Trick To Buy Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products

Mi 1 Rs flash sale

Trick To Buy Mi 1rs Products: The most successful foreign mobile brand Xiaomi is about to bring back their Mi 1 Rs flash sale as a part of this year’s Mi Diwali sale which goes live on 28th September. These Mi 1 Rs Flash sales will happen for 7 straight days and once in a day. The First Mi Rs 1 Flash sale will go live on 16th October at 4 PM. The same goes for the other 6 days do follow our steps to buy Mi 1Rs flash sale mobiles & other products. Here are the complete details on Trick to Buy Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale products

We at Flipshope providing auto-buy trick on:

You must install Flipshope extension to participate in any one of the above events. We got your back to give you the free stuff for the next 2 days.

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Trick to Buy Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale:

Mi Rs. 1 flash sale

As mentioned earlier Mi 1 Rs flash sale will go live once in a day on 6 different days. If you are looking to grab these 1 Rs flash sale products then you are in right place. Because we at Flipshope provide auto-buy on all the flash sale products. We are presently providing auto-buy on Redmi Note 9 Prime, Realme 7 Pro and more. Flipshope extension holds a 4.5-star rating out of 5 from 2 lac active users. So this year we are also providing auto-buy on Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale products.

  1. Visit Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale site by clicking here.
  2. Download Flipshope extension for Mi 1Rs Sale, after that you will notice our icon.


    Buy Mi 1 rs flash sale products, 100% working auto-buy script. It will automatically add the 1 rs products to cart

  3. Click on our extension icon and it will open a pop-up.
  4. Visit the Flash sale section and choose the product which you are planning to buy
  5. Choose any product from 4 PM sale. This will work for the whole week
  6. Once you check your entry you will be able to see one pop-up on Mi fan festival sale page.
  7. Visit the mi 1rs flash sale page on the sale time, then our extension will add the product to the cart.

Just follow the above steps you will get a chance to win flash sale products.

100% Working Mi 1Rs Flash Sale with Flipshope Extension Proof:

Those who are complaining that the extension script isn’t working read this, on 17th October more than 15 mi 1rs flash sale products were sold from the Flipshope extension. The extension is clicking the GRAB NOW option, but the people who hold the upper edge will get the product. It may not add the product to the cart for every user but it can certainly increase your chances. Here is the proof of our user who got the Bluetooth speaker in the last year’s sale.

mi 1 rs sale


Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products:

mi rs 1 sale products

In the Last sale, Mi gave away more than 50 Mobiles for 1 Rs but this time there are even more products available. So the competition for the sale will be more compared to the previous one, Instead of trying for mobile, I suggest you try for other products. Because the competition for accessories is way less compare to Xiaomi 1rs mobile products. You can choose any of these products from Flipshope extension, we are providing auto-buy on all Mi 1 Rs flash sale products.

Mi 1Rs Flash Sale Products Day 1 @ 4 PM

  • Redmi Note 9 Pro @ 1 Rs
  • Mi Smart Band 4 @ 1 Rs

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 2@ 4 PM

  • Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2 @ 1 Rs
  • Redmi Note 9 @ 1 Rs

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 3@ 4 PM

  • Mi True Wireless Earphones 2
  • Mi Business Casual Backpack

Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products Day 4@ 4 PM

  • Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones
  • Mi TV 4A (32) Horizon Edition Grey

Mi Rs 1 Flash Sale Products Day 5@ 4 PM

  • Mi Beard Trimmer
  • Redmi Earphones

Mi Rs 1 Flash Sale Products Day 6@ 4 PM

  • Xiaomi Screwdriver Kit
  • Mi LED Lamp

Mi Diwali Sale Offers

Mobile Deals

  • Mi 10 @ Rs. 44,999 54,999
  • Mi 10T @ Rs. 35,999 + Up to Rs. 1,000 discount on Axis Bank and Bank of Baroda Cards
  • Redmi 9A @ Rs. 6499

TV Deals

  • Mi LED TV 4A Pro (43) @ Rs. 21,999 25,999
  • Mi TV 4X (50) @ Rs. 30,999 34,999
  • Mi TV 4A Horizon @ 23,999 24,999

How To Buy Mi 1 Rs Flash Sale Products:

You can actually try grabbing these Mi 1 Rs sale products in a normal way. For this, you need to keep on clicking the grab now option and if you click goes a millisecond behind then you won’t get the product. At max one can click 2 times in a second, but we at Flipshope extension made a script that will click around 100 times in a second and the process will run background. So follow these steps to buy mi 1 Rs sale products.

Steps to buy Mi 1 rs flash sale products

  • First, you need to install Flipshope Chrome Extension
  • Then click on the extension icon and go to Flash sale option.
  • Choose the Mi 1 Rs flash sale products which you want to buy
  • Now visit the Mi sale page on sale time, you will notice Flipshope pop-up
  • At the time of sale, Flipshope will automatically add the product to the cart

Here is the link to install Flipshope extension, in case if you have any doubts jump into the comments I will help you out.

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Thank You! Stay safe and keep visiting Flipshope.

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  1. i installed the extension and choosed mi flash sale and it took me to the mi webpage and a pop up appeared saying it will be refreshed in 5 seconds but it is not refreshing and the product is not added to cart. How to apply autobuy option plz and can u also tell the whole process how to buy the prodct. plzzzzzz reply.

  2. ghnta bahi, fast internet aur proper planning ke baad bhi koi bhi product buy nahi ho paya. Ye sale Mi wale publice ko bahut bewakuf banarahe he. this is so so wrong.

  3. Can I select both products together in Rs. 1 flash sale or either of the two products needs to be selected?

      • Is the script trying to detect and click on ‘Grab Now’ button? Its not the case for 2019 diwali flash sale. I saw the button as ‘Buy Now’ button. Maybe because of this, the extension didn’t work today i.e. 29th Sept, 2019 for me. Please confirm.

  4. I want to buy 4 april 2019 rs 1 sell but i unable to download you file please help me immediately

  5. Hi bro, the MI flash sale starts at 2PM today. In the extension, it says ‘You are registered for autoclick on Mi Rs. 1 sale at 4PM’.
    Please check, I’m eagerly waiting.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. hey shravan , first of all thanks for flipshop extention, am not get success till now but surely oneday get… brother you did superb work.
    brother i want to purchase new phone and i am fan of mi smartphoness…
    currently am using redmi 4 and redmi note 4 and now i want to go for new smartphones..
    can you advice me better smartphone ?
    and i am looking right now on redmi note 5 pro…
    but am also waiting for redmi note 6 pro lots of leakes come out for launching in next two three weeks..
    so can i wait for this or buy redmi note 5 pro ? redmi note 5 pro price also dropped to 12999….
    so which one is better please advice me


  8. can we add card for auto payment or i have to use without payment option for redmi rs4 sale if not tell me procedure

    • We will just add the product to cart then you will get 1 hour to complete the payment. The major task is getting the product and we are here to give you the same.

    • I am very sorry to hear that, but our extension will refresh automatically. That logged out thing was from Xiaomi official website because we don’t have any rights to log you out from their website.

  9. Hello , i have ticked the option in extension but when i click another product , the first one is removed … WHat to do ? Cant i tick all the options so that atleast something comes…

  10. Can you share the Auto Script Code. Personally to my mail I was curious how to write these type of autoscript code. If you dont want to share the code then help me with different example.

    • The script was made by our developer and it is exclusive to Flipshope extension only, if you want I can share the functionality of the script. Sorry for the trouble

  11. The OTP for mobile no. verification failed to arrive despite repeated attempts, and now the message says no. of attempts crossed the limit. What type of joke is this ???

    • We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, we are facing few issues. I suggest you to skip the login part as it isn’t required to participate in the sale. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the article or the video and increase your chances of winning.

    • We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, we are facing few issues. I suggest you to skip the login part as it isn’t required to participate in sale. Simply follow the steps mentioned in the article or the video and increase your chances of winning.

  12. hie
    i have add your extension in chrome \. here comes “You are registered for automatic checkout / Add to cart for next sale on flipshope.” but i dont get mobile. is this fake

    • No Extension did it’s job, but there are many people who are trying for the same. So keep using our extension for best results

    • Hello script will only be available on Flipshope extension. Just install the extension to increase your chances of winning.

  13. Today, I tried to buy Redmi Note 4 from flipkart but couldn’t do it because of some unexpected error ..I have already installed your I need to click the buy option when the sale is open or it will be done automatically ? Your response will be helpful for the next sale..

  14. hi the pop-up appears good. but today it shows me a message: “Please empty your cart.
    Click refresh if I do not turn green at 1:55 PM”. what to do now???

  15. sir please help me that we i click on flipshope extension icon the page is opening and says added to chrome and learn more options what should i do next for buying 1 rs flash sale mi product

  16. bro it doesn’t worked both days! i have 15mbps fibre connection!
    is that possible to deal with this speed or we need more to autobuy here?

    • Look vijay we did our job by clicking on the grabnow, infact faster than any human click. Yesterday few people got their products from our extension and one person confessed that he got 1gbps connection still failed to grab it. So you should have some luck in getting it

  17. the fileshop icon was just grey even during the sale i saw the grab now option but didn’t press it, thought the extension would do the work, now i know that the icon should pop up and turn blue, but how does that happen? help please, thank you

    • actually we aren’t providing any our core features in mi site, and although it did clicked on grabnow option. Have u noticed any pop-up during or before the sale..?

  18. Everything was done but it showed the Network error. I dont think the Mi site went down. Probably they are blocking script based clicks in some manner ?
    I have a very fast internet connection

    • let me tell you this isn’t a script, it is a trick. The script was mentioned in flipshope core thing, so there is no chance mi is gonna block that. In my defense it did actually clicked on GRAB NOW option and few people got the products too.

    • see there are around 20k people trying from our extension we can’t guarantee the products to everyone. Some people are already got few products

  19. I tried today it doesn’t work it showed network error. I expected it to work and thought i’ll get the phone today but i was disappointed

  20. **sorry to say brother but it did not work. I have installed extension your script was counting clicks. But it could not buy any product.

    • we can’t buy everyone products there are 130 products for 2 million people. Good thing is it is clicking for you if you have some luck then it will surely work.

    • Hi pritam, we are doing our best to get you the product to be frank our extension is clicking 100 times faster than you

  21. Sir, I have a message ” please empty your cart. Click refresh if I do not turn green at 1:55 pm “. what to do now ? Will i be able to buy if I empty the cart ?

  22. sir my fileshopee extension became red and said “Please empty your cart.
    Click refresh if I do not turn green at 1:55 PM” what should i do..??? before 1pm it work perfect but now it show this type of messege can i buy or not

  23. Can I select more than 1 product / mobile phone to buy at flash sale today 18-oct. will it buy all the selected item ?

  24. MI has detected this shortcut for their flash sale, so they introduced another small dialogue window after clicking “grab now” which says “buy now”. while we run the srcipt, it says “script is creating additional dialogue”.

    please fix this problem

  25. I have tried on 17th October flash sale using your extension..but at 1:59 it just stopped clicking the button nd the clicks number just stopped…what does that mean?? Can you help me out??

  26. Extension did not worked properly on 17 October rs 1 sale . In the script b == “buynow” but there was now buy now button . The button was grab now .
    Was it [33] Inner.HTML or [41] ??
    Will this work on 18 October sale ??

    • hey it doesn’t matter about the frontend content, our extension work on background, and yesterday it did clicked on grabnow button too

  27. I am download your extension on chrome and tiked all the products of mi 1rs sale and then at last five minutes it turned green in colour and then it trys to buy now but last 10 second it stop trying what the problem please resolve it

    • Hey tushar, can you ask your friend to show us the full screenshot so we can publish in our blog, I recommend you to try again this will work for few people only so Good luck.. 🙂

  28. I downloaded your extension and it change his colour green in last five min at 1:55pm and it trys so many times but on last 10 seconds it stops tying at 4800 times please me to short out this problem

    • 30 mobiles – 2million people

      We can’t guarantee

      the product to every user but it will surely increase your chances.

  29. total fake today i have tried but its only showing like no of time tried its not booked at all any body booked on mi 1 rs flash sale there was a issue with extension

  30. SIr plz tell i have download ur extension and its showing the pop up window also

    Now what should i do next ?????

  31. Hi do i have installed extension and checked the option, so i dont need to do any thing tomorrow, except login into mi and go that flash sale page ?

  32. Hey your extension didnt worked at all. Instead of buy now they had an option of grab now. Update the extension for tomorrows sale.

    • hey sachin our extension did clicked on grabnow option, but we wonder was there any products available or not.

      • That’s my concern too. I opened the console when your extension started working. I found that it was executing instructions. But just at the right moment a message popped out of network error but the page was still showing grab now option even though mobile app was showing that they were out of stock. I think this may help you a little bit.

  33. extention started working at 1:55 n was counting clicks but stopped counting or say working before 15 sec….what was problem

  34. Was this sale a fake? if not then just 20 seconds before the sale the pop-up stopped clicking and it said network error but the net was working fine

  35. Any body got anything in the flash sale??I didn’t got anything.The products were immediately sold out.The extension couldn’t do anything.

  36. Couldn’t get anything
    All was out of stock
    Dont know even if its real
    One thing: the extension stopped clicking at 4800 clicks
    Had to refresh the damn page 30 seconds before the sale time to start the count again
    Please look into it

  37. hi
    i added flipshope extention
    but on mi site it shows this

    “Please empty your cart.
    Click refresh if I do not turn green at 1:55 PM”

    my cart is also empty

    what to do

  38. My cart is empty and its showing “Please empty your cart.
    Click refresh if I do not turn green at 1:55 PM”
    What to do?

  39. i already added redmi 3s prime in our extension…please tell me that whether i have to click on buy now option or not!!!!

  40. I added the extension and checked the products but there was no pop up. I have set the time zone correctly and the check marks are still there

  41. go to the flash sale option in our extension icon pop-up then you will be able to see the auto-buy option of all mi 1rs flash sales

  42. sir i have a question do we need to click on BUY NOW option written below the mobile or we should tick that autobuy in your extension pls clarify and if we tick will it add automatically or again we need to press buy now after ticking autobuy

  43. Sir i asked you one question about multiple tabs. So i have one more question that by selecting both products of particular day will that decrease my chance? Thanks in advance

    • And also you replied to my comment that by opening two windows my chances will not increase but in reply to VICKY you said that by opening two window increase chance. So please clear it outer

      • it doesn’t matter, because there are multiple sales happening on one page, so if you open two windows it will do the same work but that might lead to decrease your chances. To get this mobile you should have high speed connection and more than million people are trying so be quick

  44. still the flipshope extension is not turning blue on mi site ?
    #shravan is it fixed the extension or still u r workink on it? coz no pop-up appeared on mi site

  45. Hello*
    Want to one thing that if i want both the products of a particular day of mi sale then will it decrease my chance.
    2.And also if i open more than 2 window for both item will it increase my chance ?

  46. hey i have installed the extention and marked tick for the mi re 1 sale but when i am visiting the extension isnt popping up or changing to blue . but when i visit amazon it turns blue, please help ???

  47. why your dont turn blue when go to mi website??? its still grey …but when go to amazon website its turning blue….

    • we aren’t providing our features on mi site like price graph and all, but don’t worry the pop-up will appear and our extension will do all the work in the background. You can see the results in pop-up in the frontend.. 🙂

  48. Hey can we buy all the 6 products with this extension?Can we buy one phone and one accessory at the same time on the particular day of sale?Please clarify.

  49. sir i have added this mi 1rs offer in flipshope auto buy while i checkout on which site i will have to pay.

  50. There will be thousands of users who are going to download this extension and they’ll expect AutoBuy of Redmi and the product count is just 100, so how you’ll complete the need of everyone, and ll add Redmi 3s prime in there cart??


    There will be a ₹1 flash sale every day at 2pm during Oct 17-19, 2016.
    Users must share to social media and register beforehand to be eligible for the sale.
    All flash sale results will be announced on Mi Community daily.
    All users who successfully add a ₹1 item to cart must pay within 2 hours, otherwise the order will be cancelled.
    Mi India reserves the right to review and cancel ₹1 orders in case of suspicious activity.

  52. Hey, it’s not working on whenever I’m trying on mi site it’s taking me to the Flipkart site. Does it not work on mi site? I need a phone in the 1 rs. flash sale, please fix it ASAP. I liked the overall extension, so I rated it 5 stars in the Chrome Webstore. =)

    • Thanks for your rating, the sale hasn’t started yet. So our extension is still showing flipkart auto-buy it will be updated very soon. By tomorrow evening you can notice pop-up on mi site.

  53. Hi
    Great Work with the extension
    1. I saw few of your videos on youtube and in that the extension icon turned blue when you opened the product in the flipkart page, but here in mi india’s official website the extension does not change colour. Why is this happening?
    2. I saw in your youtube video that once someone checks the flash sale option they get a notification in the bottom right side of the screen saying that they are registered
    I did not get any such notification.
    3. I have done the following:
    a)Downloaded your extension
    b)On clicking the extension a small window appears and in the bottom side of the window is written “Flash Sale”
    c)On clicking on that “Flash sale” option we get a lot of options and I have checked the option which reads “Autobuy during Rs. 1 Flash sale on mi . com”
    Do i need to do anything else?

    • it’s simple we will provide auto-buy to mi qrs mobiles. Where you need to install our extension and check our entry then it will be added to your cart

    • we aren’t sure only 30 mobiles are available if you got the high speed connection and your time is synchronized with mi site then you will have a chance

  54. After installing the extension and applying auto buy, do we need to have our computers on or will flipshope purchase on its own i.e. it will put the product in the cart automatically without switching on computers? Also if we need to have our computers on then what will the pop up show and what i have to do at that time?

      • Are you going to control our computer through the extension…? or the extension is programmed to add the product to our cart only….will i be able to add more the one rupee product or not..

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