BSNL Prepaid / Postpaid Number Call History Details – Using SMS, Call & Website

As one of India’s leading telecom providers, BSNL is renowned for its extensive network coverage and strong services. Established in 2000, it has been the foundation on which the telecom industry has been built in the country. Offering a range of services that include landline, mobile, broadband and more, BSNL never fails to serve. BSNL has connected millions of people from remote areas to larger cities despite the various challenges. Along with these services, the BSNL call history service meets the diverse needs of people everywhere. Through the various methods employed by the company, you can also get the call history details online, through call, SMS, their website and more.

Things You Need to Have to Get for Bsnl Call History

Before moving on to how to check incoming call history in BSNL, you must understand the significance of preparing all necessary documents. From identification documents to account details, ensuring that you have all the necessary docs before you begin getting your BSNL call history statement will help make the process smooth and simple. Provided below is a list of everything you may need to get your call history hassle-free.

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Email address

Methods to Get BSNL Call History

Accessing call history is invaluable for multiple reasons. If you are a BSNL user seeking your call history statement, you can do so using the various methods the company provides. Whether you are looking to monitor your usage or require detailed records for personal reasons, you can learn how to check incoming call history in BSNL and get BSNL call details online.

Get BSNL Call History Via Call

For a simple and quick way to get your BSNL call history, the company provides users with a number that they can use to reach out and get access to their recent call history. Getting vital information instantly is now just a phone call away.

How to Check Incoming Call History IN BSNL:

  • Open the dialpad on your phone.
  • Dial *123# using the phone with your BSNL SIM.
  • Select the last 3 call details.
  • You will receive an SMS with the call history statement.

Get BSNL Call History Via SMS

Utilizing SMS services presents a straightforward solution for users to attain their BSNL prepaid call history. Whether you need the call records for professional or personal reasons, these simple texts sent directly from your mobile will give you instant results.

BSNL Call History Using SMS:

  • Open the messaging app on your phone.
  • Type ‘LAST’ or ‘LAST FIVE’ in the text box.
  • Send the text to 53733.
  • You will receive an SMS containing your call history.

Get BSNL Call History Via Website

An efficient solution to access the call history of BSNL prepaid mobile number online is by using the official website. Leveraging the website’s resources can provide valuable insight into getting your call history details online. Manage your call data effectively and streamline your communication using the website.

BSNL Call History Details Online:

  • Visit the official BSNL website and log in using the username and password.
  • Tap on ‘Billing Account Number’
  • Click on ‘My Usage’ and then on ‘Usage’
  • You can select ‘Bill Called Details’ for the previous month or ‘Unbilled Call Details’ for the present month.
  • Select other details.
  • Click on ‘Go’
  • Your call history will appear on the screen.

BSNL Call History on USSD

Users can get the call history of BSNL postpaid mobile number directly using the USSD code. Offering a quick and accessible method for obtaining the call history of BSNL postpaid mobile number as well, the USSD code is an effortless way for you to keep track of your calls.

BNSL Call History Using USSD Code:

  • Open the dialpad on your phone.
  • Dial *124# using the phone with your BSNL sim.
  • Listen carefully to the options and enter the appropriate numbers to get the desired result.
  • Your call history statement will be displayed at the end of your call.

BSNL last Five Call Details

Staying informed of your call activities is important for maintaining a comprehensive record of your calls. If you are a BSNL user, you can get the call history of your BSNL prepaid mobile number and postpaid mobile number. To instantly get the recent call history of Prepaid mobile number, use the USSD code provided by BSNL. Whether for personal reference or business needs, learning how to check incoming call history can be very beneficial.

BSNL Call History Without OTP:

  • Open the messaging app on your phone.
  • Type ‘LAST’ or ‘LAST FIVE’ in the text box.
  • Enter 53733 in the ‘To’ box.
  • Send the text and wait for a reply.
  • You will receive an SMS containing your last 5 calls.

Providing outstanding network coverage and diverse services, BSNL is committed to giving its users what they need. It offers multiple user-friendly methods for you to get access to your BSNL call history. Whether you prefer calls, texts, USSD codes, or the website, getting the call history of BSNL postpaid mobile number is now more convenient than ever. Remember to keep your documents with you as well as use the phone with your BSNL SIM. BSNL provides accessible and reliable services to people nationwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I obtain call details for a different BSNL number?
Ans. You can get the call details of any BSNL number as long as you have the SIM.

Q2. How many days will BSNL SIM be active without recharge?
Ans. It will stay active for 75 days after the last day of your last recharge.

Q3. What is the minimum balance validity of BSNL?
Ans. The minimum recharge is Rs. 19 for 30 days.

Q4. Is data roaming free in BSNL?
Ans. It is not free but has a very minimal charge.

Q5. Is BSNL good or not?
Ans. BSNL has proved to be a reliable and accessible network for everyone nationwide with its cost-effective plans and large network coverage.

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