Top 10 Unique Products on Amazon – Under 500Rs

Top Unique Products on Amazon
Top Unique Products on Amazon

Do unique things excites you? Well, feel normal since it excites almost everyone. Buying unique things at the most affordable price is the best feeling. Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has a never-ending collection of everything unique, be it related to fashion, lifestyle, skin care products, or home decor. The surprising fact is that you can find these items in the range of just Rs. 500. Isn’t that cool? So we have eased your burden by creating a list of the coolest, most useful, and most unique products on amazon to add to your cart. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get ready to turn your shopping into fun.

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Top 10 Products On Amazon Under Rs. 500

S. No.Unique Products Under Rs. 500 Price 
1.Wooden Jewellery BoxRs. 499
2.Super comfy Neck PillowRs. 399
3.Wooden Shaped Box With Night LampRs. 380
4.Patronics Multi colour LCD Writing PadRs. 349
5. PESCA Crystal Bubble String LightsRs. 349
6.PTron Bullet Pro USB ChargerRs. 299
7.Adjustable Laptop StandRs. 299
8.Leather Cover Writing JournalRs. 270
9.Birdcage Tea Light Holder With Flower VineRs. 269
10.Canvas cotton cloth grocery bagRs. 259

Unique products on Amazon

10. Canvas Cloth Grocery Shopping Bag

amazon shopping bag
Canvas Cloth Grocery Shopping Bag

Grocery shopping is very important, and what’s more important is keeping those grocery items arranged. That’s why grocery bags are a necessity while shopping. To give you the ultimate grocery shopping experience, Amazon has come up with a wide collection of grocery shopping bags to pick from. One of them is this canvas reusable grocery bag. The bag is made up of cotton material which is quite lightweight to carry. So now you can adjust all your grocery items be they vegetables, dairy products, bread, or anything else, in this super wide bag. To make this grocery bag worth Rs. 259 yours, you must have a look at the following points as well.

  • 100% cotton canvas that is reusable
  • Off-white natural canvas colour, six interior compartments, and two shoulder straps
  • Perfect for grocery and vegetable shopping

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9. Bird Cage Tea Light Holder with Flower Vine

products on amazon
Bird Cage Tea Light Holder with Flower Vine

Enhance the quality of your home or office decor by making this unique product yours for just Rs. 269. This product will make your home look more attractive during Diwali. You can even use the candles during the time of dinners, parties, events, etc. This metallic gift item will leave a good and classy impression in front of your guests. So what are you waiting for? Buy this decor item now!

  • Long-lasting material quality
  • Ceiling mount type
  • Perfect for a room or home decor

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8.  Leather Cover Writing Journal

amazon products
Leather Cover Writing Journal

Keep your thoughts safe by maintaining a diary. Are you confused about where to buy it? Well, Amazon has a wide collection of journals for you to choose from. This leather-cover journal is a true example of that. Buy it now at just Rs. 270, and note down all your important things and reminders here. Although smartphones have created a buzz to keep notes, no one can beat a journal when it comes to aesthetic writing. So don’t hold yourself back and make this unique product yours. Have a look at the following points and know what else it has to offer.

  • 200 pages
  • Convenient to carry and has soft sheets
  • Compact size, professional notebook portfolio, meeting diary, business stationery, and school supplies
  • Perfect for a diary, trip journal, poetry, creative writing, making sketches and drawings, work records, study notes, etc

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7. Adjustable Laptop Stand

products on amazon
Adjustable Laptop Stand

Whether you are a student or own a business, you can take this laptop stand anywhere you want since this stand is portable and easy to carry. This stand can let you adjust the screen according to your convenience and comfort. It doesn’t only take accountability for your laptop but also your mobile phone. The stand has a mobile stand attached to it to keep your mobile phone safe. What else can be a perfect combination than this? Buy one of these super unique products at just Rs. 299. To make this product yours, have a look at the following details as well.

  • Comfortable to carry
  • To protect the device from overheating, it has a ventilation stand
  • Easily rotatable and flexible.

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6. PTron Bullet Pro USB Charger

unique products
PTron Bullet Pro USB Charger

This is the device you must own if you travel by road frequently. This USB charger is specifically used in cars and what’s most unique about this adaptor is that it can charge three devices simultaneously with a fast charging speed. You will find this model of USB charger extremely lightweight and hence easy to carry and convenient to use. This unique product can be yours for just Rs. 299, so hurry up and grab it now! Have a look at the following points to know more about this item.

  • Compatible with Nexus and all smartphones
  • Protects your device from overheating and over current
  • Fast charging speed

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5. PESCA Crystal Bubble String Lights

amazon unique products
PESCA Crystal Bubble String Lights

Lighten up your surrounding with these amazing bubble string lights. These lights will make your festivals even better with the brightening effects. There are so many places where you can use these lights. Whether indoors or outdoors, these lights will create a whole different view for you. You might be confused about the range of these delicate lights and thinking why they are added to our list of products under 500. But don’t worry, these lights are extremely affordable and are available at the price of Rs. 349. Go through the following points to get a clear view of this product.

  • Water-resistant and versatile colourful string lights that can be operated via a remote
  • Change the atmosphere by turning on the lights and following the pre-programmed designer light sequence
  • Ornamental items throughout the house, during festive events, on walls, office buildings, etc

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4. Patronics Multicolour LCD Writing Pad

unique products on Amazon
Patronics Multicolour LCD Writing Pad

Introduce your kids to the latest technology with this amazing LCD writing pad where they can write and draw whatever they want. This is the perfect way of making their studies more interesting and fun. The writing pad will help them learn new things quickly. This is definitely the best way to save paper. It will help your kids to enhance their writing skills and drawing skills only at the cost of Rs. 349. To get all the important information regarding this product, look at the following points.

  • Portable, compact, and durable
  • Ensures flexible handwriting
  • Smooth touchpad

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3. Wooden Shaped Box With Night Lamp

amazon products under 500
Wooden Shaped Box With Night Lamp

This is the kind of unique product you must buy if you like to make your room look attractive. These lamps would look good in any room type. Whether you want to buy this for your own house or office or want to gift somebody, it will not fail to impress you. The wooden box has a cube shape and an adjustable weight. Be it your family members or friends; anyone can use this lamp for their room or personal space. So don’t wait any longer; buy this wooden-shaped box with a night lamp for just Rs. 380. Have a look at the following qualities of this product.

  • Can be used as to gift for any occasion
  • Easy to carry because of its lightweight
  • Can be customized according to needs

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2. Super comfy Neck Pillow

unique products on amazon under 500
Super comfy Neck Pillow

Create a comfortable environment to sleep while travelling with these amazing neck pillows, eye masks, and earphone cases. You might get exhausted on a long journey by car, train, flight, etc. There are times when your neck and eyes might get a little uncomfortable, well, that’s when these super comfy products come to your rescue. They are wide in varieties of colours to choose from at only Rs. 399 and are perfectly befitting in your range. So now enjoy your journey with all the relaxed napping and sleep. Here are some benefits of this product that you should know!

  • The U-shaped neck pillow is designed to cover the whole neck area
  • It is very lightweight
  • Universal size for every age group
  • Extremely soft

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1. Wooden Jewellery Box

best unique products on Amazon
Wooden Jewellery Box

Ladies, this one is for you! If you are tired of worrying about keeping your jewellery safe, get happy since this jewellery box can be your ultimate solution. It is made of wood to give you a vintage aesthetic look for Rs. 499. This will be a perfect item to keep on your dressing table and place all your valuable jewellery in it. To give you more insight into these unique products under Rs. 500, we have collected some points about them. Have a look!

  • A great option to gift women
  • Store your valuable things in this box
  • Three big compartments

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