Best Air Coolers in India

Best Air Cooler in India This Summer

As summer has already arrived, the temperature is now intolerable due to the scorching heat and for the same, the need to remain cool and comfortable increases. Although there is a well-liked and common option, air conditioners, they can be expensive to buy and maintain. For this, you need something that can come within your budget and is ready to beat the heat of summer, and we have them. So grab a glass of cold drink in your hand and relax. Let us introduce you to the budget-friendly alternative; the Best Air coolers in India.

Best Air cooler in India

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Air Coolers Under 10,000

5. Kenstar LITTLE HC 35 Personal Desert Air Water Cooler

Best Air cooler in India
Kenstar LITTLE HC 35

It’s time to say goodbye to hot days and restless summer nights with the Kenstar LITTLE HC air cooler. This stylish and small cooler is packed with many amazing features that will help you to keep cool the whole day. Furthermore, this cooler comes with honeycomb cooling pads that are more durable than any other and also increase airflow. It is also packed with smart humidity control technology that helps to enhance the cooling experience without any suffocation. So mark this best cooler under 10,000 in your wishlist now.

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎LITTLE HC 35
Special FeaturePortable, Built-In Wheel
Dimensions34D x 46W x 85H Centimeters
Wattage135 Watts
Included components‎‎‎Cooler, Wheel UGB
PriceRs. 5,490

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4. Bajaj PX 97 Torque

Best Air cooler in India
Bajaj PX 97 Torque

Looking for something affordable that can beat the hot temperature and provides you with full comfort? If yes, then look no further; Bajaj PX 97 is the answer to your concern. Furthermore, this cooler comes with a capacity of 36 L of water so that you can sleep for long hours without worrying about refilling it again in a short time. The good thing does not end here; this cooler also has turbofan technology for the circulation of air, even in the corners of the room. So it’s time to enjoy powerful air and create a refreshing and cool environment.

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎PX97/ PMH 36 Torque New
Special feature‎Adjustable speed, portable
Dimensions‎43.5D x 45.5W x 82H Centimeters
Wattage‎190 Watts
Included components‎Cooler, Caster wheels, Warranty card, Instruction manual
PriceRs. 5,999

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3. HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler

Best Air cooler in India
HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler

Get ready to add HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler to your shopping cart! This cooler has a 20-litre capacity, so it is easy to move it from one place to another, and also, because of its sleek and thin tower design, it does not cover more space. Furthermore, it also features an anti-bacterial cover to provide you with an additional layer of hygiene and safety. This cover is made to prevent bacteria from growing, ensuring that the air you breathe is healthy and free from harmful microorganisms. With the HAVAI Bullet Tower Air Cooler, you may enhance your cooling experience, and you can buy this air cooler online easily on many websites.

Specifications at a glance:

BrandHAVAI Bullet
Model NameBullet
Special featureTwo-side premium honeycombs, electric motor with thermal overload protector, high-speed air delivery with 34.5cm height blower, 3 pin ISI power cord with 1.8 metre length
Dimensions‎39D x 39W x 95H Centimeters
Wattage‎130 Watts
Included components‎Flexible Pipe, Anti Bacterial Cover, Instruction manual
PriceRs. 6,390

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2. Crompton Zelus DAC Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Zelus DAC

Give a genuine chance to this Crompton Zelus DAC, the best cooler under 10,000, as it has amazing features that can meet all your needs. This cooler has the capacity to deliver airflow of 2350 m3/hr so that you can have a great experience with it. Furthermore, the cooler comes with a specially built ice chamber that makes it very easy to drop the temperature of your room in this sizzling hot weather. So if you are looking for a cooler that is packed with all power, durability and a slim look, Crompton is the best air cooler in India that you should go for.

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎DAC 43
Special feature‎Motor with Overload Protection, Fully Collapsable Louvers, Everlast Pump, Inverter Compatible
Dimensions‎35D x 52W x 99.5H Centimeters
Wattage‎105 Watts
Included components‎1 DAC 43 Liter Cooler
PriceRs. 7,299

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1. Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air Cooler – 50L, White

Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air Cooler

Introducing the stunning white Kenstar Double Cool DX Air Cooler! This cooler is made to keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest days and has an incredible 50L capacity. If you are concerned about the space, then don’t worry; it comes in small size and a stylish look. With the Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air Cooler, you can easily beat the hot weather and enjoy the cool temperature of your space. So give a genuine chance to this air cooler without a second thought.

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎‎Double Cool Dx
Special featureCross-ventilation
Dimensions53D x 55W x 65H Centimeters
Wattage‎200 Watts
Included components‎1 Air Cooler
PriceRs. 8,472

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Cooler under 5000

5. USHA Atomaria Personal Cooler – 9L, White

USHA Atomaria Personal Cooler – 9L, White

Say hi to this best Air cooler in India, specially made to reduce summertime electricity consumption by at least 90% compared to air conditioners. Also, there is no fear of harmful chemicals within the water-filled in it. Also, it can continually spray cold air for several hours to keep your body cool at night and make you sleep peacefully. So don’t think twice; it is the perfect cooler for one person in a small room. Moreover, to work efficiently, it also provides cross ventilation.

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎‎Atomaria
Special featureAdjustable Speed
Dimensions27 x 27 x 56 Centimeters
Wattage‎75 Watts
Included components‎‎1 Cooler
PriceRs. 3,699

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4. Kenstar Nix Portable Table Top Mini Air

Best Air cooler in India
Kenstar Nix Portable Table Top Mini Air

If you want a small cooler for your small space, make your way for this Kenstar Nix Portable cooler. This cooler is inverter compatible, so get ready to experience continuous cooling even during power outages. Moreover, with the effective dust filter net, you don’t have to face dust and impurities. And if your concern is moving the cooler from one room to another, don’t worry; this cooler is simple to move due to its large wheels. So what would you expect more from this mini air cooler?

Specifications at a glance:

Special feature‎Portable
Dimensions‎69.3D x 72.1W x 149.9H Centimeters
Wattage80 Watts
Included components‎Cooler, wheel, ugb
PriceRs. 3,899

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3. Lifelong LLAC912 Air Cooler

Lifelong LLAC912 Air Cooler

Take this compact and slim model to your home and make your summer days a breeze! You will surely like this cooler because of its amazing features, like a water level indicator that helps you track water levels easily. Additionally, this cooler has 3-speed control options to adjust the airflow according to your preference. So are you ready to improve your cooling experience with this Lifelong LLAC912 Air Cooler? With this dependable and effective cooling solution, you can stay cool and comfortable all the time.

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎LLAC912
Special featureClean air technology
Dimensions‎‎25D x 25W x 63H Centimeters
Wattage80 Watts
Included componentsAir Cooler, Warranty Card, Manual
PriceRs. 3,998

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2. Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler

Best Air cooler in India
Bajaj PMH 25 DLX

Get ready to make this model yours; this Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L air cooler under 5000 is the ideal cooling option for a small room! This cooler is ready to turn your space into a cool place with its modern style and great functionality. The cooler comes with the cutting-edge DuraMarine Pump, which ensures durability and is supported by a 2-year Bajaj warranty. Moreover, its Anti-Bacterial Hexacool Master technology keeps the air fresh. So are you ready to give a chance to this Best Air Cooler in India?

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎PMH25 DLX
Special featureAnti-bacterial Hexacool master technology
Dimensions‎33D x 36.5W x 70.5H Centimeters
Wattage‎1100 Watts
Included componentsCooler, Caster wheels, Warranty card, Instruction manual
PriceRs. 4399

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1. HAVAI Sapphire Personal Cooler with Blower

HAVAI Sapphire Personal Cooler with Blower

This cooler holds great value for its simple using technology. With a substantial 20-litre capacity, this cooler enables extended cooling time which helps you to use it for a longer time without the trouble of frequent refills. Say goodbye to the hot and humid temperature and enjoy the best cooling temperature using the ice chamber equipped at the cooler’s top. Also, its superior material quality makes this HAVAI Sapphire Personal Cooler stand out from the crowd. And for sure, this cooler is built to last and will consistently deliver reliable performance.

Specifications at a glance:

Model Name‎Sapphire Single Side
Special feature‎Built-In Wheel
Dimensions‎ ‎42.5D x 48.5W x 64.5H Centimeters
Wattage130 Watts
Included components‎Cover, Wheels, Instruction manual
PriceRs. 4,690

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Q1. Is air cooler good for health?
Ans. Yes, a cooler is good for health in the following ways.

  • Moisturizes the air
  • Filters and circulates air
  • No chemicals or refrigerants

Q2. Can we use an air cooler without water?
Ans. No, water is necessary for an air cooler to work properly because the wet cooling pads are only the medium to flow cool air. So the air cooler won’t be able to cool the place effectively without water.

Q3. Is cooler better than AC?
Ans. This choice between these two totally depends on a number of factors, such as climate, the size of the room, energy efficiency, and personal preferences.

Q4. Which air cooler is best in 2023?
Ans. Some of the best air coolers in 2023 are as follows:

  • Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air Cooler – 50L, White
  • Crompton Zelus DAC Desert Air Cooler
  • Bajaj PMH 25 DLX 24L Personal Air Cooler
  • Lifelong LLAC912 Air Cooler

Q5. Which type of cooler is best for a room?
Ans. The type of cooler one should choose totally rely on a number of variables, including climate, room size, budget, and personal preferences. But there are two types of the cooler from which you can select as per your needs are:

  • Personal cooler
  • Tower and desert Air Coolers

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to changes and may not remain the same when you check them on the site.

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