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Venus 50 L Desert Air Cooler  (White, Turbo)

Venus 50 L Desert Air Cooler (White, Turbo)



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Venus 50 L Desert Air Cooler (White, Turbo) - Specifications

General Specifications:

Venus introduces the Turbo, a 50 L Desert Air Cooler in an elegant white colour, designed to cater to cooling needs in larger spaces. Featuring three speed settings, this desert cooler operates as a powerful fan to efficiently cool the surroundings. With a water tank capacity of 50 L, it ensures a consistent and extended cooling experience without the need for frequent refills. The dimensions of the Turbo measure 50 cm in width, 40 cm in height, and 40 cm in depth, presenting a compact yet functional design suitable for diverse spaces. Notably, the power consumption for heating is minimal, registering at 2 W.

Product Details:

The Venus Turbo Desert Air Cooler is a reliable cooling solution that prioritises simplicity and functionality. While specific performance features such as air delivery and air throw distance are not detailed, the three-speed settings offer users the flexibility to adjust cooling according to their preferences. The compact dimensions contribute to the cooler's portability and ease of placement in various settings. Unfortunately, detailed information regarding construction materials, blower/fan specifications, and additional features is not provided. Customer ratings, reviews, and specific features are also unspecified, limiting insights into the user experience and overall performance.

Dimensions, Rating, Reviews, and Other Features:

Measuring 50 cm in width, 40 cm in height, and 40 cm in depth, the Venus Turbo Desert Air Cooler is designed to blend seamlessly into different spaces. While no customer ratings or reviews are mentioned, these elements often play a crucial role in assessing a product's reliability and user satisfaction. The absence of detailed information on specific features, construction materials, or technological enhancements limits a comprehensive understanding of the cooler's capabilities and benefits. However, the compact dimensions suggest suitability for placement in various settings, providing a convenient cooling solution.


The Venus Turbo Desert Air Cooler comes with a 1-year domestic warranty, providing users with assurance against manufacturing defects for the specified duration. Unfortunately, the warranty details, including coverage and exclusions, are not elaborated upon. The absence of information on what is covered or not covered under warranty, as well as the lack of a warranty summary, leaves users with limited insights into the after-sales support provided by the brand.

Contact Information and Address:

Customers can reach out to Venus for warranty claims or product-related issues through email at customercare@venushomeappliances.com or by calling 888-782-2224 This contact information ensures that users have direct access to customer support in case they encounter any concerns or require assistance with the product.

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