Best Steam Irons in India | Ironing made easy!

Best Steam Iron in India
Best Steam Iron in India

If you are one of those who don’t like wrinkled clothes and are looking for the best steam iron in India, then this article is for you. Well-ironed clothing not only gives you an attractive and professional appearance but also reflects a lot about your personality. In addition, if you want to purchase the finest iron, this post will assist you in saving significant time because now, you don’t have to scroll through multiple articles. For your convenience, we have created a list of the best iron for clothes in India. So let’s have a look!

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Best Iron for clothes in India

How to get the best steam irons in India at the best price?

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Best steam Iron in India

7. Usha SI 3816 Steam Iron 

steam irons in india
Usha SI 3816

This brand dominates the Indian market for the best steam irons. This steam iron has a Power consumption of 1600w and gives a powerful steam output of up to 18 g/min for tough wrinkles. It facilitates a thermostatic disc for controlling fabric temperature and a 360-degree swivel cord for easy movement. To help in removing wrinkles and creases better, it provides a powerful fine mist spray. It has 3 pin plug with overheating and safety earthing, which turns off your appliance to protect your clothes from heat damage.

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Specifications at a glance:

 SPECS  Details
Model No. SI 3816‎
Product Dimensions ‎30 x 12.5 x 15 cm
Wattage 1600w
Volts 240 Volts
Weight 950 grams
Water Tank Capacity 280ml
Price Rs. 1,420

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6. Syska SSI-1600 AMARA

Steam iron for clothes
Syska SSI-1600 AMARA

It is a sleek, durable, and well-designed steam iron. With a 1600W power usage, this steam iron warms up quickly and produces 18 gm/min of steam, which helps you to give finishing to your clothes very quickly. Additionally, this iron has an amazing auto cut-off & overheat safety feature that guards against overheating and saves your clothing. This Syska iron comes with a knob at its top using which you can easily adjust the ironing temperature according to the fabric type.

Specifications at a glance:

Model No. SSI-1600
Product Dimensions 18 x 8 x 8 cm
Wattage 1600w
Volts 240 Volts (AC)
Weight 990 grams
Water Tank Capacity 220ml
Price Rs. 1,499

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5. Philips GC1905

Steam iron for clothes
Philips GC1905

This steam iron comes in the 5th position in the list of best steam iron in India. Philips GC1905 requires 1440 Watts of power and has a 180ml water tank capacity. It comes with an easy and quick water tank filling and emptying system. The cloth is uniformly moistened by a thin spray of up to 13 g/min of continuous steam production. The Aluminium soleplate helps easy gliding on all fabrics. Performance-wise, the Philips steam iron is a beast. Its basic Calc clean solution provides a self-clean-up.

Specifications at a glance:

 SPECS  Details
Model No. GC1905/21
Product Dimensions ‎‎11.5 x 26.1 x 13.6 cm
Wattage 1440w
Volts 240 Volts
Weight 1 kilogram
Water Tank Capacity 180ml
Price Rs. 1,549

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4. HAVELLS Plush Steam Iron

Steam iron in India

With a 1600W power input, the Havells Plush Steam Iron offers steam burst, vertical and horizontal ironing, anti-drip, self-cleaning, and anti-calc technology. The steam iron features a water tank capacity of 230 ml and a special steam glide soleplate that is nonstick and has a self-cleaning feature. For making it easy to operate, its thermostat control system is adjustable. While ironing, you may select between the spray and steam functions of the machine according to the fabric. The Havells Steam Iron is a fantastic option for those who want more functionality at less price.

Specifications at a glance:

 SPECS  Details
Model No. ‎GHGSIBCK160
Product Dimensions ‎‎14 x 28.5 x 12 cm
Wattage 1600 w
Volts 240 Volts
Weight 1.30 Kilograms
Water Tank Capacity 320 ml
Price Rs. 1,599

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3. Philips GC1920/28 Steam Iron

Steam iron in India
Philips GC 1920/28

It is a well-known non-stick smooth gliding soleplate product with a special feature of 1440w power usage and 180 ml Water tank capacity. It gives fast & uniform ironing with its 17 g/min of continuous steam output. The cloth is uniformly moistened by a thin spray, making it very easy and simple to iron out wrinkles and creases in a matter of minutes. This iron also comes within your budget and you can buy it for just Rs. 1,749.

Specifications at a glance:

 SPECS  Details
Model No. ‎GC1920/28
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 26.1 x 13.6 cm
Wattage 1440 w
Volts 240 Volts
Weight 1.06 Kilograms
Water Tank Capacity 180ml
Price Rs. 1,749

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2. Inalsa Steam Iron

Best steam iron
Inalsa Steam Iron

This is a smart and quick steam iron, that comes with an innovative power indicator light on the top of the handle, shows a red light while heating, and when the light turns green, it becomes ready for use. The Inalsa Steam Iron features a wattage of 2200 watts; so it doesn’t consume much electricity which is its greatest benefit. Its main characteristics include 360 Degree swivel cord and a self-cleaning system that makes ironing effortless and cheerful. Due to a big ceramic-coated soleplate, you won’t have to go over the same area more than once to iron.

Specifications at a glance:

 SPECS  Details
Model No. ‎2021
Product Dimensions 33 x 13 x 16.8 cm
Wattage 2200w
Volts 240 Volts
Weight 1200 grams
Water Tank Capacity ‎1000 ml
Price Rs. 1,899

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1. Bajaj MX-35N  

iron for clothes in India
Bajaj MX 35N

With high power of 2000W, this iron from Bajaj provides quick heating and allows you to iron your clothes faster. It comes with a thermal fuse and 360-degree swivel cord in all directions. The soleplate’s non-stick coating makes it easy to slide the iron on clothes while usage. It also features a smart anti-drip technology that resists water leakage and anti-scale technology that is used to avoid pore-clogging. Both of these features guarantee greater durability and efficacy. Because of these amazing features, we have put it on the list of the best steam iron in India.

Specifications at a glance:

SPECS  Details
Model No. ‎MX35N
Product Dimensions 30 x 12.8 x 15.5 cm
Wattage 2000W
Volts 240 Volts
Weight 1.26 Kilograms
Water Tank Capacity 210ml
Price Rs. 1,999

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Disclaimer: Prices are subject to changes and may not remain the same when you check them on the site.

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