How to Cancel Swiggy Order after you have Paid?

Headquartered in Bangalore, Swiggy is India’s largest online food-delivery app that provides on-demand delivery from a wide range of restaurants and cloud kitchens in major cities across India. It allows users to order food from its mobile app or website and delivers the meals to their doorstep quickly. If, for some reason, you need to cancel a Swiggy order you’ve already placed, you can easily do so through the app prior to the restaurant accepting and preparing your food. Swiggy offers the convenience of food delivery along with features like ratings and reviews and the ability to cancel Swiggy orders up until the restaurant starts preparing them. Check out how to cancel an order on other apps like Zomato!

How to Order Food on Swiggy

Craving tasty meals but don’t want to step out? Swiggy simplifies food delivery from your favourite restaurants to your doorstep. Within a few seconds, you can explore menus, compare costs, and place orders from a wide range of restaurant partners listed on Swiggy. Just follow the steps to order food from the comfort of your home.

  1. Download and install the Swiggy app on your phone or visit the website
  2. Sign up and create an account by adding your details like name, phone number, email, etc.
  3. Allow location access or manually enter your delivery location in the app.
  4. Browse restaurants in your area, as well as food items, menus, and offers from different restaurant partners.
  5. Add desired food items from your chosen restaurant to your cart.
  6. Input your complete delivery address and save it.
  7. Select your preferred mode of online payment – credit/debit card, e-wallets, etc. and pay for the order.
  8. The app shows the order amount, preparation & delivery time estimate.

How to cancel order in Swiggy?

Changed your mind about that food delivery order you just placed on Swiggy? Cancelling a Swiggy order is easy if done within the time limit. To cancel your Swiggy order, simply open the app within 60 seconds of ordering and click the “Cancel Order” button. Just follow some quick steps to know how to cancel order in Swiggy.

  1. Before placing your order, review Swiggy’s cancellation policy on the checkout page.
  2. To cancel, do so within 60 seconds of ordering.
  3. Your order will be instantly cancelled within the time limit.
  4. If you exceed 60 seconds and the order is placed, go to the order status on your Swiggy home screen.
  5. Click the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner and select “Help”.
  6. On the Help & Support page, choose “I want to cancel my order”. This opens the Swiggy chatbot. Type or select your reason for cancellation.
  7. After providing the reason, a Swiggy customer care agent will contact you for the same.

Swiggy Cancellation

Customer cancellation

Customers can only cancel an order within one minute of placing it. Swiggy reserves the right to deny refunds or suspend accounts for repeated cancellations, even within one minute. Swiggy may charge a 100% cancellation penalty as compensation for losses incurred if a customer cancels an order more than one minute after placing it. For prepaid orders, the order value may not be refunded. For COD orders, the cancellation penalty may be recovered from the customer’s next orders.

This cancellation policy aims to compensate Swiggy, restaurants, and delivery partners for losses faced due to order cancellations made after one minute of ordering. Therefore, place orders only after finalizing your selections to avoid cancellation charges.

Non-customer cancellation

Swiggy may charge a cancellation fee if the order is cancelled for reasons, including incorrect or out-of-range delivery address provided by the customer. In case of a failure to contact the customer at the time of delivery, and unavailability of some or all items ordered at the time of booking, Swiggy has the right to cancel your order.

However, if any items are unavailable, Swiggy will inform the customer and give them the option to cancel the entire order and receive a full refund. In such cases, the cancellation will be processed at no extra charge to the customer.

Swiggy Genie cancellation policy:

If you decide to cancel a Genie order for pickup and drop-off services after the delivery partner has arrived at your location but before picking up your items, you may be charged a cancellation fee of Rs. 40 to Rs. 75. The amount will depend on the base delivery fee in your city.

However, if you cancel the order after the delivery executive has already picked up your items, the Swiggy cancellation fee will equal the full-service fee for the order.

Refund Policy

1. Swiggy offers a refund in case you have already paid for an order that ultimately could not be delivered due to the following reasons:

  • Food tampering or damage during transit
  • Inability to contact you for order confirmation
  • Delivery location outside Swiggy’s service area

2. Refund decisions made by Swiggy are final as per their policies. Any refund amount gets automatically credited back to your linked account within 3-4 working days.

3. You may not need to pay for your order in certain exceptional cases:

  • Incorrect order delivered
  • Evidence of tampering or items missing
  • Any failure in service on Swiggy’s end

However, Swiggy has full discretion regarding refund eligibility based on the issues faced. Contact customer care and provide all supporting details to process refunds or order cancellations at no cost.

Reason to cancel an order from Swiggy?

There could be so many possibilities for canceling a Swiggy order. Have a look at some of the main ones!

  • If you change your mind or no longer want the selected food items delivered.
  • Ordered by mistake or accidentally selected the wrong items.
  • If Swiggy shows a long wait time.
  • Charged higher than the displayed rates.
  • The restaurant is taking too long to accept and process the order.
  • Found a better deal on another food delivery platform for the same restaurant.
  • Entered the wrong delivery location.
  • Want to reorder with modifications like changing quantities or items? Making changes requires cancelling the existing order and placing a new one.

While there are many reasons to cancel a Swiggy order, you must do so within 60 seconds if you want a full refund. A delay will result in a deduction in your refund amount, so knowing how to cancel Swiggy order is important. No matter what the reason for your Swiggy order cancellation is, you can get a full refund if you cancel within 60 seconds. Do not waste much time after placing the order; hurry and cancel it soon!


Q1. How to cancel order in Swiggy?
Ans. After tapping ‘Help’ on the order status page, you will be redirected to the Help & Support section. Here, choose the option ‘I want to cancel my order’. This will open a chatbot window where you need to provide the reason for cancelling your Swiggy order. Type out or select the appropriate cancellation reason from the options given in the chatbot. After entering the reason, the chatbot will process the request to cancel your food order.

Q2. What is Swiggy Genie?
Ans. Swiggy Genie is an on-demand pickup and drop service offered by Swiggy. Customers can easily schedule pick-up and delivery to any location.

Q3. How to get a refund for Swiggy order cancel?
Ans. To get a refund on Swiggy order, you can reach out to Swiggy customer care and provide all the details to process refunds.

Q4. How to talk to Swiggy customer care?
Ans. To talk with Swiggy customer care, dial 080-67466666.

Q5. How to get a free Swiggy delivery?
Ans. There is no such free delivery until there’s an offer going on at that time.

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