Best Jeans Brands in India | List of top quality Denim!

Best Jeans Brands in India
Best Jeans Brands in India

‘Jeans’ is a fashion trend that never fades with time, in fact, it is your closet’s most comfortable, dependable, and fashionable item. Finding the best Jeans brands in India where you can get the most trendy pieces of denim with premium quality fabric is quite complex when you go shopping; you will be overwhelmed by the unlimited alternatives available. Moreover, a wide range of jeans brands makes it challenging to pick the desirable top pair you want to purchase. So we bring you the Best Jeans Brands in India. Read till the end.

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Best Jeans Brands in India

Best Jeans Brands in India

7. Wrangler

best jeans brands
Image: Wrangler

Wrangler brand is based in Carolina. Owned and managed by VF Corporation from the year 1947, the brand attained its fame for exclusive quality fabric, longevity, and chic variants. The company is specifically known for its toughness and quality. They have their manufacturing firm globally. Wrangler believes in style and focuses on comfort. The brand owns customer loyalty by producing jeans for all sizes, considering all body types around the globe. Its popular product is the cowboy jeans range for boys.

  • Offers durability
  • Exclusive quality jeans
  • Provides longevity suitable to rough wear
  • Chic variants

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6. True Religion Jeans

top jeans brands
Image: True Religion

True Religion Jeans gained a good position worldwide among all other denim brands. It was founded by Jeff Lubell and Kym Gold in 1922. True Religion stands above all for its five-pocket jean style and its precise sewing pattern, which is of vintage aesthetic style of denim that is also popular among the crowd. The denim of this brand will enhance your look everywhere you go. Its ‘T’ style stitched logo on the jeans attracts the customer to the extreme. The durable fabric of the denim makes it a worth-buying product for all.

  • Clean and Neat stitching jeans
  • Vintage aesthetic denim
  • Trendy pants
  • Best known for its five-pocket denim style

5. Pepe Jeans

jeans brands in India
Image: Pepe Jeans

Pepe jeans is another leading brand name in denim, popularly known for best-fitting jeans and affordability. It offers a wide range of casual wear for men and women. The brand gained success across the world for introducing reversible jeans culture. It provides a wide variety of female jeans, including flare, straight, skinny, slim, taper, and relaxed. The comfortable fabric of its jean is fantastic. Its tailormade pocket zipper and unique yet stylish logo grab the interest of the customers by bringing the best trends out. The brand holds the faith of its customer for its lighter-weight cloth, adding plus points to the brand. 

  • Fitting and affordable jeans
  • Jeans for all body measurements
  • Admired for its Stylish logo
  • Comfortable Fabric

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4. Levi’s

best brands of jeans
Image: Levi’s

The concept of jeans was introduced by Levi’s years back. The brand is iconic because consumers trust it for innovation, quality, performance, durability, style, fit and more. Since day one, it started gaining popularity and enjoying leadership in the market, leaving behind its competitors till now. The company has a strong base; they put their shoppers first and guide them whenever needed.

The brand is on top of others because of its stitching pattern, the logo of two horses with red tape, Khaki pants, and blue jeans. The variety of jeans choices, from tapered to big-fit denim, attracts the buyers to an extreme.

  • Super comfortable and built to last
  • High-quality fabric
  • Well-known for stitching pattern denim
  • Unlimited ranges of jeans

3. Lee

best jeans brands
Image: Lee

A brand that most fashion freaks are familiar with when it comes to denim is Lee. It came into existence in 1889 and was founded by Henry David Lee. The brand gained popularity for its premium quality denim. It has an extraordinary range of jeans, including Lazy ‘S’ Hair on hiding, a leather logo label, and cowboy jeans on the top. It enjoys a top position in the market for its fantastic range of jeans and its premium quality fabric.

  • Offers a unique range of denim for all
  • Preferred for no stitching in denim
  • Stylish leather jeans

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2. Diesel

top jeans brands
Image: Diesel

Diesel Jeans are well-known for their durable fabric, luxury, and longevity. In addition, the brand owns Diesel Black Gold. Diesel also has a line for children called Diesel Kid. The brand was started in the year 1978 by Renzo Rasso. The company is known for its unusual advertising campaigns.

It is expensive but serves each customer with the best quality jeans that last longer. It offers a wide range of jeans, such as Waykee, Thommer Larkee, and various others, considering every body type. The brand stands out when embracing beauty and personality without discriminating against anybody. 

  • Huge variety
  • Durable Fabric
  • Long span denim

1. Calvin Klein

best jeans brands in India
Image: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein will be a perfect choice if you are ready and love to follow a classy style. It is one of the most popular denim brands globally. The top-notch advertising and clean logo designs win the hearts of many. The brand was founded by Barry Schwartz and Calvin Klein in 1968. It keeps up with high-quality assurance and brings the best trends for its customers. Its popularity is not restricted to the general population but also spreads through international film industries. Famous celebs like Justin Bieber, Kate Moss, and many other global public figures pick this brand. 

  • Serves high-quality assurance
  • Unlimited range of jeans
  • Popular curved pattern denim
  • Unique blue shades

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