How to Port from Vi to Airtel & From Airtel to Vi?

Since the beginning, switching networks has been a hassle for both the customers and the providers. However, with the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service, this has all been made easier. Porting from Vodafone, Airtel, or vice versa using the Airtel Port number has simplified the process for everyone. Navigate through the intricacies of the MNP process, providing you with multiple avenues to make the transition as quick and smooth as possible. From generating the UPC to completing the document verification and SIM activation, this guide has it covered. Here you will get to know about Vi to Airtel & Airtel to Vi posting. Explore the numerous ways to port Vodafone to Airtel and vice versa.  Check out how to port from Airtel to Jio & Jio to Airtel?

How to Port From (Vodafone Idea) Vi to Airtel

Porting your number is a very straightforward process that lets you keep your existing mobile number while you switch your network provider. Airtel provides its users with a user-friendly process to ensure maximum convenience throughout the transition. Whether you choose to visit an Airtel store or make the switch online, Airtel offers you multiple ways to ensure you get the method you prefer. Using these steps, you will learn how to port Vodafone to Airtel, ensuring a hassle-free experience for yourself. 

  • Visit the official Airtel MNP website.
  • Select the plan you prefer and enter your details in the form given. 
  • Once you are done, click on ‘Submit.’ 
  • The Airtel team will now get in touch with you to schedule an appointment and an executive will visit you to deliver the SIM as well as collect your documents. 
  • Make sure you keep your address and identity proof ready for their visit. 

What is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service that lets you switch network providers without actually changing your mobile number. Using this feature, you can get your telecom services from a different provider while also keeping your current mobile number. It offers you the flexibility to pick the network of your choice and prevents the hassle of switching your mobile number. All in all, MNP simplifies the process of changing mobile service providers, providing you with the convenience of maintaining your primary and established mobile number.  

How Many Ways To Port (Vodafone Idea) Vi To Airtel?

Deciding to switch from Vodafone to Airtel is made completely effortless with the multiple options provided by Airtel. Whether you prefer the convenience of the online MNP process or the in-person support of a professional, Airtel offers its users multiple accessible ways to port Vodafone to Airtel. The company has also designed the transition to be extremely user-friendly, ensuring you are free to select the method that best suits your preferences. Explore the various ways that you can use to port to Airtel.

MNP Online Process 

In this digital age, most of you prefer to do everything online and porting to Airtel is one of those. Airtel has made it extremely convenient for users to port Vodafone to Airtel using the website. Switch your network using the Vodafone to Airtel port number and have a convenient experience with Airtel. From getting a UPC to initiating the request and tracking the status, the online MNP process is efficient and easy for users to perform. Learn all about how to port Vodafone to Airtel using the steps below. 

  • Pick the plan that suits your needs best and confirm the port-in request. 
  • You also need to schedule the free doorstep KYC pickup and SIM delivery. 
  • Next, you must generate your Unique Porting Code (UPC). To do so, you must send an SMS to 1900 drafted ‘PORT your 10-digit mobile number’
  • In the next few minutes, you will receive a code from 1901 that will be valid for four days, so make sure you do this only after the executive has arrived at your doorstep.
  • Share the UPC, valid address and identity proofs with the executive. 
  • You will now receive your new SIM card, which will be activated within 48 hours from the time of your document validation. 

Unique Porting Code (UPC) 

The Unique Porting Code (UPC) is the most important aspect of learning how to port Vodafone to Airtel. This code is the key to port Vodafone to Airtel, while also making the experience seamless. It serves as a personal identifier and ensures secure and efficient migration of your mobile number. To obtain this code, you must send an SMS to 1900 with the following format: ‘PORT <10 digits mobile number>’ and wait for a response from 1901. This code must be shared with the executive who arrives to deliver your SIM. 

Vodafone to Airtel: 

  • Visit the official Airtel porting page.
  • Select the plan you want and click on ‘Buy’.
  • Confirm the porting request.
  • Send the following SMS to 1900- ‘PORT <Your 10-digit mobile number>
  • You will receive a UPC code that you must share with the executive who comes to deliver your SIM.

Via visiting store 

For everyone who prefers an in-person approach, you can also port Vodafone to Airtel with a visit to the store. Learn how to have a smooth experience while using the Vodafone to Airtel port number to generate the UPC by visiting the nearest Airtel store. You can initiate an MNP request and have the representatives take care of the porting and SIM activation. From generating your UPC to completing document verification, simply the porting process while also getting the Airtel port status on your number.  

  • Open the messaging app on your phone. 
  • Send an SMS to 1900 drafted, ‘PORT <you 10-digit mobile number>.’
  • Once you receive the UPC, go to the nearest Airtel store. 
  • Remember to carry the following with you, 
    1. Address proof photocopy
    2. Passport size photograph 
    3. ID proof photocopy 
    4. Photocopy of the last paid Vi bill if you are a post-paid user
  • You will be asked to pay a porting charge of Rs. 19, along with any other plan charges.
  • Additionally, the representative will help you with your CAF (Customer Agreement Form) after you get your UPC Code. 
  • You will now receive a SIM card that will be activated after document verification, which takes about 4 to 7 days. 
  • You will receive a final text message with a verification code on your VI number. 
  • Replace your Vi SIM with your Airtel SIM and restart your mobile. 
  • Call 59059 and verify using the code you received as a final text message to activate your SIm instantly. 

Why You Should Port Your Number to Airtel Postpaid

While considering the shift from Vodafone to Airtel postpaid, you must be aware of all the key aspects. Using the Airtel port number, it is extremely easy to port your SIM; however, deciding to do so is based on the strong network, innovative services, and a dedicated customer support team provided by Airtel. From customizable plans and great network coverage to exclusive benefits, learning how to port to Airtel postpaid will give you great returns. Discover how Airtel prioritizes connectivity and user-friendly services through these benefits it provides. 

  • 48-hour porting Guarantee: Once your UPC is generated and documents are verified, the MNP process takes 48 hours to transfer within the state and 4 days to transfer interstate.
  • Constant connection: You will remain connected to your current provider until your new connection is activated. Additionally, if you have to face any downtime, it will be at night, and you will be informed of it earlier.
  • Minimal documentation: All you need to Port to AIrtel Postpaid is a Photo ID and address proof along with your number to switch from.
  • Airtel Black: Airtel Postpaid plans start at Rs. 399 per month; however, you can avail of the best combo offered by Airtel, which is an all-in-one plan combining Postpaid, DTH, and Fiber-optic broadband with the Airtel Black facility.

How to Resolve the ‘Mobile Network not Available’ issue After Activation?

Facing the ‘Mobile network not available’ issue after you port Vodafone to Airtel can be daunting, but it is a temporary problem. Learning how to resolve minor issues like this can help make your experience smoother. Learn more about the common issues and how to fix them using all the information mentioned here. Whether it is adjusting network settings, ensuring proper SIM insertion, or getting help from customer support, this guide covers everything. 

Simple Solutions:

  • Turn Airplane mode on/off: Just turn on Airplane mode and wait for a minute or two before turning it back on. In cases of small errors, your network will restart again, and this error will stop.
  • Restart your mobile: Restarting your phone clears any errors caused by background apps or memory leaks and helps your mobile fix any crashes.
  • Re-insert your SIM: It is possible that your SIM card has shifted a little from its original place due to a fall and, hence, has trouble connecting with a cellular network. Just open the SIM card slot and re-insert your SIM before closing the tray.
  • Data roaming: Data roaming should only be enabled when you are outside your primary network circle. Therefore, an enabled data roaming feature can cause trouble when connecting with your cellular network.
  • Update software: Software updates fix the bugs that are present in your current software and add new features to your device. Check to see if you have any pending software updates and perform them to fix your network problem.
  • Move around: One of the simplest methods known by far is to move to a different location to help get a better network.

Advanced Methods:

  • Change and reset network settings: When you reset network settings, your phone will also restart. You can find this option in the settings app of your phone and check to see if the issue is resolved or not afterward.
  • Contact your network provider: When you contact your telecom provider, you understand if the issue is from your end or just a problem your locality faces. If you are facing problems with your Airtel sim, you can contact customer care by calling 121.
  • Factory reset: If nothing else works, you can try out the factory reset option. However, this will format your mobile, so you should back up all your information.

Benefits of using Airtel SIM porting

Exploring the benefits of porting to Airtel shows a wide array of benefits that cater to all your communication needs. Airtel, known for its wide network coverage and other innovative services, offers its users an Airtel port number and detailed instructions on how to port Vodafone to Airtel. Apart from these, it also ensures users are given an Airtel port status to stay updated.

  • Network coverage: One of the main advantages of using Airtel is the extensive network coverage. Airtel has built a strong and widespread network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connection in all areas.
  • Customer support: The Airtel Customer Support team is available to you at all times to resolve all your queries and provide timely assistance, whether it is network-related problems or questions about your billing.
  • Data speed: Faster internet connectivity is crucial for users who wish to browse, stream, and download content. Airtel is known for its high-speed data services, providing users with smooth internet without delay.
  • Cost-effective plans: The company provides multiple affordable plans at varying price points to meet the needs of all its users. These postpaid and pre-paid plans offer perks such as unlimited calling, free data, and much more.
  • Value-Added services: Airtel has a wide range of value-added services that make your experience more convenient and functional. Services such as caller tunes, SMS packs, missed call alerts, entertainment services, and mobile banking options provided by Airtel provide users with uncountable options.
  • Enhances security: Placing high emphasis on user privacy and security, Airtel has high-level security measures to protect your data and ensure you have a safe browsing experience.

Terms and Conditions for SIM Porting from Vi to Airtel

Learn all about the terms and conditions of porting Vi to Airtel and ensure a seamless porting transition. These conditions outline the basic rules and guidelines to remember before beginning the MNP process to ensure that you can retain your existing mobile number without any surprises. Explore the key terms and conditions involved when porting to Airtel prepaid or postpaid. From getting the UPC to knowing about any extra charges, the terms and conditions make it all crystal clear for the users.

Port IN process:

  • The number must be used for at least 90 days with your recurrent operator before you port to Airtel prepaid or postpaid.
  • All your pending dues must be cleared with your current operator before you apply to port using the Airtel Port number. 

Port OUT process:

  • All the pending service charges till the time of port out should be cleared before you request to port out. 
  • You cannot apply to port to any other network provider before 90 days. 

Airtel to Vodafone 

The freedom to choose the network provider that best suits your needs is important for users. The SIM porting process has evolved mobile connectivity, allowing you to keep your mobile number while changing network providers. Whatever your reason, switching from Airtel to Vodafone is a big change. However, the process is quick and simple. Learn everything there is to know while switching providers with this guide.

How to port Airtel to Vodafone. 

Porting your Airtel number to Vi is a very simple process that ensures you can keep your existing mobile number while also enjoying the benefits offered by Vi. Learn how the MNP process works and gain flexibility in choosing the method that best suits you. Whether you want to complete the process online or wish to gain assistance at a Vi store, learn all about the transition through these steps laid out for you.   

  • Clear all your dues with Airtel before requesting an Airtel to Vi port. 
  • Generate a UPC by sending SMS to 1900 ‘PORT <10-digit number> ’
  • You can now order a new Vi connection and get the SIM delivered to your doorstep using this link
  • Fill out the form with the appropriate details. 
  • Place the order and enjoy the benefits provided by Vi. 

Step-by-step guide 

While just delving into the world of how to port from one provider to another and keeping your existing number can be a little confusing, this step-by-step guide will ensure you know everything there is to know about an Airtel to Vi port. From initiating the porting request to getting the UPC and performing the SIM activation, it covers it all. Whether you like to do it online or in person, Vi offers accessible ways for its valued customers to make the switch. Dive into the details and make your porting experience convenient with the clear and concise instructions provided in this guide.

  • Visit the official MNP page on the VI website or app. 
  • Select the option of your choice: Prepaid or Postpaid. 
  • Enter your Pincode and mobile number for an Airtel to Vodafone port. 
  • Enter the address you want to get the SIM delivered. 
  • Choose a number. 
  • Get OTP and complete the order. 
  • Pick the slot most convenient for SIM delivery.  

How many ways to port Airtel to Vodafone?

For everyone considering an Airtel to Vodafone port, understanding the various ways to port your number will be very beneficial in deciding the best way to do the same. The process of porting is very simple, and Vi offers users multiple ways to make the switch. By exploring the various methods available for an Airtel to Vi port, you are ensuring that you have the flexibility to pick the option that suits your preferences the most while also being convenient. Whether it is online or in-person, learn more about the accessible ways of porting your SIM.

MNP process and how it works? 

Navigating the Mobile Number Portability process from Airtel to Vi is easy with all the steps mentioned here. To initiate the switch, you must send an SMS to 1900 in a specific format to generate a UPC. Vi keeps you updated about the status of your SIM with occasional SMS alerts. Additionally, as part of this service, a new Vi SIM is delivered right to your home at no extra charge. To make the experience even more convenient, Vi’s representatives will ensure a smooth transition by handling your document verification and managing the SIM activation process.

Airtel to Vi port process: 

  • Visit the official Vi MNP website and fill out the form. 
  • Input your mobile number and address, and select a plan. 
  • After placing your order, you must generate a UPC and share it with the representative at the time of delivery. 

Unique Porting Code (UPC) 

The UPC plays a very important role in the process of Airtel to Vodafone port. It is key to a smooth transition, allowing you to keep your current mobile number while switching providers. Once you have acquired the UPC by sending an SMS to 1900 formatted as ‘PORT <10-digit mobile number> ’, you can enjoy the benefits provided by Vodafone with no interruptions. To complete the porting process, you must share the UPC with the Vi executive during your SIM delivery. 

Airtel to Vodafone: 

  • Visit the official Vi website.
  • Click on ‘New Connection’ to open the drop-down menu.
  • Select the ‘Port Number to Vi’ option.
  • Fill out the form accordingly and get registered for a new SIM.
  • Send the following SMS to 1900- ‘PORT <Your 10-digit mobile number>
  • You will receive a UPC that you must share with the executive who comes to deliver your SIM.

Via visiting store

If you are a person who prefers face-to-face interaction, an Airtel to Vodafone port is also possible via a visit to the Vi store. The store provides a convenient platform for you to make the switch and even simplify the process, ensuring that you are guided through it. You will be kept in the loop through SMS alerts, and the representatives will take care of all the essential verification and activation. You must carry your address and identity proof to ensure no minor hiccups occur during the porting process. 

  • Visit the nearest Vi store and talk to a representative about an Airtel to Vi port. 
  • Make sure you carry your photo ID, address and identity proof. 
  • Let them know of your requirements and send the following SMS to 1900 ‘PORT <10-digit mobile number>.’
  • Follow the instructions provided by the representative to complete the porting process. 

Vi Mobile Network Problem After Porting  

Vi is known to be one of the leading providers and has customer service as its top priority. However, at times, due to uncontrollable circumstances, it is possible that you will encounter some problems with your mobile network. It is perfectly fine to experience these minor issues, and understanding them is essential for a smoother migration process. Here, you can see the common issues faced by users that may arise after porting. Along with the problems, the solutions to these are also mentioned to give you a better understanding of what might help optimise your new connection. By being aware of these, you will be better equipped to navigate any temporary problems on your own and enjoy the benefits. 

Making calls

  • Weak/poor signal: Restart your mobile. You can also try reinserting your SIM in the same and different devices to check if it is working fine.
  • Voice Quality: If you are facing issues with cross connection, echoes, loops, no sound, or call drops, try restarting your mobile.
  • Network down: If you receive no network signal or your SIM registration has failed, try manually selecting the SIM through the settings on your mobile. Another reason could be a damaged SIM, and you can also try restarting your mobile.
  • Unable to make calls or send SMS: If you cannot make or receive calls/SMS, try using a different number. You should also try to restart your mobile along with re-inserting your SIM to check if the issue is resolved. If nothing is working, feel free to contact Vi by either calling the customer care number respective to your area or by sending a WhatsApp message at 9654297000.

Trouble using the internet

  • Unable to access the internet: If you cannot access only one specific app or website while all others are working fine, then it might just be a temporary issue with that app or website. Clearing your cache or cookies will help in resolving this issue. If you have issues accessing the internet altogether, then you may use these troubleshooting tips:
    • Ensure that your mobile data is turned on
    • Select the fastest data option. 
    • Check that your SIM is in the correct slot, especially if you have a dual SIM mobile. 
    • Set your data roaming to the appropriate settings. 
    • Check your APN settings 
    • Make sure that you have sufficient data available in your plan. 
    • You can reset your network connectivity by switching airplane mode on and off. 
    • Use your SIM on another mobile to rule out any possibilities of SIM damage. 
  • Video quality: If the videos you are playing and watching are buffering, disconnected, or not playing you should try to use a different browser to ensure that it is a network issue. Restart your mobile if you cannot access the video.
  • No connectivity:Send an SMS ‘ALL’ to 199 to save your settings, or try restarting your mobile. If nothing is working, feel free to contact Vi by either calling the customer care number respective to your area or by sending a WhatsApp message at 9654297000.

Benefits of using Vodafone Postpaid & Prepaid

Learn more about the advantages of an Airtel to Vodafone port for prepaid and postpaid services. Whether you are looking for cost-effective plans, smooth connectivity, or exclusive benefits, Vi is known for its user-friendly offer. Explore the key benefits offered with each first recharge plan with Vodafone prepaid and postpaid, providing you with insight to ensure you make an informed decision.  From flexible plans to reliable network coverage, explore the reasons why you can consider Vi as your network provider.


Price  Plan details Validity  Benefits
Rs. 399
  • 40 GB + 150 GB extra
  • 100 SMS/ month
  • 200GB rollover
30 days
  • Additional 150 GB for 6 months
  • Vi movies and TV
Rs. 499
  • 75 GB
  • 100 SMS/ month
  • 200GB rollover
30 days
  • 1 year Amazon Prime subscription
  • 1 year Zee5 premium subscription
  • Vi movies and TV
Rs. 699
  • Unlimited data
  • 100 SMS/month
30 days
  • 1 year Amazon Prime Music, Video, and shopping
  • 1-year Zee5 premium
  • Vi movies and TV
Rs. 1,099
  • Unlimited data
  • 100 SMS/month
30 days
  • 1-year Zee5 premium
  • 1 year Netflix for your mobile and TV
  • 1 year Amazon Prime Music, Video, and shopping
  • Airport lounge access 4 times a year, including 1 international
  • Free international roaming pack worth Rs. 2,999
  • ISD calls to 14 countries
  • Vi movies and TV


Price  Plan details Validity  Benefits
Rs. 297
  • 1.5 GB/day
  • 100 SMS/day
56 days Vi movies and TV 
Rs. 399 
  • 1.5 GB/day
  • 100 SMS/day
28 days Vi movies and TV

Terms and Conditions for SIM Porting From Airtel to Vi

Understanding the terms and conditions of an Airtel to Vodafone port is important to make a smooth and informed transition. The terms outline the basic guidelines and procedures that must be followed during the process. To provide you with the essential information needed to make the switch without any surprises, follow these conditions, from obtaining the UPC to ensuring the port status of your SIM. 

The criteria for Airtel to Vi port: 

  • Clear all pending bills with your current network provider. 
  • Must have completed at least 90 days with the current provider before porting out. 
  • You should have no pending MNP requests for the number you wish to port. 

Highlighting the transformative impact of MNP between Vodafone and Airtel and streamlining the process, this guide provides all the information you may need to learn how to Port to Airtel or Vodafone. You can also learn about the multiple avenues both companies offer to ensure accessibility for their users while switching providers. Apart from the process itself, also stay informed of the common issues faced by the users and how to fix them. If you cannot find a solution, you can contact the service providers through their respective customer care numbers. The terms and conditions are mentioned to ensure that users are not met with surprises while they are porting their SIM.  

FAQ of Airtel & Vi

Q1. Why should I port in Airtel?
Ans. Here are some compelling reasons to port Vodafone to Airtel: 

  • Competitive voice and data rates
  • Offers diverse products and services
  • Provides best-in-class network quality
  • Committed to ensuring customer satisfaction 
  • You become a part of the global network with services to 20 countries. 

Q2. How many times can we port a SIM?
Ans. There is no limit to porting your SIM. However, you must stick to your current network provider for 90 days before porting your SIM to another provider. 

Q3. What are the benefits of porting to Vi?
Ans. Take a look at some of the benefits of Airtel to Vi port: 

  • Unlimited calls 
  • Data rollover and unlimited night data on plans over Rs. 299
  • Lifestyle benefits and OTT platform access
  • VIP access to Vi movies and TV and much more. 

Q4. What is the first recharge after porting to Vi?
Ans. Your first recharge can be of any plan you wish to choose after you have completed the Airtel to Vodafone port.  

Hope you find this article (SIM porting) helpful. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us in the below comments.

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