What Is VPA In PhonePe & How to Find Your UPI ID?

With the adoption of cashless payments across India, PhonePe has emerged as the market leader in UPI transactions. PhonePe’s market leadership has become possible through the smart integration of VPA number in PhonePe app. PhonePe has millions of users who regularly use the Virtual Payment Address PhonePe payments service. You may be eager to know how to get VPA in PhonePe for a more informed payment experience. We have prepared a simple guide on what is VPA in PhonePe that you can follow to understand the functioning of VPA.  How to delete phonepe transaction history?

What is a VPA?

Each PhonePe user has a digital address, called PhonePe Virtual Payment Address or VPA. Every UPI app, including PhonePe, uses VPA. When you create a UPI ID, a unique address for your UPI-linked bank account for electronic money transfers is automatically assigned to you for sending and receiving funds electronically. The VPA number for PhonePe and every other UPI app is the basis of UPI transactions.

Virtual Payment Address and UPI

UPI apps use VPA numbers to complete money transfers. When a UPI payment is initiated, the receiver’s bank account is identified using his VPA number. VPA for PhonePe and other UPI apps ensures that users don’t have to enter their bank account numbers whenever they make a payment. You can share your VPA number, which is the same as your UPI ID, to receive payments.

How to create VPA in Phonepe?

When linking your bank account to PhonePe, a VPA for PhonePe is automatically created for you without the need for any additional procedures. Follow the steps given below to activate PhonePe UPI to get your VPA in PhonePe app:

  • Open the PhonePe app on your device.
  • Login using your mobile number.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to add your bank account to PhonePe.
  • Click on your Account Picture after adding your bank account.
  • Click on the heading ‘UPI ID’ to display the active UPI IDs.
  • The respective bank account in PhonePe will be associated with your newly created VPA number.

VPA Features

Virtual Payment Address has certain features that differentiate it from other payment mechanisms. These features make Virtual Payment Address (VPA) easier to use than other payment methods. A few significant features of Virtual Payment Addresses in UPI include:

  • When a bank account is linked to a UPI account, a Virtual Payment Address is generated automatically.
  • You cannot change a VPA number once created.
  • Each VPA number is unique to a UPI account.
  • Every bank generates VPA numbers in a fixed format, with its code and each user’s unique ID separated by the ‘@’ symbol.

Uses & Benefits of VPA

The Virtual Payments Address is the foundation upon which UPI transactions function, and most of UPI’s key features and advantages are linked to it. After reading the fundamentals of VPA, let’s explore its uses and benefits for PhonePe and UPI.

Uses of Virtual Payment Address

A PhonePe Virtual Payment Address is crucial for executing money transfers using the PhonePe UPI app. Once you have successfully created a VPA number, you can use it for the following activities:

  • Online payments on apps and websites by selecting VPA number as the payment method.
  • Receive payments by sharing your PhonePe Virtual Payment Address with your contacts.
  • Allowing other UPI users to request payments by providing them with your VPA number.

Benefits of Virtual Payment Address

Using Virtual Payment Numbers in UPI is easier and better than other payment methods because of its benefits. These benefits have noticeably improved our day-to-day payment experience. Below are the advantages of VPA payments:

  • VPA transactions offer instant settlement.
  • Parties’ bank account details and sensitive information remain hidden during the process.
  • All UPI apps universally support VPA numbers.
  • Making payments by sharing a VPA number is easy and quick and requires no technical skills.

Some VPA of Popular Banks

A Virtual Payment Address is in the form of a suffix. Every UPI account uses a bank to settle transactions, and each bank has a unique identity tag. This identity tag is mentioned at the end of your VPA number. Major banks use the following tags as their VPA numbers.

Bank Name VPA Suffix
HDFC Bank @hdfc
Axis Bank @axis
State Bank of India @sbi
Yes Bank @ybl
Punjab National Bank @pnb

VPA Of Most Popular Third-Party Payment Apps

Many UPI apps have partnered with multiple banks for seamless settlements and have more than one VPA handle. The UPI app’s partner bank uses your VPA suffix to settle transactions. Most popular third-party payment apps use the VPAs listed in the table below.

Payments App VPA Suffix
GooglePay @okaxis
Amazon Pay @apl
Slice @sliceaxis
Bajaj Finserv @abfspay
Cred @axisb

Virtual Payment Address is a simple yet powerful mechanism that forms the base of UPI transactions. Each PhonePe account generates its own unique VPA number for PhonePe, which enables users to instantly send and receive money digitally through UPI. Using this number, transactions are completed in seconds. The steps involved in the process of how to find VPA in PhonePe are simple and easy to follow. Overall, VPA for PhonePe has certain benefits, such as improved privacy and security, that make it a reliable payment method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the transaction limit in PhonePe?
Ans. PhonePe UPI has a daily transaction limit of Rs. 1,00,000. This limit can be lower for some bank accounts.

Q2. How do find UPI ID in PhonePe?
Ans. Follow the steps given below to find the UPI ID in PhonePe:

  • Open the PhonePe app on your device.
  • Click on your Account Picture in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the heading ‘UPI IDs’.
  • The UPI ID will be displayed on the screen.

Q3. How many times can we use PhonePe in a day?
Ans. PhonePe users can make up to 10 transactions per day via PhonePe UPI.

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