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Kenstar 15 L Tower Air Cooler  (White, GLAM 15)

Kenstar 15 L Tower Air Cooler (White, GLAM 15)



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Kenstar 15 L Tower Air Cooler (White, GLAM 15) - Specifications

General Specifications:

The Kenstar GLAM 15 Tower Air Cooler is a cooling appliance designed for indoor use. With a sleek tower design in classic White, it adds a touch of elegance to your living space. The cooler features a Honeycomb cooling media and is equipped with three speed settings, allowing users to customise the cooling experience. The blower fan is made of durable plastic, ensuring reliable performance. The cooling capacity is supported by a 15-litre water tank, providing efficient and consistent cooling.

Product Details:

Designed for indoor cooling, the Kenstar GLAM 15 Tower Air Cooler boasts a tower form factor that fits seamlessly into various spaces. The cooling mechanism utilises Honeycomb media, known for its effective cooling properties. The blower fan, made from high-quality plastic, contributes to the longevity and performance of the cooler. It comes with four castor wheels for easy mobility, allowing users to move the cooler effortlessly to different areas within the room.

Dimensions, Rating, Reviews And Other Features:

Measuring 30 cm x 70 cm x 30 cm (Width x Height x Depth), this tower air cooler is compact and can be conveniently placed in different indoor settings. The three-speed settings, along with the blower operation mode, provide flexibility in adjusting the cooling intensity. The air throw distance of 10 ft ensures a decent coverage area. Unfortunately, specific ratings and detailed reviews are not available in the provided data.


Kenstar offers a 1-year warranty on the GLAM 15 Tower Air Cooler. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects that may arise during the specified period. However, physical damage is not included in the warranty coverage. The warranty service type is onsite, indicating that a service engineer will visit the customer's home in case of any product-related issues.

Contact Information and Address:

For any assistance or inquiries, feel free to reach out to Kenstar via phone at +91 1725129900 or through email at customercare@kenstar.in. If correspondence via mail is preferred, the postal address is Plot No 254, Ground Floor,Udyog Vihar Phase,Gurugram -122015,Haryana, India

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