handles everything regarding Aadhaar Card.

This process will start from 5th of September only, and this won’t take more than 15 minutes. So if you are in Delhi or Mumbai walk into nearby stores and activate the sim in under 20 mins.

How to Activate Jio sim with E -KYC method, Reliance Jio e-KYC Activation method process:

  • This process is now available only in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.
  • This e-kyc activation method won’t take more than 15 mins, said Ambani in an announcement.
  • This e-kyc activation process made because of huge Jio demand in major cities.
  • This e-kyc activation process uses Aadhaar card to verify your details
  • You need to submit aadhar number at jio store to activate jio sim
  • They will scan your fingerprint this should match the Aadhaar card Fingerprint
  • This happens electronically no manual work needed, in some cases, they might take retina scan as a verification.

There are the only methods on how to activate jio sim in any mobile. In case if you are facing any problem just jump in the comments I will surely help you out.


How to activate Jio Sim Card


  1. i took JIO SIm on sat and upto it is not activated still i am not getting service/network but i received code for tele-verification and it is showing no service for SIM 1 JIO no network

  2. sir,

    I have GOOD ONE G7 mobile its support 4G (BSNL,IDEA,VODAFONEetc..) but JIO sim not support .. any way to working JIO sim in this mobile

  3. I kept my jio sim in. IPad Air 2, model A1567. I got signal nd it shows 4G LTE,, but the speed is very slow,,…I’ve tried all your other articles to get speed. I downloaded speedify app. All my frns get good jio speed in their phones ,,but I’m not able to get,,,,jio speed is only 0.2 to 1 mbps which is hard to get even that speed (as shown in speedify app),,.. I’ve tried all the tricks from all other articles also,,,,pls help me fast

  4. From 6 days i hav inserted jio in my samsung galaxy s5 model SM-906S its nt showing network
    Plz tell me abt the problem
    I m getting message on my reference no.

  5. I have inserted the jio sim in the frst slot of samsung j5 today but have nt received any msg or televrfctn. the sim is showing no service. what will i do

  6. A friend of mine gave jio sim but it’s not wrkng. Hw can i share internet with friends and not able to install any app..so plzz give resolution soon..?

  7. Q1.Can I use Gio 4g sim in micromax canvas A121 3g mobile

    Q.2 Is one sim run only one mobile in which sim has been activated or can we use an activated sim in on other device?

  8. Sir i got jio sim and a sms from jio team he say to insert jio sim but i have nitro 2 3g mobile ab ye batao ki ye is phon m chalu ho jayegi kya

  9. Hello Shravan,

    before 2 days, I purchase JIO FI3 wifi device for hostspot uses.

    But Right now when i start JIO Fi3 device. their is no signal light or not wifi light show.

    can my Jio Number not avtive or Jio fi3 device issue..

    Please suggest some solution.

  10. Hello Admin,

    Actully i got a jio hotspot and sim from my friend as a gift. But when i am inserting the sim in it, it showing me no network, my friends told me that my jio sim is not activated. So i want to activate my sim but i dont know the aadhar card number of my friend, so how can i activate it?

  11. Hi sir my sim had already activated, but now I want to activate in another 4g mobile, it is not happening, sim is not showing network

    Please recommend process

  12. I bought my reliance jio sim 2 days back via e-kyc giving my aadhar number and thumb print. But the sim has not yet been activated. Signal is not coming

  13. Hi! I took a jio sim and its activated now. However, i am unable to place any calls(Nor even to 1977). i am also not getting data network.

  14. I have purchased the Jio sim and from that time I couldn’t make a single call. I have gionee F103.I tried all but in vain

  15. sir jio sim activated internet is working but 4g voice does not make or take calla only showamissed calls

    plese sent detail for how to active 4g voice

  16. sir, my mobile is micromax q338 …n….this is a 3g mobile…. n…..i bought a jio sim….n….today activated but no signal yet….n….my whats app no. is 9678112939 plz comment sir..

  17. Hi Sir, I am using Asus ZenFone 2 ZE551ML, unable to use Jio SiM, Does my phone doesn’t support Jio…
    Plz help me..
    Whatsapp me with your help 9424063931

  18. Hi,
    I took jio sim 4days back , @store he took aadhar biometric n gave me sim. but didn’t got msg abt jio. N till now its not activated. Plz guide

  19. I got jio sim, its data services is working by defoualt but voice is not activated.. since i am not able to call 1977 as well, can you please let what can do in this case

  20. I bought jio sim 3days before by adharcard using fingerprint but still it cannot activate. So for active our sim card what can we do. Our jio no is 7903669137 and order no is NO00001160FE.

  21. Hey,
    I got my jio simcard using the bio-metric thing and should’ve been activated in 15 minutes
    I have put in the sim card and there are no network bars
    What should I do ?

  22. Hi the I have got JIO sim by using your trick now my sim is activated by I cannot use it on my phone as it is 3G my phone is Micromax canvas doodle 4 I have used all your tricks to use it in 3G phones but it didn’t work can you help me plz

  23. Hi the because I got JIO sim by using your trick now my JIO sim is activated but I cannot use it on my phone which is micromax canvas doodle 4 I have used all your tricks but it didn’t work plzz help me

  24. Thank You as I got JIO sim by using your trick
    my sim has been activated
    But I cannot use it on my phone my phone is micromax doodle 4 and I cannot use it as it is 3G and I have used all your tricks but it didn’t work can you help me.plz

  25. Hii thank you I have got JIO sim by using our trick
    My phone is doodle 4
    My sim is activated but I cannot use it in my phone can you help me I have used all your tricks for using Jio in 3G phones but it didn’t work

  26. I received the first massage from jio….and waiting gor the teli verification massage…..what shoul i do in this time.Can i placed the jio sim in my phone??

  27. Hello sir,
    I’m using a HTC desire 826 phone, I have the Jio4g Voice app . Internet is working but I’m not able to activate calls. Can you tell me what to do?

  28. I am using coolpad note 3 lite and i bought jio sim card thru ekyc procesa the sim card is activated but when i insrt it in my mobile sim 1 slot its not getting signal even after manully searching for networks it say could not connect to this network.
    Plz help

  29. Sir I bought lyf flame 7s and it doesn’t show any option on my jio app to GET JIO SIM
    And I am uninstall 4 times and install same.
    And doesn’t got any. Code

  30. i have got a confirmation massage says that your jio sim is activated but i unbale to canect to 1977 for completing verefication process, please help me out. my device is LYF water11.

  31. hello sir,
    i am using jio sim in redmi 2 prime lte i buy the sim 1 day ago but it dosent activate just now also
    plz help me to get how to activate my jio sim and tell ,me to process the network are available but it has no calling and no internet are shown,,,,,,,,,,,

  32. I bought the jio sim through all that bio metric process and it’s been day and my phone is still unable to receive any network, i have an iPhone 6, please help me out

  33. Sir…I’m facing problem that my jio sim is activated bt I’m unable to call or use data…the codes 1977 also nt working please help me

  34. Sir
    I m get jio sim befor 4 days , submitted Adhar card and thumb . But my jio sim does not activate please tell me how to activate my jio sim

  35. its more then 2 days after e-kyc process.Now if i m switching jio network to LTE there is no signal in device .Wat can i do now????

  36. Hello I got my jio sim for my college as the few employees of lyf mobile company visited us they distributed free jio sim and registered us through the e-kyc method
    It’s been 3 days my jio sim is not activated nor it is showing any network
    I m using Lenovo A2010 Mobile
    Please help me out as soon as possible

  37. I can give u the code,and also the number,plz help me for the activation of my jio sim…code-55663500072
    Jio numbr-7005198031
    My register mobile no-9436628499
    My aadar card no-601873067127,plz help me

  38. I got Jio sim 3days back from reliance store through ekyc procrss till now I didn’t received televerification call. Signal is showing full but unable to make calls as it is showing Not registered on Network. Could you plz help….plz…plz

  39. I am having moto g2 phone and using myjio app I an able to generate coupon code and I purchase a jio sim . but signals are not coming .I called up to the tollfree number they are saying televerification is done but still signals are not coming

  40. Hai

    I am shravan I got my Jio sim 2 days back using Lenovo k4 notes barcode can. I activate Jio on Coolpad.I got all the messages and I verified the data services using another phone but there is no network

  41. I have got the Jio Sim by providing Aadhar card and fingerprints and i am getting signals while using the simi, but the number is not activated. How to proceed further.

  42. Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO00000OLGBY.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

    I got these msg

    Pls tell me after that process

  43. sir i have 4g phone coolpad dazen one.and it shows 4g network but internet is not supported.plz tell me as soon as possible how to use jionet.my whats app no is 8094420130

  44. i used the xorware method to use jio on my exynos phone successfully i got the network bars but can’t register on any network and can’t call anyone

  45. hey bro I have an iphone 5s. my sim is working but only the mobile data is working. it is not sending any sms or making calls. What do i do?

  46. Hello Shravan

    I am using Moto G2 (XT1068) 3G how can I get Jio sim and what is the registration process. Does my mobile accepts Jio?. Help me out plss.

  47. Sir

    I had Jio sim activated in my Samsung galaxy on8 phone. I cannot install whatsapp because it could not verify my jio sim no. With my Jio sim i could call to any network. But with my post paid bsnl number ( second mobile ) i couldn’t call to my jio sim. message says “there is no such number, pls chk number”. it would be a great help if you could help me out.

  48. My mobile model is Sony xperia e3 single. I got jio sim it activated. But I don’t get signel. Strength. I used ur tricks xorware.. And I don’t got the *#2263# pls explain. My device is quadcolmn

  49. Me and my sister got jio sims after e-kyc fingerprint scan, i got the order ID but the no. written is not readable…. my sister’s sim was activated within an hour, but I have not got the msg of activation still…What to do?

  50. I m not able to call 1977 on my jio sim its saying”not registerd on network”.pls help me out solving this prblm.thank you.

  51. The jio showroom owner said that it will be activated in few hours but it is my second day it is not activated. I use mi note 3. Please help me out from tgis problem as fast as you can. Thanx.

  52. Sir i received a free jio sim by KYC method and i was asked to give the IMEI number of my phone.I have Nexus 6P and its not VoLTE supported.My concern is that is it necessary to insert the sim in the phone for which IMEI number is given to activate it or i can activate it on any 4G phone and then use it on any other supported device.I am really confused so kindly help.

  53. I but a reliance jio sim after 14 days ago but my todays my sim not activity coz my document not verification tell day. some one help me plz

  54. I get jio sim card one day ago but I live an village that have no jio network I will go Tomorrow at jio network area then my sim was start or not start??

  55. befor three days i got televerification cal but due to some problem we cant pick the cal , already i infrom the jio store but still no progress, so plz help me to slove the problem

  56. sir, i take a jio sim 3 days back and registed on e-kyc and they give me jio connection number. but i didn’t receive confirmation message on my alternate number. not it activated, pls guide me what to do

  57. Sir mene jio sim leli lekin wo activate nahi ho rahi h aur koi call bhi nahi jati ab me kya karun 1 oct. Ko li thi aur jese aap ne kaha ki 1977 lar call karke kare lekin us par call hi nahi ja rahi vivo ka phone h mera bataiye me kese karun activate
    Mujhe sol meri gmail id par bheje please

  58. Sir mene jio sim leli lekin wo activate nahi ho rahi h aur koi call bhi nahi jati ab me kya karun 1 oct. Ko li thi aur jese aap ne kaha ki 1977 lar call karke kare lekin us par call hi nahi ja rahi vivo ka phone h mera bataiye me kese karun activate

  59. Hi
    I have moto g2 (3g phone). i have the jio sim and called the no. and it says that my no. is tele verified but i am not getting any signals.
    plzz help.
    plzz reply via mail if possible.

  60. my order id is NO00000JOV56


  61. I have htc620. which is a 3g handset. I got jio sim by ur trick { how to generate barcode in 3g phone } and thnx for that ..bt i m unable to change my band on my phone on mtk engineering mode app ……is it really possible to use jio in 3g phone?? Di u ever use jio on 3g phone??

  62. Sir, i have redmi note 3 n I got jio sim around 3 days before after that I got a SMS on my no .BT till there is no network available in my phone .can u pls suggest me how n when it start working?

  63. Helo sir,
    My friend bought 1 jio for me and he didn’t register and gave any id proof to them…bcoz his friend working at jio center…so he easily got that without any….nw i hav the package nd i hav no idea abt what to do..hw can i activate…. can yu help me…?

  64. Some one as activated and started using my bar code and my phone is not genarating the barcode now so what needs to be done to get a new barcode number

  65. Sir i m having moto g 2nd gen can i use jio sim in this device. If yes please suggest step by step.my device shows only 2g and 3g signals keep this in mind.

  66. I purchased sim from West bengal and now i am in delhi trying to activate
    *when i dial 1977 it stay silent fot 5 seconds and automatically disconnect.
    *notwork is full and shows 4g
    can you suggest what should I do….

  67. My Jio Sim is not working. No. 70107 54625 in Madurai on 29.8.’16. Till date not activated. Kindly do the needful immediately for the above Sim Activation.

  68. Thank you for your advice it is very usefull.
    I have one problem if u know please reply
    I bought one sim from one shop i submit adharcard xirox and photo to him one month ago but it didn’t activated what should i do?? Fot activation i got only ordor number

    • okay visit jio store and book a complaint if you got the order number then the tele-verification message should be received within a week. So check yourself whether you got the tele-verification message or not. If not visit jio store and ask them to activate, they will do the remaining things. you just need to show the order number


  70. Comment…I am from bangalore in attivesthon time I am giving my finger print and all the process done but my jio sim is not activated I am completed 8days what is the issue please tell me sir

  71. I bought Jio Sim through e-kyc method . in 24 hours of time I got signal but my number has not been activated . can you help me in any manner , using alternative number I tele verified my details also but till now week passed but my number is in inactive state only.

  72. Hello sir
    Pls help me , I bought new Jio sim at October 3,yet s not activated. But signal s thr. I dint know what’s the process, van u pls help me. My number s 8667845706

  73. Sir I have a jio sim and i purchase it throug the aadhar card finger print process now my sim got singal but it does not working waht can i do

  74. My sim is activated but I can’t browse my data it was not credited on my number I can make a voice calls and also messages but not internet

  75. I have a jio sim and its activated but when I am using it in my htc desire eye phone tower is not coming while putting other phone den its working. Can anybody help what I need to do for sim to working in my cell

  76. I have generated barcode using ur trick and took jio sim (e-KYC process). I am not sure if it is activated, there is no signal(Emergency Calls only) till now. I have followed other tricks to use jio in 3g phone(Moto G 1st Gen). Please help me and also let me know how to check whether it is activated or not.

  77. Hi,. I have received order no and was told that It will be activated within 48 hours. But it is showing no service( no signal). Kindly guide me what to do also do I have to install jio join first or after the verification. No call for verification received yet.

  78. hey hi,
    mine tele verification is completed 2 days back but still I cannot use jio services, when I try to call any number it takes me to their customer care executive and for more than 10 min no one picks up the call.
    my adhar card was from Maharashtra and I took card from tamilnadu.
    help me out.

  79. Actually I got a sim from jio store by porting from airtel to jio on 26 th sep ..airtel signals are gone and I inserted jio sim but it is also not working may I knw how to resolve this please help me

  80. Hy I was buyed jio 4G ND it’s was enabled in 6 hrs but the Internet isn’t responding ND the call isn’t connecting I am facing this problem from 1 ND half day plz sort out my problem

  81. hi bro once i given mobile number for otp purpose, at the same number i can use the another mobile for otp purpose is there any problem

  82. Hi shravan ,
    I got my jio sim yesterday through biometric procedure
    After 2 hours network bars have appeared
    And then i made a tele verification call
    they said that the no. Has already been verified and then with wifi i have downloaded all jio apps .

    Have adjusted all cellular network settings as directed
    But still can’t make a call or data pack

    When asked about this problm to mini center s
    They said it will take time to recieve data..

    • yeah that means there is no preview offer or welcome isn’t activated. so wait for some time, bcz of huge demand for jio they are taking so much time

  83. Hello sir….on saturday in morning i brought my jio sim…….but it is not activated yet…..i am able to see the network bar but its showing emergency calls only….i hav samsung galaxy grand prime…i hav inserted sim in slot 1 with lte/wcdma/gsm only…i also kept my data on…..i called on 18008901977 from my registered idea number……and also from BSNl……for televerification…..they asked for my jio number…n said u l receive an sms…but i got nothing……i also downloaded all the apps…..my friend bought the jio sim on the same day…his sim got activated….but not mine…he hasletv leeco 1s.is this because i use wifi????? Plz help me tell me what should i do…

  84. sir, i hv got a blue pack of jio sim, its been 20+ days since i got the sim but is not yet activated. I neither recieved any msgs in my registered no. nor can i connect to jio care via call. I m from Guwahati, Assam .
    plss hlp

  85. Hello Sir,

  86. I have lenovo k3 note , and a jio Sim also .
    Jio Sim works in another 4G mobile , in my mobile it shows emergency calls only .
    What can I do for activate jio Sim in my lenovo k3 note ????

  87. I got only msg like this after this no update at all , pls help me
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO00000EFXKH.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

  88. Maine tele verification 2 din pahle krwa liya par Avi tak Koi services ON nhi hua h kisi v number pe call krne se ” aapka number tele verification ho gya h aapko confirmation sms aa Jayega” yhi bolta h . complaint v Kiya hu par Kuch nhi hua h Kya Kru?

  89. I have samsung Galaxy J2 mobile, i have jio sim also , tele verification completed, network is showing jio 4G , but data & calls are not working . Please suggest me to proceed further

  90. only internet working on my sim what about voice calls im not getting voice calls..iam LTE mobile please give me solution,,,

  91. Hi, I have an iPhone 6. I got the sim and inserted it. It got detected and asked me to sign up on verification mail online and I have range. When someone calls me says wrong number. I am being told that My data and voice call services are active when I call 1977.

    Please help

  92. My Jio Sim got activated I am getting data services but not voice calls.i tried calling 1977 from my Jio Sim but it is not working

  93. I am using Mobile lenovo s60 but network is not showing in (emergenc call only) but in other Samsung j2 device the sim card work properly
    But Bar code is generated from j2 handset will it work in lenovo s60 please help
    Give any trick sir

  94. I have a bio Sim and I don’t get any plans like I don’t have balance and when I turn on the data its show sign into network and I am not able to do anything like no data no calls but its getting single

  95. I have televerified my sim
    It has been activated
    I can make calls from jio
    But internet does not work
    It says recharge in case of prepaid devices

  96. Good eve
    Actually I bought a jio sim in digital express showroom in coimbatore on last Thursday. The shop vendor told that the sim will be activate within 24hours. on that day i got sms from jio that ” Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO00000E4ABY.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio ! on the same day I got 4g signals. after that i called customer care 1977, it tells that your sim verification was completed,within 2 or 3 hours you can enjoy your data. But I didn’t able to connect to 4g data networks. It is asking “sign into jio network”. it is not activated, i cant able to call customer numbers “1977 and starting with 1800–“. now the signal is totally cut, i cant see any signals. it is notifying that “not registered-jio” What it is? Please solve this issue. I m using lenovo a6000+ mobile. My active jio number is 8667630991. I tried 1977 customer care number also bt it is not connecting. i mailed to jiocare, byt no response! 🙁 🙁 Please do some favour.
    Thank you,

  97. I have got a barcode where I generated it from one of my friend mobile..and even with that barcode I got a jio SIM card.. now all I need is to activate the jio SIM card in my iPhone 5s.
    Can you please help me out to solve this?

    • yeah I can have u received the order number..? if yes then complete the tele verification that will activate sim. If u didn’t received the order number wait for the message that might take some time.

  98. Hii
    I Have samsung galexy grand 2 mobile.It’s 3g phone .But i got the jio card by generating code in my phone .I got the order id and mobile number of jio card via msg.They are sending me msg to activate card but i cant do it because it does not show the network.What could i do??

  99. Hey Sir,
    I got the sim from black market as now official shops are nearby. I wanted to know how i can activate the sim. I have micromax android a1(3g) smartphone. Please help.

  100. Comment…i got jiosim by kyc method.
    the network signal is showing but the data and callsare not working.
    what should i do for this?

  101. Yesterday I bought a jio sim by eKYC method. It show its network on status bar. But still i am unable to use the jio sim. I also called in 1977 but they only said that your number is verified and you would receive an sms then after you can start using the sim. But still I didn’t get any sms. Can you please solve my problem?

  102. Bro I’m using Sony xperia c3 dual.Got jio sim using your trick.televerified by calling 1977.But once I inserted the sim in 1st slot, I didn’t get any signal.I followed your qualcomm processor trick also.its not working. Please help me.

  103. I took reliance jio sim but 2 days over but not got the network only
    Can you please solve my problem
    I did all the about methods

  104. I got jio sim before 2days still not activated but signals showing but in display showing emergency calls only please activate as soon as possible

  105. Sir I’m done with tele verification and also they show me network but l can’t access data network and call when i call someone they toll me you don’t have a balance please recharge your account

  106. Sir.after the initial bar code generation during the buying process of sim..I had rebooted my phone due to some technical errors.then I lost my Jio app.will this lead to any problem??

  107. Since i have taken my jio sim its 3hrs gone til nw i had nt started my jio its alwys showing emergency call only….bass nd i have putted in sim 1 slot my hand set is smsung on7 what to do???

  108. Hi,
    I’ve purchased jio Sim for my Redmi 2 prime mobile through e-kyc process but still signal didn’t came. I checked my mobile capability my inserting my friends jio Sim and it’s working as intended. Any insight on this behaviour is appropriated.
    Let me know if you have any further questions.


  110. Till how many days sir to activate my SIM after these msg

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000005F43W.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

    • Till how many days sir to activate my SIM after these msg

      Dear Customer,
      Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO00000CXRDH.
      Thank you,
      Team Jio

  111. Hello sir,I’m having Sony xperia c3 dual.I got jio sim using ur trick today.But I didn’t get any message regarding activation. What shall I do next?

  112. hi as per the above commentTill how many days sir to activate my SIM after these msg

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000005F43W.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

    i got the same msg and its more then 4 hours now, not even showing single network using LeEco 1s
    ..plzz suggest what to do…i. unable to call on 1977 for activation jio sim showing emergency ca..need ur help sir

  113. I purchased a jio sim from a shop nearby my house in Allahabad. I have submitted all the necessary documents Nd the shopkeeper told me that the sim has been activated. Put your sim in your phone Nd you will get the signal in 3 hours. But it has been 2 days, since I never got the signal.. plz help.me..

  114. Hello sir,I’m having Sony xperia c3 dual.I got jio sim using ur trick today.But I didn’t get any message regarding activation. What shall I do next?

  115. I got jio sim before 2days still not activated but signals showing but in display showing emergency calls only please activate as soon as possible

  116. सर मेरा मोबाइल 3g है इसका मॉडल माइक्रोमैक्स कैनवास जूस 3 है मैं आपको बताना चाहूंगा आप की बताई गई ट्रिक के द्वारा मैंने बारकोड तो निकाल लिया sim ले आया हूं मैं आपको बताना चाहूंगा कि बारकोड निकालने वाली ट्रिक के लिए आपका धंयवाद सर मैंने दो दिन पहले ही sim लिया है आपको बताना चाहूंगा कि 2 दिन होने के बाद भी इसमें नेटवर्क नहीं आ रहा है जिसके लिए मुझे क्या करना पड़ेगा कृपया आप मेरी हेल्प करें

    • after getting sim from store should Ihave to activate through a 4g mobile?and is there any problem like jio sim will get bind/linked with the same mobile/imei from which it was activated?

  117. Moto e 1st gen code is rejected . Jio coordinator checked it in machine and said it is invalid. Is there any method to get new working code in moto e. Please help me .

  118. Sir I got jio sim from mobile shop.they to msg will sent u.but not not received any msg after 25 days.they suggested me that go to jio office.jio office asked barcode but my mobile is Windows. So how can I activate my sim.

  119. I have xolo cube 5.0 mobile and its 3g as you say that I require an activated Sim to use the trick provided by u so from whom mobile I activate it…I want to say that which mobile generate the barcode can only use that Sim…is it like that

  120. I have iball slide 4G…i got jio sim 1 hr ago by e-kyc method..but there’s no network… The seller told tht u just need to put the sim in 4G phn..

  121. I have lenovo a6000 plus and have got bar got and purchased Jio Sim …but yet when I am calling for verification ….they are telling that your no. Is not ready for tel reverification…..tell me what to do…I am waiting already from 3 days

  122. How can I get 4g data traffic in JIO because the data presently I am surfing the browser is not the 4g speed.I activated the jio sim few days aback

  123. hi i have bought lyf mobile and jio sim and the KYC process done at the same time(on 28th sept).The store guys told me the sim will be activates in 4 to 6 hours , but till now i didn’t receive any thing regarding this sim activation

    There is no signal showing for jio sim .

    Can you guys help me on this jio sim activation ?

  124. Sir I have generated barcode from other mobile and I want to use in another mobile ….. I got the sim but there is no signal bars coming on the sim …. Its been a day I bought the sim . what do I do

  125. Sir my address verification happened 3 days back. They told me that I will get message with all the detaild. I have still not received any message. Tell me what to do in this case.

  126. Sir I got jio sim using Samsung note 4 3g only device. For activating it, can I use this sim in another note 4- 4G device which has already got working jio sim?….

  127. Hi. I have a jio sim with me from 10 days. but the store guy says eKYC is not working from 10 days so number cant be activated. What should i do?

  128. Hi bro

    I today took JIO sim in reliance digital store through e kyc procedure by scanning my finger print ..I got order number to my alternate number .. I inserted JIO sim to my Lyf mobile is this OK wen will JIO sim get activated bro

  129. Sir mane 19 ko reliance digital Jio sim Liya tha 26 hogeya Abhi tak activation nahi huwa message bhi nahi aya and Jio sim number bhi nahi Mila me kya Karu.

  130. Sir, I have got a msg
    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO00000ASHXW.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio

    After this, I have not got any teli veryfication call or the no. I have given also do not got any call….

    I got this msg on 22 sept…. However I am waiting for signal.

  131. Sir i have taken jio sim frm digital xpress wid all my frnds. All jio sim of frnds had activated by 3 hours n my didn’t even showing network .i m using moto g4 plus what should i do.i had interested sim in 1 slot

  132. My jio sim just activated on 20-9-16 and show great signal shown in phone. now i opened my jio app where phone number goes. then i enter my jio number and generate OTP system shows OTP send but OTP not received. its about 3-4 days. what will be the problem. is there any other way. MY phone is yuphoria.

  133. Good afternoon sir. I am user of Lyf mobile and
    My jio sim bearing no 7014136610 has not activated yet.i visited four
    times to jio store but has not resolved yet.plz kindly tell the status and what is reason for not activiting yet.awaiting for your response.

  134. Good afternoon sir
    My jio sim bearing no7001222721 has not activated yet.i visited four times to jio store but has not resolved yet.plz kindly tell the status and what is reason for not activiting yet.awaiting for your response.

  135. Hello sir my samsung j5 jio SIM is working ok but VoLTE symbol is not display in my mobile only displayed 4g symbol only, How to set VoLTE in my j5?

  136. Sir meine 18 September ko sim li h bt av tk tower ni aaya h to kya aap bta Skte h ki tower kb aayega aur tower aane k phle koi call v aayegi kya verification ke liye Jo no hm reference m diye h.
    R wo call aane k baad hi tower aayegi kya ye fir aise hi bina call k aa jaayega ..

  137. Mere paas tp link 4G router hai…to usme relience jio support krega kya….q ki mere paas jo dongle jo usme attached krna pdta hai….wo 3.5G hai….to kya mai usme jio sim use kr skta hu kya…

  138. hiii,i buy jio sim card but i give my adhar n thumb details to them but when i show barcode screenshot they said it is already used,but i never gave my barcode screenshot to anyone so i wt to know who is using my barcode screenshot is it possible to know that ple. tell me.
    Then i uses my friends barcode screenshot but it is active in his mobile not my mobile so how can i activate it in my mobile,my mobile is ASUS ZEnFONE laser and it is 4G compatible,so kindly ple. tell me what i do now.

  139. My mobile panasonic p55 2gb ram and v 4.4.2 sir can i use jio or i use mtk trick or us main 4g ka option de raha hai so main option ko select nahi kr pa raha hu keya karna ho ga plz tell me

  140. Sir Namaste…….
    Sir mere pass intex ka clojd breeze mobile hai isme main 4G support karwana chahata hun kese hoga plz help me sir….
    3 G hai sir ye mobile plz plz plz plz Sir

  141. Sir i got jio sim 2 days before but there is no signal bar till now what to do next?
    & This is my brother’s mobile generated code but i submitted everything my details, next week I’m going to buy a 4g mobile to use this sim how can i use it in my upcoming mobile and what to do for new sim for my brother use

  142. I Have bought the sim 16 days back i got the msg of application received on my alternative no. Bt i dont get televerification msg yet my sim is not activated yet how can i overcome this . I have lyf flame 8 .

  143. hi i got message from jio that says sim is ready for televerification. but there is no signal. i have to wait for some time or i have to activate data only service from other number

  144. hi admin iam using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Sm 9005) with 4G high band support. i have installed all the 13 apps as per instructions. but i cant get the OTP and Offer CODE. i have also tried all ur instructions. but its not responding to offer CODE. what to do? is my phone is supported to JIO? i it is what should i do? Help me plz

  145. Bro I use lenovo A6000. In jio supported mobile list have lenovo A 6000 is present but in my mobile have not sign in automatically .so what i to do? Please tail me .

  146. I have got jio sim by generating code in s3 I got msg about order no from jio team what should I do to activate it after order no masg

  147. Sir I have given adhar card and got the sim. First I got the message of order confirmation but 12 days ho gaye hai abhi tak activation ka message nai aaya hai aur sim me network bhi nahi AA raha hai. What to do ?

    • VOLTE app main jao, registration start karo, OTP tumhare dusre number pe aayega, wo dolo or bas.. koi televerification nhi, maine aisa hi kiya jab pure din koi signal or activation message nhi aaya.

  148. How To Activate Jio sim in My Micromax d304 I Alrady use Your Tricks but not work plz bro help me my Chip is mediatek & Phone need Rooted or not

  149. Hi sir,
    I got a msg from jio saying,

    ” Dear Customer,
    Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO000005KSL2.
    Thank you,
    Team Jio”

    Wen i insert the sim in the phone which I got the barcode, I can see the signal bars full. But if call to 1977 I am getting a reply that “not registered on network”
    I even tried to change and set the preferred network to IND JIO, but it is not getting registered in any of networks,, but I can see the signal bars full,, if I call to the alternate number from the other phone no one is picking up the call

    Please guide me wat to do next ??

    • VOLTE app main jao, registration start karo, OTP tumhare dusre number pe aayega, wo dolo or bas.. koi televerification nhi, maine aisa hi kiya jab pure din koi signal or activation message nhi aaya.

  150. Can I activate it in my 3G device.????
    I got the sim from the barcode I generated in my 3G device itself.
    So imei no should not be an issue

  151. I have lenovo k3 note , I got my Jio sim ,and I verified from a friend’s Mobile, the sim is working in my friends mobile, but when I put the sim in my Mobile the sim is not working, even the signal is not showing it is showing only emergency call, can you tell me how to activate the sim in my Mobile….. pls reply soon

  152. Hello sir.. I am using sony Xperia c3 dual.. Qualcomm msn8926 processor and Android version of 5.1.1.. Pls help me whether i can use jio 4g sim in my mobile or not..? Wat are the procedure to use…?

  153. How to know jio sim is workable to my coolpad note 3 lite mobile .i install my jio app what is the process to activate jio sim to my mobile

  154. Sir ji mujhe jio sim liye 10 days hi gaye par abhi tak activate nahi huwa h…maine driving license as document di thi to kya wo nahi hoga… kya sirf Aadhar card eligible h…!!

  155. Hello brother maine tumhari qr code generate karne wali trick se apne redmi 1s mein code generate kar liya hai ab mujhe sim lene ke baad kya redmi 1s mein hi sim dalna chahiye activation ke liye ya phir main koi dusra 4g phone use kar sakta hun..

  156. I purchased lyf flame 5 with jio sim before 10 days but uptill now there is no network in mobile I got one message (order number) on my alternative number….please help me….please….

  157. 1800-890-1977 it’s not a customer care number i am trying around 40 times.. but i have not received any response form your side. i thinks Jio is not god

  158. Sir jio sim me network toh hai magar usko activate karne k liye jab 1977 pe call karo toh call cut ja raha hai aur maine jio join app bhi downpoad kar liya hai lekin jio join app me configure ho hi ni raha hai

  159. Hy sir, mene 24 August ko Jio Sim li thi, uske baad 2 sms Aa chuke h but network me emergency call only Aa rha h. Mere pass jbki mobile bi Samsung j5 h

  160. Mene 22/8/16 sim Liya hai mobile model no Redmi 2 prime 4g mere alternate no par televeryficarion ka Msg bhi aa gya hai but signal nahi aaya. PLZ resolve the problem

  161. Sir i bought a sim and received a msg that they have teceived my request and soon they will initiate the processof televerification and again I received one msg that due to overwhelming response there is some delay in activating my sim ? And since then i have not received any msg and customer care no is never recheable ? What shud i do now?

  162. Sir I have got my msg of tele verification but when I inserted the sim into my cell phone, it doesn’t show the tower or signal.

    What to do next? Please help me.

  163. Bro I have redminote -3 and I buyed jio sim in black from a shop still it is not active from 5 days . How can I active in my phone help to ativate jio


  164. Sir please tell, after getting the jio sim can i put that immediately in my eligible phone. Because some people are saying that after getting sms you should insert the sim. But i have inserted that immediately. So please tell sir is their any problem.

  165. I am using lenovo a6000 plus.. I were download all apps in my jio app.. but there is no option for get jio sim in my jio app.. wht can i do now?

  166. i have bought jio sim since 7 days back. but still it is not activate..
    my friend bought jio sim & there sim were activated within 3-4 days.
    wts the prblm with my sim, weather my proof is accepted or not.
    how to know it plzz tell me.

  167. sir please plz plz plz plz help me with my micromax canvas xpress 2
    when i select lte/wcdma/gsm
    i again sets to wcdma preferred
    plz sir help me reply me here on my email or at :- whatsapp no: 9609296807.plZz plZzz sir

  168. Hellow brother…I am using le 1s which is not mentioned in the list of eligibility… Can I still use it ?if yes then how??plz answer bro..

  169. Sir … first of all I don’t have sim.bcozzz they wanna bar code but in my redmi mobile,jio app is still not opening… send me the solution without rooting method plz…..


  171. Hiii sir

    My jio sim ativated but how to activated data service ???

    Or mene data activate krne wale no. Me call kiya but wo keh rhi h k sim already activated

    Me kya karu plzz help me brother 🙂

  172. I generated a bar code and got the sim with my 3G set. Now how should I activate it?? In my 3G device itself or how .
    Please help I was only able to get the sim through your trick …Now I think only you can help me activate it.

    • Hi ankit, unfortunately activation process won’t work some devices or 3G devices. So you must use eligible device because there is a rumor like they are taking imei number for tele verififcation. If you are good enough to fool them no one will stop you… 😉

  173. So which method u best recommend..? Root or change build.prop?? N plz explain build.prop method little more?? When we will paste the file will not it replace the original build.prop file

    • I would prefer build.prop u just need to copy the jio sim i.e lyf mobile code and paste it in your another 4g device. That’s it now u can use sim in that mobile as simple as that.. 🙂

  174. Also after activation …can i simply use in my k4 note or I have to use any of two methods of rooting and changing imei or copying build.prop file.. thanks for reply