How to buy products from Top Fashion Brands at the best price? Step by Step guide

How to buy fashion products at best price?

When it comes to getting a discount on fashion trends, there is a perfect time to buy practically everything at a lower price, but you can’t always wait for an end-of-season sale or holiday promotion. However, this does not entail that you must pay the full price. You can have a shopping assistant that gives you a smarter way to shop for Fashion brands at any time of the year.

What is Flipshope?


Flipshope is an AI-Powered shopping extension that allows you to shop with confidence. Its multiple features make your shopping easy and quick by saving a lot of time and money when you shop online. All your online shopping concerns have only one answer, and that’s Flipshope. From coupons to price drop alerts, you can have everything in a single click.

How to install the Extension?

Installing the Extension is the first step to savings. Add it to Chrome and then enjoy the wide range of features of this “Shopping Genie.” Check out the steps for the same.

  • Open your Laptop/ Desktop and go to Chrome browser.
  • Now search for Flipshope Extension and Add it to Chrome.
  • Now just Sign-Up or log in to the Extension.

Flipshope: Your smart shopping assistant

Buy products from Top Fashion Brands at the best price using Flipshope

Auto Apply Coupon

Flipshope feature auto apply coupon
Auto Apply Coupon

No one wants to buy a product at a high price, and we always look for a better deal when we shop online in the form of a coupon or a cash-back. In this case, Flipshope will be your saviour. Before buying anything online, do a quick check on your assistant. It simply takes a minute, and you can have the best coupons for the site you visit. With the “Auto Apply Coupon,” your coupons will be applied automatically.

How to use Auto Apply Coupon:

  • Go to the e-commerce store from which you want to shop and Sign-up or log in to your account.
  • Then, add all the desired products from Top Fashion Brands to your cart.
  • Now go to your cart, and there you’ll see a Pop-Up where you’ll get a “Find Savings” button.
  • Click on the button, and it’ll start finding the best coupon for you.
  • After checking all the coupons, it’ll apply the best coupon automatically, and you’ll get your best price.

Congratulations on successfully saving your money on your fashion products with this feature.

Price Tracker Feature

Flipshope feature Price tracker

Price fluctuations are a real thing, and getting the best price during sales is difficult. Prices fluctuate frequently, and you must check the price on a regular basis to ensure you’re receiving the best value. We are here to help you with this problem. Thanks to Flipshope for the “Price Tracker Feature” that allows you to compare the price of the last 45 days. You can know the highest and the lowest price of that product and check the authenticity of the deals.

 Steps for using Price Tracker:

  • Go to the e-commerce store from which you want to shop for fashion trends and Sign-up or log in to your account.
  • Go to the product you want to buy. You can see a “Price Graph” icon on the right side of the image.
  • Just click on it to check 45 days price history of the product.

Now it’s your turn. Decide if the product’s current price is really best for you or not.

Price Drop Alert

Flipshope feature price drop alert
Price Drop Alert

To get the greatest deal, you must constantly monitor the price, but this takes a lot of time and effort. Flipshope offers a feature, “Price Drop Alert,” which helps you a lot. When the price of your desired product falls, you will receive a message or Pop Up notification. So get ready with your shopping list to get the top fashion brand products at the lowest price.

Guide to using the Price Drop Alert:

  • Go to the e-commerce store from which you want to shop and Sign-up or log in to your account.
  • There is an “Add” button on the image of the product.
  • If you tap on it, a dropdown option will appear. Create a new account or sign in to one you already have.
  • You can then select your preferred drop percentage or any drop choice.
  • Click on the “Add to Watchlist” button.

Relax, you’ve accomplished your work. For the next 30 days, we’ll monitor the price of your chosen product and notify you if it drops.


Flipshope feature Coupons

Whether you’re shopping for new clothes, footwear, beauty products, or other luxury fashion brands, you don’t have to waste time searching for coupons. Flipshope gathers the best Coupons to save money without sacrificing quality. Now you don’t have to worry. You can grab the coupons from our list according to your need and get your desired products at the best price whenever you want.

Using the Coupons:

  • Visit the e-commerce store from which you want to shop and Sign-up or log in to your account.
  • Add your desired fashion product to the cart.
  • Go to the cart; you will see the coupon icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on it, and you can see the list of coupons.
  • Select the best coupon according to your choice.
  • Copy the coupon code and enter it in the designated coupon field.

Hurray! You got the best coupons without even searching for them.

Flipshope will be your go-to place when you shop online. Do not waste time and install the Extension so that you can have an assistant working for you permanently. Make shopping fun and easy with Flipshope.

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