Xiaomi launched Mi Notebook Air to compete against Apple’s Macbook Air

Xiaomi, the Apple of China has launched its first Windows 10 laptop, Mi Notebook Air on Wednesday. In the recent years, Xiaomi’s profile has seen a terrific escalation by their affordable and classy smartphones, fitness trackers, electric bicycles and what not. Now, Xiaomi has made its mark in the PC market too with its Mi Notebook Air. It is slim, stylish and powerful yet low priced. Here check out the xiaomi laptop specifications and price.


The Mi Notebook Air comes in two variants: a 12.5 inch model and a 13.3 inch model

Both the variants are slim and light to handle. The 12.5 inch variant measures 0.51 inches thick and weighs 2.36 pounds while the 13.3 inch variant measures 0.58 inches thick and weighs 2.82 pounds. These models are lighter than Apple’s 13 inch Macbook Air.

Both the models of Mi Notebook Air have an aluminum finish in either silver or gold and do not have any logos on the exterior.

CNET reports that the hardware is designed by Tian Mi but Xiaomi sells it under its own name.

Xiaomi laptop specifications and price of 13.3 inch model:

Processor   : dual-core Core i5-6200U


Display : 1080p

Storage : 256GB SSD

Battery : Lasts for 9.5 hours of usage

Accessories : USB-C port, a couple of USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and a backlit keyboard,                                 

                                       GeForce 940MX graphics chip from Nvidia for gaming

Price : 4,999 yuan (roughly $750)

Xiaomi laptop specifications and price of 12.5 inch model:

Processor   : Core M3


Storage : 128GB SSD

Battery : Lasts for 11.5 hours of usage

Price : 3,499 yuan (roughly $525)

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The Mi Notebook Air is reportedly to be released in China first. They can be found in Xiaomi’s stores

from August 2. Only after the release, various other specifications like the feel of the keyboard, the

quality of the display, how hot it runs, bloatware, etc. can be evaluated.

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