Various Snapchat Planets Order list & Their Meaning in 2024!

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms for all the Gen Z out there. Snapchat is the best way to keep your friends closer with its very unique Snapchat planets order feature? But do you ever wonder how your closest friends rank in the galaxy of your Snapchat world? Forget zodiac signs and personality quizzes; Snapchat has its own unique way of revealing your inner circle through the Snapchat Plus planets feature! So, buckle up, space explorers, as we delve into the mysteries of the Snapchat planet order and discover the secrets it holds in your digital orbit!
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How does Snapchat Friend Solar System (Snapchat planets order) Work?

Step into your very own Snapchat plus planets, a quirky and personalized way to rank your closest friends! It’s a dynamic map where you, the sun, reign supreme, surrounded by planets representing your most frequent Snapchat interactions. It all starts with you, the radiant sun at the center of your Snapchat universe. Your interactions with other users determine their placement in your solar system. While ranking your friends is fun, the Friends Solar System offers more than just a pecking order.

It’s a playful way to visualize your social connections and understand your interactions with different friends. Eight Snapchat planets order orbit your sun, representing your top eight Snapchat friends. Each planet has a specific meaning, mirroring the order of our solar system. It can spark conversations, bring back memories, and even strengthen your bonds with your digital companions. 

  • Tap on your friend’s profile on Snapchat.
  • Search and open the Best Friends badge to know which planet you represent.
  • This is how Snapchat’s friend’s solar system works.

Various Snapchat Planets Order Lists and Their Explanation

Snapchat has recently made a big impact on its users by coming up with a unique feature where you can know how close you are to your friends and rank them accordingly. To attract users, Snapchat has designed a concept of the solar system so that they can rank their best friends with each planet. Now, you must be wondering how to give a position to your best friend according to the Snapchat planets order list. To know more about the Snapchat planets in order, go through the list and find who is your best friend according to Snapchat.

1. Mercury:

This is the closest planet in the Snapchat planet list. The one who occupies this fiery orbit enjoys the most frequent snaps, chats, and story views from you, making them your go-to confidante and digital sidekick.

2. Venus:

The second planet, Venus, signifies your second Best Friend. While not as close as Mercury, this individual still plays a significant role in your Snapchat world, sharing a strong bond built on regular interactions and mutual understanding.

3. Earth:

Earth represents your third Best Friend. This friend consistently fills your Snapchat days with a steady stream of communication, occupying a stable and reliable position in your digital orbit.

4. Mars:

Venturing further out, Mars symbolizes your fourth Best Friend. Though not constantly in your direct communication line, this friend still holds a meaningful place in your Snapchat circle, regularly popping into your life with snaps and stories.

5. Jupiter:

This Planet marks the halfway point, housing your fifth Best Friend. Jupiter signifies a friend who might not be your main buddy but still occupies a special corner in your Snapchat universe, appearing occasionally but bringing joy and laughter when they do.

6. Saturn:

Ringed by mystery, Saturn represents your sixth Best Friend. This individual might not be an everyday presence in your Snapchat feed, but your interactions with them hold a certain weight and significance, making them a valued member of your wider social circle.

7. Uranus:

Tilted on its axis and full of unexpected surprises, Uranus embodies your seventh Best Friend. This quirky and delightful individual adds a dose of unpredictability to your Snapchat experience, popping up with occasional bursts of communication that keep things fresh and exciting.

8. Neptune:

The furthest planet in the Snapchat solar system, Neptune, marks your eighth Best Friend. This individual, while not constantly in your digital orbit, still enjoys a connection with you, even though on a less frequent basis.

What is Snapchat Plus, and How to Get it?

Craving more from your Snapchat experience? Enter Snapchat Plus, a VIP pass to a universe of exclusive features designed to elevate your social snaps. Think of having early access to hot new tools, personalized app themes, and insights into your besties’ story views; it’s like the upgraded version of regular Snapchat. Unlocking exclusive features like personalized emoji reactions, priority chat replies, and fancy chat wallpapers, this subscription lets you supercharge your Snapchat experience and express yourself like never before. To join the club, simply follow the steps written below: 

  • Open the Snapchat app, 
  • Tap on your profile picture and scroll down to “Snapchat Plus.”
  • Choose your preferred subscription plan (monthly or yearly)
  • Complete the payment process.

 You’re now a Snapchat Plus member, ready to explore the hidden depths of the app. Remember, availability and pricing might vary depending on your region, but the promise of a more personalized and feature-rich Snapchat experience remains the same.

If it has been a while since you used Snapchat and still don’t know the real features of this app, then it is your biggest loss. Features like Snapchat’s Friends Solar System and Snapchat Plus are innovative ways to personalize your social experience on the platform. The Snapchat best friends list planets like Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, etc., will tell you who your closest friend is. So, enter into your own digital galaxy, explore the mysteries of your social orbit, and enjoy the journey! Read the above mentioned article to know more.

FAQs of Snapchat

Q1. What planet is #1 on Snapchat?
Ans. On Snapchat, the planet occupying the #1 spot in your personal Friends Solar System is Mercury. This fiery planet represents your number 1 best in the Snapchat planet list, the individual with whom you engage the most through snaps, chats, and story views. They are the digital friend you connect with most frequently and consistently.

Q2. What does Neptune represent in Snapchat?
Ans. Neptune in Snapchat+ planet order represents your Eighth Best Friend. This distant planet signifies someone you may not interact with as frequently as your closer friends, but who still occupies a valuable spot in your digital universe. You might exchange occasional snaps, stories, or chats, etc. 

Q3. What does Saturn represent in Snapchat?
Ans. Saturn occupies a middle ground, orbiting further out than your closest buddies but closer than those least connected friends of your digital world. You might not interact with them daily, but they’re not completely out of sight or mind.

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