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Best Sportswear Brands
Top Sportswear Brands in India

In today’s era, fitness has become a new lifestyle. Hence, following a regular exercise routine and participating in various sports activities is necessary. Every second person is going to the gym for a great physique. This shift towards sporting, gyming, and high exercise schedules give rise to comfortable sportswear trends. Many sportswear brands are already leading the market. So to choose the best brand out of all without hustle, we bring you 5 Top Sportswear brands. So read till the end to find your quite innovative sportswear brand.

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Best Sportswear brands

The list below will give you a clear idea of which brand stands out of the crowd and why? Furthermore, the information will enlighten you with all the necessary details required for the best shopping experience from the Top Sportswear brands.

Serial No.Top Sportswear brands
5.Under Armour

Top sportswear brands

5. Under Armour

Sportswear brands
Image: Under Armour

Under Armour is an American company founded in the mid-90s. But the Baltimore-based sportswear brand has been quite aspiring and is growing fast in the world of footwear and sportswear. The company’s main attraction to the customers is its protective gear which helps every sportsperson to play fearlessly and confidently on the field. The firm is intelligently ruling the market.

  • Wide price ranges
  • High-quality protective gears
  • Well equipped products
  • Promotes fearless sports

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4. Reebok

Top Sportswear brands
Image: Reebok

Reebok is an American fitness footwear and clothing manufacturer that is a part of Authentic Brands Group. It has CrossFit sportswear, which is highly popular among youth. The company has extended its product lines auspiciously to sportswear, but the shoe market remains the main target. It is best known for freestyle aerobics shoes. The huge and trendy stylish sports shoes are another attraction for its buyers.

  • Aerobics shoe range
  • Maintains quality products
  • Compatible costs
  • Follows the latest trends

3. Puma

Sportswear brands
Image: Puma

Puma is the third biggest sportswear company globally. Established by Rudolf Dassler, the brother of Adolf Dassler, the founder of Adidas, the dispute between the two brothers laid the foundation of Puma. The company grabs a stronghold in the market. Puma aims to speed the growth of all sportspersons and individuals towards a healthy lifestyle. The main product of Puma is its running shoes. The firm also produces unlimited sportswear accessories for kids, men, and women.

  • Best Running Shoes
  • Wide range of sportswear and accessories
  • Aims at improving quality of life
  • Sound pricing strategies

2. Nike

Best Sportswear brands
Image: Nike

Nike is one of the largest sportswear brands worldwide, established in late 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. The company now comfortably leads the global market by earning a good amount of profit. Nike is best known for its sportswear shoes. It was smartly manufacturing shoes for every sport, and now successfully producing other sportswear products, for instance, sports bands, tights, tank tops for gyming, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, and many more. Undoubtedly it is at the top for buyers as it maintains a class by manufacturing high-quality products.

  • Offers Finest quality products
  • Main attraction: Air Jordan shoe
  • Standard pricing policies
  • Promotes sports activities

 1. Adidas

Top Sportswear brands in India
Image: Adidas

Adidas is one of the largest sportswear brands, founded by Adolf Dassler. The firm competes well in manufacturing shoes for all kinds of sporting activities. The company is actively producing various gyming and yoga wear to caress the comfort zone of its buyers. Its wide variety of sportswear enlightens the customer with multiple options. Adidas makes it easy for every fitness freak personality to follow the trends and fashion by building their own styling standards even when sweating out hard.

  • Holds a unique style
  • Up to dated fashion trends
  • High-end products
  • Affordable prices 

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