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Buy flash sale products in a click

Flipshope is here to give you a smart and next-generation way to shop online. With our latest chrome extension, we allow you to use Flash Sale Autobuy to buy a product within a few seconds. We have developed this extension so that people who are unsuccessful in grabbing flash sale products can auto-buy it. You can call it a “One-click” extension because everything is just a click away with Flipshope extension.


Flash Sale AutoBuy

Not getting flash sale products even after multiple attempts?

Buying a mobile in a flash sale is very difficult nowadays. You need to be fast to grab the flash sale product and it is very tough for humans to become so fast. But we are offering Flipshope Extension which will help you in “Flash Sale AutoBuy” any product automatically.

Download Flipshope Extension

Simply download Flipshope Extension in your Chrome browser and use the “AutoBuy” feature to grab any flash sale product within a click.


Be ready to use AutoBuy

Now you are on the way to AutoBuy flash sale products. Just click on the “FS” icon to use the extension in the Chrome browser.

Login to use all features

You can now automatically buy flash sale products even without login, but for more smart options to save money register on Flipshope Extension and login. Then click on “AutoBuy” and select the desired product.

Sit 'n Relax

We are adding the flash product to your cart till then just take a cup of tea and relax. As our extension clicks more than 10 times in a second to buy your desired product.

Follow the ``PCP``

Bingo! We have successfully added a product to your cart. Just follow the “PCP” -‘Place Order’, ‘Continue’, and ‘Pay Now’.

Your order is on the way

Congratulations! You have successfully grabbed the flash sale product in first attempt. You will receive your order within few days. To save on every order use, Auto Apply Coupons, Watch Price, and Price Graph.

So what are you waiting for? Just download our Chrome extension and grab the flash sale products within a few seconds If you face any problem, then let us know on


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