Flipkart Price Drop Alert: Get a alert notification on price drop

Flipkart users are increasing day by day but only a few of them are aware that price Fluctuation is real. In today’s article, we are going to check how to use Flipkart Price Drop Alert. Price drop alert sends you a notification email when the price of your desired product drop. With the help of price drop alert, you can buy products at the best price for checking price Fluctuation you can use Flipkart Price Graph. To know how to get a price drop alert Flipkart read ahead.

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Flipkart Price Drop Alert

Flipkart Price drop Alert

Flipkart price fluctuation is real but people usually don’t notice this and buy the product at whatever price it’s selling on. But not anymore you can check price fluctuation through Flipkart price Graph and if the product is at a high price, you can use the Price drop alert Flipkart. Both of these features are available on the Flipshope extension with some other features, it’s a smart shopping extension that makes you a smart shopper. 

Flipshope Extension: 

Flipshope is a Chrome extension and it’s no less than magic for people who shop online. It helps in saving money and time both. People can buy products at the best possible price using this. It offers features like an Auto-apply coupon that helps you get the best savings in less time, a Price graph that gives your insight into price fluctuations on your desired product, and a price drop alert Notify you when the price of your desired product sees a price drop and Auto-buy which helps you in getting the product in flash sale. Below we’ll check how does Price graph feature works and how to see the Flipkart price graph.

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Flipshope Price drop Alert Flipkart 

Flipkart has a wide range of product and the price of these products Fluctuate often. to get the price history and to see Fluctuation you can use the price graph feature. If you see your desired product at a high price you must wait till the price Drop’s the easy way to check a price drop is using Flipshope’s Price Drop alert. 

Whenever a new product adds to the Flipkart website Flipshope starts tracking it and store this data and when a Flipshope user visits the Flipkart product page and clicks on the Price graph button he sees the graph of price fluctuation. Now if you find the price of your desired product high you should add that Product to Flipshope Watchlist to get a notification of price drop.

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Steps to use Flipshope Price Drop Alert 

  • Firstly, you need to Download and Install the Flipshope extension. 
  • After downloading Flipshope Login or sign up for your account and pin Flipshope to the Browsers taskbar 
  • Now go to Flipkart Website and login or sign up for your account. 
  • Next, you just have to search for your desired product, then open the product page and click on the “Price graph” button.
  • Now check the price graph and if the product price is high then move your Curser on the “Add” button
  • When your curser come on the “Add” button a drop-down will open where you can select the price drop level
  • after selecting the drop level click on the “Add to watchlist” button located in the dropdown.
  • Now, whenever Flipshope will Detect a Price drop on that particular product you’ll get notified just for one time.

That’s how you can save money while shopping on Flipkart using Flipahope Extensions Smart features. 

Other Flipshope Features

Auto Apply Coupon  

Online shopping allows you to save extra money using coupons, you can use these coupons at the end of your shopping cart, and using a coupon can save you a good amount of money but it can be very busy, taking a long time to find the best coupon. an automated coupon can serve as a gemstone, completely free, and save you extra money by automatically searching for the best coupon for your product.

Price Graph

Product price at online shopping store fluctuate a lot but people are not aware of this and buy the product at whatever price they are getting it, but not anymore with Flipshope Price graph feature you can get to know the price history and see the fluctuation and according to that you can decide easily if product price at the moment is high or low and you can get the product at the best price.

Flash Sale Auto-Buy  

This FlipShope feature is very useful for users looking for products in flash sales. As we all know that products in flash sales are limited and end up in stock within minutes. So with the help of this extension users can easily buy by clicking and save a lot of time. The extension automatically buys such ‘blink-and-you-miss-it products as soon as they become live. And it only takes one!  

Where to use these Flipshope Features 

Many popular and top shopping websites support the Price Graph feature and you can use these Flipshope Features to avail such offers and never return empty hands.  List of some famous and most used websites where these features works are as follows:  

  • Flipkart, 
  • Amazon, 
  •  Myntra, 
  • Tata Cliq 
  • Makemytrip Etc. 

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