Top 3 Websites for Online Shopping preferred by Online Sellers

A recent study by Nielsen has revealed that Amazon India, Flipkart and Snapdeal are the best websites for online shopping by sellers. The survey questioned 1184 online sellers to finalize the result. It has also reported that 39% of online sellers explore two or more e-commerce sites to sell their products. The study also says that familiarity and in-depth knowledge of e-commerce website determines the brand equity. Here are the results for top 3 websites for online shopping.

Top 3 Websites for Online Shopping :

According to the study,

Amazon ranked first (25%), Flipkart stood second (21%) and Snapdeal came third (20%).

Dolly Jha, the executive director of Nielsen India has stated that the e-commerce industry is growing tremendously and the demand of customers is also equally increasing. This urges the online sellers to fuel the supply. She also added that to ensure the equilibrium of demand and supply, e-commerce portals have to focus on creating a convincing platform for the online sellers.

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The study also reveals the brand equity of e-commerce sites among all the online sellers and those who wish to sell their products online in next few months. Other factors that help online sellers to choose an e-commerce site are new market opportunities, minimize cost to reach out to many customers and thus make them stay ahead in competition.

In terms of overall awareness, Amazon received 86% votes, Flipkart received 82% votes and Snapdeal received 75% votes.  In terms of the intent to sell on these sites by online sellers, Flipkart and Amazon were voted the most.

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