How to Activate Airtel Missed Call Alerts!

Airtel Missed Call Alerts
Airtel Missed Call Alerts

Airtel, officially known as Bharti Airtel, stands as one of the foremost telecommunications giants not only in India but on the global stage. Staying connected is more important than ever, and telecommunications companies like Airtel have played an enormous role in ensuring that everyone can easily communicate with one another. Airtel is one of India’s leading telecommunications companies that has continually strived to offer innovative and convenient services to its vast customer base. It has led to the introduction of new technologies like pre-5G Massive MIMO and Carrier Aggregation. Among its other features, Airtel Missed Call Alert service stands out as a valuable tool that ensures you never miss an important call, even when your phone is switched off or out of reach. Airtel’s Missed Call Alerts can simplify and enhance your communication experience.

What is a Missed Call Alert in Airtel?

Airtel Missed Call Alerts Activate

Airtel released a feature on the Airtel Thanks App that updates you on all your missed calls. Whether your phone is switched off or out of range, Airtel has it planned out. This Airtel Thanks feature applies to customers who have Airtel Prepaid or Postpaid plans. Learning how to activate a missed call alert in Airtel is very useful for situations when your phone is not reachable or off.

Features of Airtel Missed Call Alert

Airtel Missed Call Alerts service offers a range of features that enhance the overall experience for its users. With this service, prepaid and postpaid members of Airtel can stay connected and informed even when they miss calls. There are a few highlighted features that make this service even more attractive. These features include:

  • A comprehensive view of all the calls you have missed on a single screen.
  • You can send an SMS or place a call by just clicking on their contact name on the Airtel Thanks App.
  • It is a free service.

Getting the Airtel Missed Call Alert Feature on My Phone

There are a few ways of getting the Airtel missed call feature on your phone with ease. You can make communication easier by learning how to activate missed call alerts in Airtel on your phone. Focusing on Airtel missed call alert activation, using the Airtel Thanks app has been the most used and successful method. With all the information available on one screen, it is an invaluable feature to stay connected with your friends and family, no matter where you are.

Ways to Activate Missed Call Alert

Learn a few more ways how to activate missed call alerts in Airtel using USSD code and SMS. The company suggests you try the Airtel Missed call alert numbers if you are unable to avail of Airtel missed call alert activation through the Airtel Thanks app. Take a look at the other couple methods to enable Airtel missed call alerts:

1. Airtel Missed Call Alert Free Activation through App

Airtel missed call alerts through airtel thanks

  • Download the Airtel Thanks App.
  • Register yourself on the App.
  • Once you have registered, click on the profile icon.
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Under the ‘Network & Broadband’ section, turn on the missed call alerts using the toggle available.

2. Activating Airtel Missed Call Alert Using USSD Code

Airtel missed call alert activate through ussd

  • Dial *321*881# using your Airtel number.
  • Reply 1 to enable the service.
  • You will receive a confirmation message regarding the activation of the service.

3. Airtel Missed Call Alert Number through SMS

Airtel missed call alerts

  • Open the message/SMS app on the phone with your Airtel sim
  • Send ‘START’ to 121.
  • You will receive a menu; select ‘Airtel missed call alert.’
  • Confirm your selection.
  • You will receive a confirmation message regarding the activation of the service.

How to Deactivate Missed Call Alert in Airtel

There may come a time when you are either switching to a new network provider, a new number or have too many notifications. It is at times like these that you might need to deactivate the service. Deactivating this service is just as easy as activating it.

1. Deactivate using the Airtel Missed Call Alert Number:

airtel missed call alerts deactivate

  • Dial *321*883# using your Airtel number.
  • Confirm the deactivation of the service.

2. Deactivate using the Airtel Thanks App:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks App and log in.
  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Under the ‘Network & Broadband’ section, turn off the ‘missed call alerts’ using the toggle.
  • The missed call alerts have now been deactivated.


Airtel’s Missed Call Alerts feature has proven to be a simple but remarkably effective tool. Every missed call could mean a missed opportunity or an important message. Using this feature, you always stay in the loop irrespective of the network availability or your phone’s status. By offering a seamless way to be notified, Airtel has shown commitment to enhancing the communication experience for its customers. Airtel missed call alert free activation is available by calling the numbers mentioned in the sections above. You can also activate Airtel missed call alerts through the Airtel Thanks App. The next time your phone is switched off or out of reach, you can trust Airtel to keep you informed.

FAQs of Airtel

Q1. How do you see missed calls when the phone is off Airtel?
Ans. To see the missed calls you have, open the Airtel Thanks App once your phone is back on. On the screen, you will get the view of all the calls you have missed.

Q2. How can I activate the Missed Call Alert service in Airtel?
Ans.  To activate the missed call alert service, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Airtel Thanks App
  • Click on the Profile icon
  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Under ‘Network & Broadband’, turn on the toggle for ‘Missed Call Alerts’

      1. Activate Using USSD codes:

  • Dial *321*881# or 321*883# using your Airtel number
  • Reply 1 to activate Airtel missed call alerts service
  • You will get a confirmation message shortly

     2. To Activate Using SMS:

  • Open the Messaging/SMS app using the Airtel number
  • Send ‘START’ to 121
  • From the menu you receive, select ‘Airtel missed call alerts’
  • Confirm your selection
  • You will get a confirmation message shortly after

Q3. Can I see missed calls when the phone is off in Airtel?
Ans. No, you will be able to see the calls you have missed once your phone is back on. The calls you have missed will be sent to you as SMS or will be shown on the Airtel Thanks app.

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