How to Get Best Coupon on MakeMyTrip? | MakeMyTrip Auto-apply Coupon

Almost everyone has heard of MakeMyTrip it is an Online travel website where you can book flight tickets, hotel rooms, cabs, buses, etc. And today we’ll check How to Auto-apply Coupon on MakeMyTrip and save money and time. The auto-apply feature works perfectly on MakeMyTrip and you get to save money and time both easily as it finds and applies the best coupon for you automatically. Read ahead to know how to Auto-apply coupon on MakeMyTrip.

Auto-apply Coupon on MakeMyTrip

Auto-apply Coupon on MakeMyTrip 

MakeMyTrip is a leading online travel website and it’s easy and reliable as well. people use it to book hotels, trains, Flight Etc. but only a few of them actually know how to save money and time on MakeMyTrip. But after reading this article you can also save your money and time and in order to do this, you should know about Flipshope the smart shopping Extension you can Auto-apply coupon on MakeMyTrip using Flipshope’s Auto-apply feature. Read ahead to know more about Flipshope and its Auto-apply coupon Feature.

Flipshope Extension 

Flipshope is a Chrome extension and it’s no less than magic for people who shop online. It helps in saving money and time both. People can buy products at the best possible price using this. It offers features like an Auto-apply coupon that helps you get the best savings in less time, a Price graph that gives your insight into price fluctuations on your desired product, and a price drop alert Notify you when the price of your desired product sees a price drop and Auto-buy which helps you in getting the product in flash sale. Below we’ll check how does Price graph feature works and how to see the Flipkart price graph.

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Flipshope Auto-apply Coupon on MakeMyTrip 

We know that Coupons and vouchers help us in saving money but finding the best available coupon on the Internet is hard and time-consuming, but do not worry about this anymore you can use Flipshope Extension and it’ll do the job for you. Check out the steps below and learn how to Auto-apply coupon on MakeMyTrip. 

How to Auto-apply MakeMyTrip Coupon 

  1. Firstly, Download and Install Flipshope Extension on Chrome Browser. 
  1. Then Sign in or sign up for your Account, and after saucerful sign in Pin it to your browses taskbar 
  1. After that just open the MakeMyTrip website and now log in and Sign-up for your MakeMyTrip Account 
  1. After successful sign in you can proceed, you’re your bookings for Flight Train cab, etc. You have to select from where you want to travel and what’s your destination, and for hotel villa, etc. You have to select the city where you want to book a hotel 
  1. Now for flight train etc. Select your preferred company etc. And click on book now. for hotel, villa, etc. You have to select hotel then your preferred room type and then click on book now 
  1. After this process, you’ll come to the Booking page where you might have to fill in some other details as well for some categories to complete that process. 
  1. You’ll then see a pop-up on your screen by Flipshope with a button “Find your Savings” click on it and relax. 
  1. Auto-apply coupon on MakeMyTrip will find the best coupon for you and apply it automatically. 
  1. You’ll have the best coupon and which will save you extra money. 

That’s how you can save money using the auto-apply coupon feature.

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Flipshope other features

Auto Apply Coupon 

With coupons, you can save money but Finding the best coupon on the Internet and then applying it can be tiring and take a lot of time, but when you have Flipshope you don’t have to worry Flipshope automatically find and apply the best coupon for you and you get to save Time and Money both.

Price Drop Alert

Price on online stores fluctuate, but what if you know that the product is on high price and you get a notification when the price of your desired product drop? Yes, it is possible with Flipshope extension you just have to add your desired product to the watch list, and when Flipshope detects a Price drop you’ll get a notification of the same.

Flash Sale Auto-Buy 

Planning to buy a product in Flash sale? Flash sale products are limited and they are popular as well and so the chance of getting the product is low but you can use Flipshope extension for Flash sale products it helps in getting the product in the first sale itself. when the flash sale starts Flipshope clicks the button for you and adds the product to the cart.

Where to use Flipshope Extension

Many popular and top shopping websites support the Price Graph feature and you can use these Flipshope Features to avail such offers and never return empty hands.  List of some famous and most used websites where these features works are as follows: 

  • Flipkart,
  • Amazon,
  •  Myntra,
  • Tata Cliq
  • Makemytrip Etc.

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