Best Powerbanks Under 1000 rs in India

best power bank under 1000 rs in india

Best Power bank under 1000 Rs, Top Power Bank Below 1000: Is your phone battery too poor to handle..? do you want some backup to keep it on all day long or whole week long. Well things just got a lot easier now with this best power bank under 1000 Rs in India which offers more than 10000 mAh power bank capacity. Those power banks can charge your phone in less than 100 mins and the good thing is you can charge your phone 3-4 times with one full charge of power bank. Here is complete list of best power bank under 1000 Rs

Top 5 Best Power bank Under 1000

There are our picks on top 5 best power bank under 1000 Rs all comes with the minimum of 10000 mAh storage and they can be charged in less than 8 hours. Which gives you the 3-4 times normal charge to any mobile. There are the complete details of each and every power bank in the range of 1000 INR

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6. ADATA PT100 10000mAH


This power bank brand looks like new but it offers great experience it will take 8 hours of charging time but once it is fully charged you can use this for 3-4 days. It offers 10000 mAh capacity at the cost of 800 Rs only. Buy this best power bank under 1000 today, it also comes with 2 number of ports where you can charge couple of devices simultaneously.

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6th Best Power Bank Under 1000 Specifications:

Capacity 10000 mAh
Number of Ports 2
Charging Time 8 Hours
Quick Charge No
USB Type Micro
Color Green
Other Best Capacity
Comments Best for this Price

5. Syska X110 11000


This power bank is best in business because no other power bank offers 11000 mAh capacity at such low cost. This will last a minimum of 1 week with one single charge, you can carry this power bank for long trips or weekend getaways it won’t disappoint you. Although there is no quick charge but if you aren’t a heavy user then this is the best power bank under 1000 for you.

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5th Best Power Bank Under 1000 Specifications:

Capacity 11000
Number of Ports 2
Charging Time 8 hrs
Quick Charge no
USB Type micro
Color white
Other 6 months warranty
Comments More Capcity Less Price



Here comes my favorite power bank in the list, I have been using this upgraded PNY brand power bank from past 2 years it will never ever disappoint me. The capacity is 10000 mAh which can charge my mobile 3 times and the time it will take for a full charge it less than 100 mins. If you are a heavy user want good quick charge power bank then this is your option. Trust me this brand looks new but the quality is better than any power bank out there on internet.

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4th Best Power Bank Under 1000 Specifications:

Capacity 10000
Number of Ports 2
Charging Time 8 hrs
Quick Charge yes
USB Type micro
Color white
Other support quick charge
Comments Editors Choice

3. Lenovo Power Bank PB410


This is the worth mentioned product of our list just because of this brand. It only offers 5000 mAh capacity but the service is super awesome. You can charge your mobile twice in just under 100 mins and you can recharge the power bank in just 3 hours. So if you are running out of time for charging a power bank this can be yours because it is very light weight and easy to travel with.

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3rd Best Power Bank Under 1000 Specifications:

Capacity 5000 mAH
Number of Ports 2
Charging Time 3
Quick Charge no
USB Type micro
Color silver
Other Low capacity
Comments Light weight easy to travel

2. Intex IT-PB 11K K


Few of my friends were using this power bank from a long time but the main default is it won’t support the quick charge. But the advantage is you can charge 3 devices at same time. The brand is good they are providing high-quality power banks. So if want to connect multiple mobiles at same time this will be your choice.

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2nd Best Power Bank Under 1000 Specifications:

Capacity 11000
Number of Ports 3
Charging Time 8 hrs
Quick Charge No
USB Type micro
Color white
Other 1 year warranty
Comments Best for multiple devices

1. Ambrane P-1310

2There is no doubt that is the number 1 in our list of best power bank under 1000, at the cost of 900, it offers 13000 mAh capacity. It holds 8.6 rating from over 70000 ratings, this will show how good this power bank is it got everything just in the range of 1000 rs you will get quick charge and best capacity with 2 ports to connect

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1st Best Power Bank Under 1000 Specifications:

Number of Ports 13000 mAH
Charging Time 8 HRS
Quick Charge YES
USB Type micro
Color black, gold
Other best capacity
Comments Best seller power bank under 1000
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