iPhone 12 Specifications Leaks and Launch Date in India

iPhone 12 Specifications

Apple revealed the information during the launch of iPhone SE. The iPhone 12 may employ a new design, 5G connectivity, and plenty of other upgrades. Apple will release four new iPhone 12 models this year. However, there are a number of leaks on the Specifications of Apple iPhone 12 phones. These will include a 5.4-inch iPhone 12, a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max. Also, 6.1 inches Apple iPhone 12 Pro, and 6.7 inches Apple 12 Pro Max.

However, the leaks suggest that the 5.4 inches iPhone 12 and 6.1 inches iPhone 12 Max will launch at a lower price with a dual camera. The iPhone Pro Max and iPhone Pro devices will be employed with 5G connectivity, a triple camera with LiDAR Sensor at a higher price. All the iPhone 12 series will have OLED displays.

The iPhone 12 series may have a new Depth camera system that reduces the size of the notch on the front of the display. The models appear to have a 3D rear camera setup that will use a laser to calculate the depth of any object in a room. It may improve both AR capabilities and photography. This may be similar to the LiDAR Scanner of the iPad Pro 2020.

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iPhone 12 Leaks

iPhone 12 Pro Max leaks
The latest iPhone 12 leak from @Jon_Prosser

Apple iPhone 12 Specifications

Design :

The new phones will have a boxy design with flat glass panels on the front. The iPhone 12 will have an Aluminum frame. But the Pro models will have Stainless Steel. In addition to a new design, Apple may allow users to customize their phones. Also, Apple describes the process of using a laser to create marks below the surface of an enclosure or display. The iPhone has regulatory markings and other necessary markings to a handset as well as to create custom markings on assembled electronic devices.

Although Apple may continue releasing both higher price iPhones and lower price iPhones in 2020. The iPhone 12 series will have a curved design, and a boxy design similar to the old iPhone 4 design. But it is large and slim. The device may have a flat glass back and a metallic coating.

The iPhone also creates color-changing markings as well as reflective or semi-transparent layers. Apple mentions the use of transparent display technology. This technology is used to minimize the bezels. It may also use to create a privacy filter with the use of a laser that can detect semi-transparent and reflective surfaces.

Apple plans to develop a coating that reduces the risk of damage. The coating is made of polycrystalline materials. Apple uses different colors of coating for different products. The iPhone 12 may have multiple layers of coating. In addition, Apple ensures certain precautions to minimize the damage from accidental drops. The coating also minimizes wear on the glass. In addition, it has the ability to create anti-scratch, anti-smudge, and anti-reflection layers.

Apple iPhone 12 Display :

The leaks suggest that the upcoming iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max may employ OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate. But the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 pro Max may employ a premium Y-OCTA OLED display panel which can support up to 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate. Apple released its True Depth camera and other sensors with an improved screen-to-body ratio. This Apple iPhone 12 series will have a notch with a 5.4 inch Super Retina OLED supply.

However, the reports suggest that these iPhones will also have a proprietary connector for an AR headset. Apple will not provide EarPods in the package. Instead, the company will launch an AirPods promotion with the release of the new phones.

Apple is testing OLED displays from Chinese company BOE Display, making LCDs for Apple iPads and MacBooks. Apple is currently using OLED displays from Samsung in iPhones. Also, Apple will continue the production and launch iPhones regularly. The new iPhone 12 series will have Samsung technology named Y-OCTA. Further, this touchscreen pattern will be seen on the OLED panel without another layer. So this results in a thinner screen and reduced manufacturing costs. This technology transforms the iPhone to have a thinner body.

Apple iPhone 12 Camera :

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max phones will have Dual Rear camera setup. The primary lens is likely to be an upgrade from 12MP on the iPhone 11 to 64 MP on the iPhone 12.

Besides, the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will have a triple camera on the backside. These will have larger sensors when compared to the current generation iPhones which provide the improved quality of photos to the users. All the upcoming iPhone 12 series will have a small camera notch at the front. All the camera sensors will be large this year.

Also, the wide-angle lens will support the sensor-shift image stabilization. This technology uses the iPhone accelerometer along with electrical actuators to prevent the effect of quick movements causing a deviation between the viewfinder and the camera.

The beta version of iOS 14 states the LiDAR technology on the iPhone Pro models. LiDAR uses pulsed lasers to detect the distance from the phone to a specific object. It improves the image quality in the phone. Also, it detects distances and improves AR functions.

Apple iPhone 12 ProMotion Technology:

Apple uses ProMotion technology in the iPad Pro. So the technology may be extended to the iPhone in the long run. The iPad Pro devices have LCD screens. Apple confirms that it will introduce 5G support in its upcoming releases in 2020. This technology allows iPhone users to connect to 5G networks faster than 4G LTE networks.

Apple iPhone 12 Processor :

Apple collaborates with TSMC to manufacture its custom A14 chipset. This chipset will be the first chipset to use a 5nm. Some brands are using 7nm chipsets in their phones. Apple reduces its SoC for performance boost and higher energy efficiency. If the A14 chipset uses a 5 nm process, it may lead to good performance that may compete with high-end desktop computers.

Storage :

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max may come with the 4GB RAM with 64GB/128GB/256GB storage. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max possibly launch in 6GB RAM with 128GB/256GB/512GB of storage.

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5G Connectivity :

All of the upcoming iPhones will support 5G connectivity. Apple may release its dual-band 5G modems in the Pro line-up. It will align its sub 6 GHz modems in the normal series. Apple will launch regional models of iPhone 12 as some countries are focusing on mmWave 5G and others are focusing on the sub 6 GHz 5G. The SIM slot is on the left side of the phone and a proprietary connector may be on the right. The iPhone 12 and iPhone Max support Sub 6GHz frequency. In addition, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone Pro Max devices support Sub 6GHz mmWave frequency.

There are few details about the connector. It may be used for the Apple AR headset that will replace its AR glasses by a year. Antenna lines may also be slightly larger than custom 5G antennas. Finally, the power button will move a little lower down on the right side of the phone. The iPhone 12 will continue its lightening connection. The upcoming iPhone 12 models will have an upgraded adapter. It may use a 20W charging adapter.

iPhone 12 Launch Date and Price in India:

Apple Chief financial officer Luca Maestri stated that the iPhone 2020 series is likely to launch later than usual this year. Apple may unveil its iPhone 12 lineup in September or October. The delay is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly, the expected price of the iPhone 12 is $699(Rs.52499) in India.

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