How to Activate Airtel Call Forwarding When Unreachable?

Airtel call forwarding is an extremely useful service provided by Airtel that gives users greater flexibility and control in managing incoming calls on their Airtel mobile numbers. This call management feature allows seamless redirection of calls received on your Airtel number to an alternate number you specify whenever needed. Call forwarding code Airtel is helpful when you are busy, out of network coverage, or simply do not want to attend calls on your main Airtel mobile number temporarily. By forwarding your calls, you can ensure you do not miss any important calls, even if you cannot take them on your primary device. With Airtel call forwarding, you can smartly manage your incoming calls without any disruption. Check out how to activate jio call forwarding & disable it?

How to Activate the Airtel Call Forwarding Code?

Airtel users can enable call forwarding to redirect calls landing on their number to any other mobile number based on different conditions. Furthermore, enabling forwarding of all your incoming calls to another number on Airtel is quite simple. Let’s have a look at the different scenarios. But also keep in mind when you realise that you don’t need the call forwarding anymore, you can also deactivate call forwarding Airtel.

Airtel code for diverting all incoming calls

All calls landing on your Airtel number will now get redirected to the specified mobile number as per your settings. This ensures you never miss a call, in any situation. The Airtel call forwarding code feature adds great convenience if you want to forward calls to another device. You can also check out how to remove call forwarding in Airtel.

  1.  Open the dialer on your mobile
  2.  Go to keypad and enter code **\#21\*<10-digit alternate mobile number>#
  3. Press the call button after entering this code to activate it
  4.  You will soon receive a confirmation SMS from Airtel indicating the activation of call forwarding to the alternate number

Airtel code for redirecting calls when you’re busy on another call

If you are often busy on calls and want to avoid missing other incoming calls, call forwarding proves useful. Once activated, all calls on your Airtel number while you are busy on another call will automatically get forwarded to the given alternate mobile number. Follow these simple steps to activate call forwarding when you are busy. In this article, you will also learn how to deactivate call forwarding in Airtel if you wish to stop call forwarding.

  1. Open the dialer on your device
  2. Go to keypad and enter **\#67\*<10-digit alternate number>#
  3. Press the call icon after entering the code

How to forward calls when you’re unavailable to answer

If you are not able to pick up incoming calls on your Airtel number within a set time, call forwarding helps redirect them to an alternate number. Airtel offers the flexibility to activate this by entering a simple code if an incoming call is not answered within a configured period. Follow these steps:

  1. From your ‘Phone’ app, dial **\*\*61\*<a contact number to forward calls>\*#** followed by the number of seconds (in multiples of 5) you want the call to ring before forwarding to the specified mobile number. For example, to divert calls after 10 seconds, dial **\*\*61\*<1234567890>\*#10**.
  2. Press the call button after entering the forwarding code
  3.  You will receive an SMS confirming the activation of call forwarding to the alternate number if the call is unanswered after the set duration.

Code for forwarding calls when your phone is Unreachable

If you are expecting an important call, but your Airtel mobile is unreachable or switched off, you can enable call forwarding to seamlessly redirect calls. This handy option gives you the flexibility to manage calls without disruption, even if your primary Airtel number is temporarily unavailable. Follow these simple steps.

  1. First, open the phone dialer app on your Airtel device and dial **62*<forwarding number>#. The forwarding number can be any mobile, landline, etc., you wish to forward calls to when unreachable.
  2. After dialling the USSD code with the chosen number, tap the call icon.
  3. This will activate call forwarding for when your Airtel phone is not connected to the network.

Now, if your phone is unreachable due to no connectivity or battery, any incoming calls will automatically be forwarded to the alternative number. This prevents missing some important calls.

How to activate call forwarding on Airtel without using USSD codes?

You can easily activate call forwarding on your Airtel or any other mobile number directly from your smartphone settings. This method does not require entering any USSD codes. The steps may vary based on your phone model, but essentially, you need to find the call forwarding toggle under advanced call settings. This straightforward way lets you set call diversion without any codes. Make sure the carrier supports call forwarding on the number.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Go to the Mobile Network or Connections section.
  3. Tap on Call Settings.
  4. Select Advanced Call Settings.
  5. Find and tap on the Call Forwarding option.
  6. Here, you can choose when to forward calls – always, when busy, unanswered, etc.
  7. Enable the preferred call forwarding setting.

Airtel call forwarding provides a convenient way for users to smartly manage incoming calls on their Airtel mobile numbers. By allowing redirection of calls to an alternate number based on various scenarios like always diverting, forwarding when busy, forwarding when unanswered, etc., it enables flexibility and continuity of communication. Activating call forwarding is simple – either by dialling easy-to-remember USSD codes from the phone dialer or toggling settings in the smartphone. Users can customize when and to which number to forward calls to. This smart call management functionality ensures you never miss important calls even if your primary Airtel number is occupied, unreachable or switched off.


Q1. How to deactivate the Airtel call forwarding code?
Ans. To deactivate call forwarding on your Airtel number, you need to dial specific USSD codes from your phone dialer app. Airtel call forwarding deactivate codes are:

  • To disable forwarding of all calls, dial ##21#
  • To disable forwarding when busy, dial ##67#
  • To disable forwarding when unanswered, dial ##61#
  • To disable forwarding when unreachable, dial ##62#

Q2. How can I deactivate Call Forwarding on my Airtel number?
Ans. Use these codes to deactivate the call forwarding on your Airtel sim card.

  • To disable the forwarding of all calls, Dial ##21#
  • To disable forwarding when busy, Dial ##67#
  • To disable forwarding when unanswered, Dial ##61#
  • To disable forwarding when unreachable, Dial ##62#

Q3. How to divert a call forward in Airtel?
Ans. You can divert a call forward in Airtel using these USSD codes.

  • 21*<10 digit number>#
  • **67*<10 digit mobile number>#
  • **61*<a contact number to forward calls>*#
  • **62*<10 digit number>#

Q4. What should I do if call forwarding is not working as expected?
Ans. If calls aren’t forwarding properly, verify you have entered the correct forwarding number and selected the right call forwarding mode in your settings. Incorrect configurations can lead to call-forwarding issues. Check and correct any discrepancies to resolve them.

Q5. How to check call forwarding in Airtel?
Ans. To check the call forwarding status on Airtel, you can dial *#21#.

Hope you find this article (Airtel call forwarding) helpful. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us in the below comments.

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