Trick To Buy Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products

Mi 1 Rs flash sale

Trick To Buy Mi 1rs Products: The most successful foreign mobile brand Xiaomi is about to bring back their Mi 1 Rs flash sale as a part of this year Mi Diwali sale which goes live on 28th September. These Mi 1 Rs Flash sales will happen for 7 straight days and once in a day. First Mi Rs 1 Flash sale will go live on 28th September at 4 PM. Same goes for the other 6 days do follow our steps to buy Mi 1Rs flash sale mobiles & other products. Here are the complete details on Trick to Buy Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale products

We at Flipshope providing auto-buy trick on

You must install Flipshope extension to participate in any one of the above events. We got your back to give you the free stuff for the next 2 days.

The trick to Buy Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale:

As mentioned earlier Mi 1 Rs flash sale will go live once in a day on 7 different days. If you are looking to grab these 1 Rs flash sale products then you are in right place. Because we at flipshope provide auto buy on all the flash sale products. We are presently providing auto-buy on Redmi 8a, Realme XT and more. Flipshope extension holds a 4.5-star rating out of 5 from 2 lac active users. So this year we are also providing auto-buy on Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale products.

  1. Visit Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale site by clicking here.
  2. Download Flipshope extension for Mi 1Rs Sale, after that you will notice our icon.


    Buy Mi 1 rs flash sale products, 100% working auto-buy script. It will automatically add the 1 rs products to cart

  3. Click on our extension icon and it will open a pop-up.
  4. Visit Flash sale section and choose the product which you are planning to buy
  5. Choose any product from 4 PM sale. This will work for the whole week
  6. Once you check your entry you will be able to see one pop-up on Mi fan festival sale page.
  7. Visit the mi 1rs flash sale page on the sale time, then our extension will add the product to cart.

Just follow the above steps you will get a chance to win flash sale products.

100% Working Mi 1Rs Flash Sale with Flipshope Extension Proof:

Those who are complaining that extension script isn’t working read this, on 17th October more than 15 mi 1rs flash sale products were sold from the flipshope extension. The extension is clicking GRAB NOW option, but the people who hold the upper edge will get the product. It may not add the product to the cart for every user but it can certainly increase your chances. Here is the proof of our user who got the Bluetooth speaker on 17th October last year.

mi 1 rs sale


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Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products:

In the Last sale, Mi gave away more than 50 Mobiles for 1 Rs but this time there are even more products available. So the competition for the sale will be more compared to the previous one, Instead of trying for mobile I suggest you try for other products. Because the competition for accessories is way less compare to Xiaomi 1rs mobile products. You can choose any of these products from Flipshope extension, we are providing auto-buy on all Mi 1 Rs flash sale products.

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products Day 1 @ 4 PM

  • 40 Units of Redmi K20 – 29th September

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 2@ 4 PM

  • 100 Units of Mi Smart Band 4

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 3@ 4 PM

  • 40 Units of Mi A3

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 4@ 4 PM

  • 100 Units of Mi Soundbar White

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 5@ 4 PM

  • Details Coming Soon..!!

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 6@ 4 PM

  • Details Coming Soon..!!

Mi Diwali Sale Offers

Mobile Deals

TV Deals

How To Buy Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products:

You can actually try grabbing these Mi 1 Rs sale products in a normal way. For this, you need to keep on clicking the grab now option and if you click goes a millisecond behind then you won’t get the product. At max one can click 2 times in a second, but we at Flipshope extension made a script that will click around 100 times in a second and the process will run background. So follow these steps to buy mi 1 Rs sale products.

Steps to buy Mi 1 rs flash sale products

  • First, you need to install Flipshope Chrome Extension
  • Then click on the extension icon and go to Flash sale option.
  • Choose the Mi 1 Rs flash sale products which you want to buy
  • Now visit the Mi sale page on sale time, you will notice flipshope pop-up
  • At the time of sale, Flipshope will automatically add the product to cart

Here is the link to install flipshope extension, in case if you have any doubts jump in the comments I will help you out.


  1. Hey, it’s not working on whenever I’m trying on mi site it’s taking me to the Flipkart site. Does it not work on mi site? I need a phone in the 1 rs. flash sale, please fix it ASAP. I liked the overall extension, so I rated it 5 stars in the Chrome Webstore. =)

  2. Hi
    Great Work with the extension
    1. I saw few of your videos on youtube and in that the extension icon turned blue when you opened the product in the flipkart page, but here in mi india’s official website the extension does not change colour. Why is this happening?
    2. I saw in your youtube video that once someone checks the flash sale option they get a notification in the bottom right side of the screen saying that they are registered
    I did not get any such notification.
    3. I have done the following:
    a)Downloaded your extension
    b)On clicking the extension a small window appears and in the bottom side of the window is written “Flash Sale”
    c)On clicking on that “Flash sale” option we get a lot of options and I have checked the option which reads “Autobuy during Rs. 1 Flash sale on mi . com”
    Do i need to do anything else?


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