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Midea 93 L Direct Cool Single Door 1 Star Refrigerator  (Silver, MDRD142FGF03)

Midea 93 L Direct Cool Single Door 1 Star Refrigerator (Silver, MDRD142FGF03)



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Midea 93 L Direct Cool Single Door 1 Star Refrigerator (Silver, MDRD142FGF03) - Specifications


The Midea 93 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (MDRD142FGF03) stands out as a compact and efficient cooling solution for households seeking a space-saving refrigerator without compromising on performance. With a focus on simplicity and functionality, this refrigerator offers a convenient and eco-friendly refrigeration experience.

Basic Product Details:

Upon purchase, the package includes 1 refrigerator unit along with a user manual and warranty card, providing essential information about the appliance's features, usage guidelines, and warranty coverage.

General Specifications:

Designed as a single-door compact refrigerator, it operates on direct cool technology and features a reciprocating compressor. With a 93 L capacity and a 1-star BEE rating for the year 2020, it is suitable for small spaces and ensures energy efficiency. The refrigerator is equipped with PCM body material, contributing to its durability.

Product Details:

The refrigerator's design focuses on simplicity and functionality, featuring PCM body material and finish. The transparent interior provides visibility, and the reversible door adds flexibility in placement.

Performance, Body And Design Features:

- Performance: The appliance operates on a reciprocating compressor and direct cooling system. It incorporates eco-friendly refrigerant and includes a separate chiller compartment for added convenience.

- Body And Design Features: The refrigerator's PCM body material and finish contribute to its durability, and the transparent interior adds visibility. Noteworthy design elements include a big bottle rack, recess handle, and a reversible door, enhancing user convenience.

Convenience, Power Features:

- Convenience: The refrigerator offers several convenient features, including a big bottle rack, recess handle, and a reversible door. However, it does not include advanced features such as a door lock, deodorizer, or interior light.

- Power Features: Operating at AC 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz, the refrigerator does not require a stabiliser. It is designed to work without a stabiliser, contributing to its adaptability to varying power conditions.

Freezer Compartment, Refrigerator Compartment, Dimensions And Other Features:

- Freezer Compartment: The refrigerator does not include a separate freezer compartment, aligning with its compact design focused on refrigeration.

- Refrigerator Compartment: With three refrigerator bottle racks, the main compartment is optimised for efficient storage. The cooling refrigerant used is R600A, and the insulation type is Cyclopentane Insulation.

- Dimensions And Other Features: The refrigerator's dimensions (860 mm height, 450 mm depth, 472 mm width) make it compact and suitable for various spaces. Launched in 2020, it incorporates a direct cooling system and features adjustable legs for enhanced stability.


Midea offers a 1-year warranty on the product and an extended 5-year warranty on the compressor. This warranty covers all parts, excluding specific items like plastic parts, glassware, bulb, and tube, against defective material and workmanship.

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