Reliance and google made a new smartphone in the partnership which is the Jio phone next, today in this article we are going to check Jio Phone Next Price. it’s going to be the most affordable smartphone and will support 4G Network. the dream of many feature phone users come true when the Jio phone was announced. moving forward we are going to talk about the Jio phone next Launch date and its price in India.

How to Book Jio Phone Next | Check Simple Step by Step Guide to book this smartphone

Jio Phone Next Price

Jio Phone Next Price

Reliance Jio and google partnered for this smartphone and the aim was clear, an affordable 4G smartphone and they got success and launched Jio Phone Next. Jio Phone Next price is going to be very reasonable because the aim of this smartphone is clear to both companies they want to reach more and more people through this smartphone and give them a smartphone on an affordable budget.

The Chairman of Reliance Industries, Mukesh Ambani has conveyed that Jio Phone Next will be the most affordable 4G Smartphone not only in India but around the globe. now let’s move forward and check Jio Phone Next Launch Date in India.

Jio Phone Next Launch Date | This Jio-Google smartphone will revolutionize the market

Jio Phone Next Launch date in India?

The official Jio phone Next Launch date is the 24th of June 2021 as Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani announced this phone at the Reliance AGM meet. both Reliance and Google worked together on this Affordable smartphone and it is going to be available in the market from the 10th of September 2021. people are already so excited about this smartphone and keeping eye on every detail about this.

Reliance Jio Phone Next Specifications

Jio phone next Specifications


CameraRear: 5MP, Front: 2 MP
Display5.5 inches
Battery3000 mAh
Operating SystemAndroid 10

the specifications that are mentioned above can have differences and is not 100% accurate. There may be slight differences in the product at the time of its launch. You must cross-check before the purchase of the phone.

India is one of the Major smartphone market but when we talk about users, still around 300 million people do not have a smartphone or they are using Feature phones because of this Jio and Google thought about making an Affordable phone for India. now the Jio phone next Price will be very low and people will buy it easily.

During the 44th AGM of Reliance Industries, the Chairman of the company, Mukesh Ambani had conveyed that a very affordable 4G smartphone is necessary for India to eradicate 2G from the country and to make India 2G mukt.

We have already checked Jio Phone Next launch date and availability date now let’s move forward and check Jio Phone Next Price in India.

Jio Phone Next Specs | Amazing Specs in Low price

Jio Phone Next price in India

The price of the most affordable smartphone, the Jio Phone Next has not yet been officially revealed or confirmed. However, the Jio phone next Price in India is expected to be somewhere near INR 4,999. We are still waiting for the exact price of the smartphone, we’ll update it once we get it.

both the companies are trying to eradicate 2g from India. The launch of Jio Phone Next is the first step towards this goal. We can say the Jio phone next launch date is the launch date of a mission to make India 2g  mukt. as we checked above the expected Jio Phone Next price is 4,999rs. this will be a very good price for this smartphone

Challenges that the company may face

One of the major challenges which we are expecting is the pricing of the phone. Jio is targeting users who buy smartphones in the low budget segment. Also, the people who use Feature phone is in the target segment of Jio Phone Next. Jio Phone next price is expected to be in the low budget segment.

However, experts suggest that the phone should have a really good optimization as compared to its earlier counterparts. Many Companies launched Smartphone in this budget segment but only a few success stories are there.

It’s hard to meet the expectations of people even when they want to upgrade from Feature Phone to a smartphone. Users want all the latest features at an affordable price.

Indian Smartphone Market

Indian Smartphone market is very vibrant and it’s also huge. But most people buy a budget smartphone. and even in a budget smartphone, they like to get all the major features.

people in India looking for a budget phone which gives them the best features. So, for Jio Phone let’s see how Jio and Google market it and the reaction of people towards it.

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