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UnV ID116 smart watch Smartwatch (Multicolor Strap, 13*9.5*6)

UnV ID116 smart watch Smartwatch (Multicolor Strap, 13*9.5*6)



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UnV ID116 smart watch Smartwatch (Multicolor Strap, 13*9.5*6) - Specifications


UnV's ID116 Smartwatch presents a versatile accessory for both men and women seeking functionality and style. With a rectangular black dial and a vibrant multicolor rubber strap, this device merges the convenience of a watchphone with fitness and outdoor functionalities. Its compact size of 13*9.5*6 ensures easy portability for daily use.

Basic Details

The package includes a dial integrated with a strap, boasting a touchscreen interface compatible with Android and iOS systems. Equipped with essential sensors like an accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor, it supports basic fitness tracking features.

Connectivity, Camera And Display

Featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a TFT LED display with a resolution of 120120 pixels within a 35mm screen, the smartwatch enables easy access to notifications and basic phone functions. It offers a scratch-resistant display for enhanced durability.

Fitness And Watch Functions

This smartwatch supports fundamental fitness tracking capabilities such as calorie and step count monitoring, along with a heart rate monitor, enhancing its utility for fitness enthusiasts and outdoor activities.

Audio And Video Features

The ID116 Smartwatch focuses primarily on core functionalities, devoid of advanced audio or video features, emphasizing its role as a reliable fitness and notification device.


UnV offers a one-month warranty, covering manufacturing defects for both domestic and international customers. However, non-manufacturing defects are not covered within this warranty period. Users are encouraged to review the warranty terms provided by the manufacturer for specific coverage and service details.

Highlighted features

  • With Call Function
  • Touchscreen
  • Watchphone, Fitness & Outdoor
  • Battery Runtime: Upto 12 hrs

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