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Top Online Medical Stores

Good health is the wisdom that leads to a beautiful life. Health assures us of overall well-being which automatically brings joy, happiness, and wealth by boosting our stamina and increasing our work capacity. Nowadays, we can get quick medical treatment with a prescription at our doorstep from online Pharma stores, and everything is easy. So choose the best medical aids and facilities, like medicine as prescribed, online at a reasonable price. Buy medicine online from top online medical stores. We may find the best information about online medicine shopping and have them delivered to our homes.

Top Online Grocery Stores in India | Get everything delivered to your doorstep

Top 5 Online Medical Stores

Here are the most favorite websites to help you with online medicine shopping, just take a look! 

Serial No. Top Online Medical Stores
1. Apollo
2. NetMeds
3. PharmEasy
4. Tata 1mg
5. TrueMeds

Best online Medical Stores

5. Truemeds

online medical store
Image: Truemeds

Truemeds is a very well-known online medical store in India. It has excellent service and quick delivery. All the medicines are affordable, and there are regular discounts on them. It creates a comprehensive customer experience from port to the patient so patients can avail of benefits during their treatments. Truemeds prioritize the quality of the medications recommended, and it is never compromised.

Here you can get pills made by India’s top 30 pharmaceutical companies. With a clear focus and a professional team. Truemeds assist you in switching from branded medications to high-quality substitutes with the consultation of their expert professionals to maintain safety with authenticity. 

  • Enables patients to choose the right medicine.
  • Savings on all your healthcare needs.
  • Save up to 72% on every order.
  • Provides generic and branded medicines.

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4. TATA 1mg

online medicine shopping
Image: Tata 1MG

TATA 1mg was created in 2015 with the idea of creating a platform that stood for transparent, authentic, and accessible information for all people. This is the platform that lists only certified laboratories. You may utilize the online platform provided by for all your health needs. It works to simplify the healthcare process for you. Order your vitamins, nutritional supplements, homeopathic, allopathic, and other health-related items online and have them delivered right to your door.

This pharmacy opened up health care for millions of people providing them with high-quality treatment at reasonable costs. It is accurate, reliable, and authoritative on specific medications. The site provides online medicine shopping at any time, from anywhere, and diagnostic services from accredited labs.

  • Provides online lab tests.
  • Gives authentic and transparent information.
  • Provides diagnostic services and online doctor consultancy.
  • Save up to 50% on health products.
  • Get 80% off on lab tests.

3. PharmEasy

buy medicine online
Image: PharmEasy

PharmEasy is a leading online pharmacy in India. This medical store provides trustworthy medical information that has been thoroughly researched, checked, and approved by a team of medical professionals. Experts handpick the best and most trustworthy drugs, diagnostic procedures, Ayurveda, and over-the-counter drugs.

You have more than 1 lakh medicine and healthcare product to choose from according to your prescription, including OTC items and medical supplies. You can schedule cheap diagnostic testing from your home, including blood tests, full-body exams, and other preventative health check-ups. It has trustworthy and accredited lab partners who will arrange for a sample pick-up from your doorstep. Additionally, they deliver timely reports to you.

  • Fast and efficient delivery of medicinal products.
  • Provides you with genuine and reliable information.
  • Wide range of medical items including OTC.
  • Services in all the top cities

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2. Netmeds

online medical store
Image: Netmeds provides its services to over 7 million people throughout India with high-quality medications at fair pricing. Netmeds conveniently makes a huge selection of prescription drugs and other health goods available throughout India. The most recent medications are now accessible in rural villages, second-and third-tier cities, and even smaller towns.

Netmeds consider every factor such as congested areas, a shortage of parking, and the rainy season, which may cause people to skip important medicines, and successfully provides its service to each and every part of the nation. Without letting you leave your sweet home, simply log-on to, place your order online, and have your medications delivered.

  • Offers generic alternatives with significant savings.
  • Provides authentic and affordable medicine.
  • Fast and accurate delivery.
  • Quick and high-quality customer service.

1. Apollo

online medicine shopping
Image: Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy is the largest online medical store in India, with more than 4,500 medical stores. Apollo’s pharmacy chain has been operational for over 32 years and provides you with genuine quality healthcare products. The site recognizes its value of trust, so it ensures,  products’ legitimacy, quality, and conformity with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization. Before you make any purchases, Apollo Pharmacy gives you the chance to consult with a pharmacologist, a specialist in drug interactions.

Additionally, it offers you the choice to browse through a selection of non-pharmaceutical items. To buy medicine online, the Apollo portal offers you symptom checkers, doctor consultations, diagnostic test ordering, and the digitalization of your medical information.

  • Quick deliveries in a few cities.
  • Attractive discounts on medicines, including FMCG items.
  • Get health credits on purchases.
  • Provides you with a wide selection of healthcare goods.
  • Supplies only authentic and high-quality products.


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