How to Convert Jio Sim to eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital SIM card that allows you to activate a cellular plan on your smartphone without needing a physical SIM card. Instead of a removable SIM, the eSIM is embedded into the device and uses a rewriteable chip to store the SIM information. Contact Jio customer support to make a conversion request and discover how to convert Jio sim to esim. With eSIM technology, customers can manage their mobile connections with more ease, flexibility, and security. This is a huge improvement in mobile communication.

Key Points to know before you activate Jio esim

There are a few things you must know before activating your Jio SIM. Pay special attention to these key tips to ensure a trouble-free Jio esim setup and easy use of this cutting-edge technology.

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  • Prior to beginning the eSIM setup, make sure your phone is linked to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.
  • On your phone, always choose “Delete eSIM” from the settings. This will cause your eSIM profile to be permanently deleted, from which it cannot be recovered.
  • Jio offers a unique activation code that can only be used once on a single device. The same code cannot be reused.

Benefits of eSim

Compared to physical cards, eSIM Jio provides additional benefits and cost savings. With a number of advantages that include convenience, flexibility, and security, eSIM technology is completely changing the way users connect to mobile networks. The following are some of eSIM’s main benefits:

  • It removes the need for a SIM card slot. Unlike a regular SIM card, an eSIM does not require a separate slot or tray.
  • You can use an eSIM to quickly transfer your network provider in India by calling or submitting an online request; no physical SIM card replacement is required.
  • eSIMs are a great substitute for SIM cards for regular travellers since they save network profiles and allow use across several countries.
  • eSIMs can be activated and set up remotely by mobile operators; no need to visit a store.

Check compatibility of your device

Make sure your device is compatible with eSIM technology before using a Jio eSIM. The device’s manufacturer, model, and software version determine its eSIM compatibility. Check if your smartphone is eSIM compatible with these simple steps:

  • Go to the webpage.
  • Select whether your gadget is a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch by scrolling down.
  • Choose your device’s Brand and Model.
  • Select “Check Compatibility” by clicking.
  • The message “Your device is eSIM compatible” will appear if your device is eSIM compliant.

How to use Jio eSIM on your device?

Jio provides a convenient way to activate cellular service on your smartphone without needing a physical SIM card. The Jio eSIM transfer method makes it simple to set up and utilise your mobile connection on your device when you use Jio’s eSIM service. This allows you to enjoy a seamless and future-ready cellular experience without the hassle of dealing with a physical SIM card.

  • Make sure your device is compatible.
  • When requested, provide the necessary data, such as your Jio cell number and personal information.
  • Accept the terms.
  • Begin the process of activation.
  • Choose between primary and secondary
  • Get Jio eSIM Started

How to convert Jio SIM to eSIM steps by Device for IOS?

It’s now easy to convert your Jio SIM to an eSIM on your iOS device, thanks to technological advancements. Choosing eSIM allows you to digitally control your cell phone connection without utilising a physical SIM card. To convert your Jio SIM to an eSIM on your iOS smartphone, follow these steps:

  • Send a text message to 18008899999, the number provided by Jio for eSIM conversion requests.
  • Respond to Jio’s SMS after sending the first text message to ask approval to convert to an eSIM. When requested, react with your approval and follow the instructions in the next special text message from Jio.
  • On your iPhone, navigate to the eSIM settings. Tap on the “Add eSIM” option.
  • You will be prompted to either scan a QR code or enter an activation code. Use the QR code or activation code provided by Jio during the previous steps.
  • After scanning the QR code or entering the activation code, you will be presented with Jio’s data plan options. Choose the plan that suits your needs and complete the installation jio eSIM process.

Esim activation steps for each brand

The specific steps to activate a Jio eSIM can vary depending on the brand and model of your smartphone or tablet, even though the overall process is similar across devices. For the Jio eSIM activation process to go quickly and without any problems, it’s critical to adhere to the right guidelines specific to your device manufacturer. Following the appropriate steps tailored to your device makes the Jio eSIM activation process simpler and hassle-free.

For Samsung:

  • Open Settings > Connections > SIM card manager
  • Tap “Add mobile plan”
  • Scan the QR code or enter the activation code from Jio
  • Follow the prompts to activate the eSIM
  • Select the Jio eSIM as your data connection

For Google Pixel:

  • Open Settings > Network & Internet > SIM cards
  • Tap “Add data SIM”
  • Scan/enter the Jio eSIM activation details
  • Complete the setup to activate the eSIM
  • Set the Jio eSIM as your default data SIM if needed

Esim Activation Steps For OnePlus:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & Network > SIM & Network
  • Tap “Add data SIM”
  • Scan the QR code or enter the code provided by Jio
  • Follow the remaining steps to enable the Jio eSIM
  • Select the eSIM as your preferred data connection

For Other Android Devices:

  • Open Settings and find “Mobile Networks” or “SIM cards” option
  • Look for an option to add/activate a new eSIM
  • Scan/enter the Jio eSIM activation code
  • Proceed with the on-screen instructions to activate
  • Set the Jio eSIM as your default data SIM if required

How to check status of your Jio eSIM request

To guarantee a seamless transition and prevent any possible interruptions in your cellular service, it is essential to monitor the status of your postpaid and Jio eSim prepaid requests. To ensure that things move well and that it makes wise decisions, check the status of your Jio eSIM request.

Using the MyJio app:

  • Install the Jio app on your smartphone.
  • Open the app and log in to your Jio account.
  • Locate the eSIM section or option to track requests.
  • Check your previous requests or provide the necessary details.
  • The app will display the current status of your eSIM prepaid request.

Using your Jio number:

  • Send the SMS “eSIM STATUS” to 199.
  • An SMS containing the status update will be sent to you.
  • By Going to the Jio Store:
  • Go to the Jio or Reliance Digital shop that is closest to you.
  • Give the staff your cell number so they can use it to verify the status of your eSIM request in their system.

Through Customer Care:

  • Contact Jio customer care by calling the provided customer service number.
  • Tell the Jio customer care executive your mobile number or request a reference number from them.
  • They will help you find out how your eSIM request is progressing and offer more assistance if necessary.

Jio’s use of eSIM technology represents a significant advancement for India’s mobile network. To use eSIM, get esim Jio activation code or QR code. Then, go to your phone’s eSIM settings, enter the code or scan the QR code to convert your physical Jio SIM into an eSIM on your compatible device. Jio’s eSIM provides better security and lets you check the status of your eSIM request through their customer support. This upgrade brings a more connected and convenient digital experience. It embraces the future of mobile communication technology.


Q1. How much time will it take activate Jio eSIM?
Ans. Your eSIM activates instantly after conversion at a Jio shop or completing self-service SMS/IVR steps, including setting up the eSIM profile on your device.

Q2. Can we remove physical SIM after eSIM activation?
Ans. Yes, you can take the actual Jio SIM card out of your device after successfully activating the eSIM.

Q3. What happens if I delete eSIM?
Ans. Deleting an eSIM profile will result in loss of cellular data connection associated with that eSIM, requiring you to reactivate or re-download the profile.

Q4. Can I delete and reinstall eSIM?
Ans. Yes, an eSIM profile can be removed and reinstalled by deleting the previous profile and downloading/activating a new one from your service provider.

Hope you like this article (How to Convert Jio Sim to eSIM?). Feel free to mention any suggestions or queries in the comment section.

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