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An Economical shopping is our Motto

There is a smart way to shop online. And FlipShope was conceived to show you the same.

Our Story

How Flipshope Started Its Journey?

Flipshope is a start-up for online shopping, powered by Technosense Media Pvt. Ltd., to make users’ shopping experience easier. It was launched in 2014 by our co-founder Mr Ashutosh Goyal to introduce people to online shopping and get some interesting benefits. This journey has not been easy; together, we have faced many ups and downs, but, in the end, we achieved our goals to the fullest. Throughout these years, our objective was to serve our users a great service, and we pledge to do the same in the upcoming years as well. We started our journey from scratch, but our hard work and dedication made us achieve success.

Where Does the “Flipshope” Name Come From?

Flipshope is majorly merged with two words that are “Flip” and “Shope”. Our unique idea of making your online shopping easier will let you flip your traditional shopping. Through time Flipshope has emerged as one of the leading online shopping extensions with the latest features like price drop alerts, auto-buy, recent price drops and deals, etc. We are truly the fastest-growing extensions in the market, with a knowledge of cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas. The whole concept of flipping your old idea of shopping with our smart online shopping is what makes “Flipshope” under headlines.

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Our Achievements





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Our Journey

  • 2014


    FlipShope was launched in August 2014 and its Chrome extension was released on October 1, 2014.

  • 2015


    A technology blog was started to keep the community aware of the updates to FlipShope’s Chrome extension. The ‘Flash Sale Auto-Buy’ feature was added to the extension.

  • 2016

    Our First Million

    FlipShope reached the milestone of 1,000,000 page views in October 2016. The ‘Auto-Apply Coupons’ feature was introduced during this time. To top it all, FlipShope became the best extension for “flash sales” with a 95% success rate.

  • 2017

    200,000 Installations

    FlipShope was installed 200,000 times with around 50,000 active users

  • 2018

    100,000 Active Users

    The number of active users touched 100,000. The number of installations more than doubled to 450,000 installations.

  • 2019


    FlipShope’s Chrome extension crossed a million downloads in December 2019.

  • 2020

    Most Downloaded

    Through time Flipshope became India's Most Downloaded AI-based Shopping Extension to help customers shop everything easily.

  • 2021


    Flipshope was featured by Google on Chrome Webstore so that users can meet their privacy requirements and start their shopping journey without any hustle.

  • 2022

    Highly Rated

    Flipshope was downloaded more than two million times and rated 4.6 on Webstore this year, making it a perfect smart online shopping assistant for customers.