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In the era of online shopping, you might have come across various terms like Price history and price tracker, but do you know what it is? Well, it is one of the most powerful features of online shopping. With a Price history tracker, you can track the price fluctuations of your desired product and buy them according to your budget.

The Price history tracker will alert you when the price of the desired product is high or low. Isn't that amazing? You must be thinking about how to use this unique feature while shopping; meet Flipshope, a smart online shopping assistant. Flipshope was launched in 2014 with the motive to provide amazing benefits of shopping online. You can shop for all your desired products with amazing deals and discounts and also keep track of the price history of the products.

Amazon Price Tracker

Amazon is one of the top online shopping platforms, and Amazon price history tracker helps to keep track of coupons, lightning deals, and Prime-only promotions on Amazon. The offer pricing section tracks and displays these Extra deals.

You may use Amazon price tracker to find any Amazon product's price history on Flipshope. By pasting links and searching for product names, you can look at Amazon products' historical prices. 

Flipkart Price Tracker

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce shopping platforms. By using Flipkart price tracker, you can keep track of the price fluctuations of your favourite product on Flipkart. This program can track prices, notify price drop alerts, and display product price charts. 

All your desired products can be added to the tool so that you can check out the price history. The Flipkart price tracker will inform you and make your purchases less expensive.

Myntra Price Tracker

Myntra product price tracker helps to monitor the price history of the products you want to buy on Myntra. At Flipshope, you will know the complete history of your desired product, be it clothes, accessories, shoes, or anything. And also you will get an alert every time the price of your desired products gets lower.  You can use the Myntra product price tracker for a better and budget friendly online shopping experience. 

How to use Price History Tracker

A price history tracker is one of the most important features to help you complete your shopping smartly. This feature is not only essential for online shopping but is extremely easy to use. If you are a new user at Flipshope and don’t know how to try the Price history tracker, then don’t worry; the following steps will keep you updated. 

  • Visit Flipshope’s official website
  • Login to your Flipshope account 
  • Visit the product page 
  • Activate the Price History Tracker
  • Track the Price History of your desired product.

Benefits of using a price history tracker while shopping online

Price history trackers empower online shoppers with all the important information to make well-informed decisions, save money, and get the best value on their shopping. It's essential to choose reliable and reputable price history tracking tools or browser extensions to ensure accurate and up-to-date data. Flipshope is the most trusted price history tracker tool and makes sure to provide you with an accurate price history with the help of the price graph of the product. 

Benefits of Price history tracker 
  • Price history trackers allow users to see the historical price fluctuations of a product over time. 
  • Price history trackers monitor product prices continuously. When there is a price drop on an item a user is interested in, the tracker sends notifications or alerts.
  • Price history trackers can help shoppers plan their purchases for seasonal sales, such as Black Friday, or holiday sales. 
  • For budget-conscious shoppers, price history trackers can help them manage their spending more effectively. They can plan purchases based on historical data, ensuring they stay within their budget.

Price History Drop Alert

A price history drop alert is a notification or alert sent to users when the price of a specific product drops to a certain percentage, so that user can buy it.  At Flipshope, you will get pop-up notifications every time the price history tracker has an update for you. With this unique feature, you don’t have to exceed the limits of your budget, as the price history drop alert will make things easier for you. 

Price History Extension

Flipshope not only has an enticing website but also a Chrome extension through which you can complete your shopping by just adding the extension to your browser. The extension has all the exclusive features, including a Price history graph. This feature will let you compare the price of your favourite products and know the history of it. 


Q1. What is the price history tracker on Flipshope?

The price history tracker on Flipshope is a feature that allows users to track the historical price changes of products on various e-commerce platforms.

Q2. How does the price history tracker work?

The price history tracker records and analyzes the price fluctuations of a specific product over time. It creates a graphical representation, showing users the product's price history, including past highs, lows, and average prices.

Q3. Can I see the price history of products from multiple e-commerce websites?

The availability of price history data might depend on the e-commerce platforms supported by Flipshope. Some trackers might focus on specific websites like Amazon or Flipkart, while others could offer support for a broader range of online marketplaces.