Xiaomi Diwali Rs 1 ‘Fake’ sale, Here is the proof

xiomi flashsale trick people

As festive season like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, mobile companies like Xiaomi India are directly giving offers on their products for Diwali Festival on their website and app to get mobile app downloads. To attract more customers, Xiaomi has announced a sale named as ‘Diwali with Mi’.Among all offers Rs 1 sale offer is most lucrative to costumer. Here comes faking Rs 1 trick of MI with proof:

1. Enter the code below in Console (press F12 to open in Mozilla and chrome on desktop)

document.getElementsByClassName(“btn-status-e”)[0].style.display = “block”;

Xiomi fake sale trick

Flashsale trick for redmi note 3

2. You will see the BUY NOW button as shown in picture. Just click on that you will see a picture with message

You are in line…

There are too many people rushing in at the moment, please stay with us.

xiomi rushing people

Which is the same picture you see at the time of sale. And after some time it will show an error message that “We are sorry to tell you this item is sold out.”

Alternatively you can directly like the below code and check


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here comes the technical part:
We tried to grab a product using a Script (See at the end) in 2 different tabs which will click on the buy now button in every 0.2 second starting from 6 PM and 1 Second after 6 PM. respectively and on another window I tried to click on it manually.

As you can see in the video, the same popup appeared and after a few second I showed the same message “We are sorry to tell you this item is sold out”.

When we tried to look into deep of it we find the JavaScript with url “http://static01.global.mifile.cn/js/in/xm.base.js?1410358148” which contains the same message and this is the only message it contains. There is no message for successful addition of product in cart.

Xiomi sale trick proof

These are techniques use by giant mobile company like MI to fool people and get app download. It was totally unexpected from mobile company like MI. Write your opinion in comment box below.

Auto buy Code:

function autobuy() {
if (new Date()
.getTime() > new Date(“Tue Nov 03 2015 18:00:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)”)
.getTime()) document.getElementsByClassName(“btn-status-e”)[0].click();
else setTimeout(function () {
}, 200)

  1. Xiaomi is using the worst way to minimize the advertisement cost. ₹1 flash sale the really fraud by Chinese company.

  2. Not sure about fake or not but I got error saying ‘Network error, please try again later’.
    Does any in this blog got this error, using script in console

  3. I think this is not a fake sale.
    Just calculate the internet users and mi fans-

    Just think 30 products for Re.1 vs All INDIA – (Total At least 10 Lakh MI Fans or more than that)
    which means –
    1) At least 500 – 1,000 customers have 80Mbps-100Mbps connections (Between them at least 100 people are so sharp/genius on web activity)
    2) At least 10,000 – 20,000 customers have 40Mbps-80Mbps connections (Between them at least 1000 are so sharp/genius on web activity)
    3) At least 50,000 – 5,00,000 customers[Including JIO and other users] have 1Mbps-20Mbps connections (Between them at least 2000 are so sharp/genius on web activity)


    .And so on..

    Now think on
    How many of them will Achieve their target ??
    Your answer will be—Lucky one yes.
    Same as like this..
    Product quantities are Very LIMITED with Very HUGE No. of Buyers…
    How can you say it is fake with no proper proof?
    If you don’t get the product for Re.1, you may be unlucky in Millions of people..and obviously you can CRY for that..

    So guys Luck always matters HERE.
    Think AGAIN!!!
    This is the DIWALI GAME..So Play and WIN with your LUCK!!!


    1. hey anmol that article belongs to last year which means 2015 diwali sale is a fake one, this year they are running genuine sale

  4. Flop sale it was the Re 1 sale. the moment the clock struck 2:00pm and you click the button(72mbpsspeed) …the buy button changed to item no longer in stock and sold out……nonsense flash sale…..they posted bogus ID’s of people who “won”…..who knows from those id’s whether they were genuine customers or fake profiles loaded

    1. Yes Nishit even we are sensing the same. If we got any better proof we will update here regarding the recent sale.

      1. Today(18/10/16) i was clicking on the “Grab Now” like a freak and when the timer goes to 00:00 I was shocked to see that “Out of stock” thing. I was clicking before the the grab now show. Very disappointed by Mi. 🙁

  5. Those trying for headphones can buy on Aliexpress. Available for approx. 476/- instead of wasting their time and getting their hopes up !!!

  6. Hi Shravan,

    You may be right. But, thanks to my stars. I managed to get one of the best products in Re.1 flash sale, i.e., Mi Band (Black) worth Rs.799 — without any code manipulations.

    I guess, the idea is to – keep trying and off-course, “luck” plays a major role. I don’t know, whom should I think — Xiaomi India or my luck ? I guess, both. 🙂


    1. Hi
      i got the message, “Your hot seat is booked for awesome Re1 Offer’. dont know what happened to my cart, which displayed a band with price of Rs250/- demanding and washed off in payment process.

      i wrote to them. … let me see..


  7. Check out below code from page source. Product allotted to your session is predefined. In most of the cases it is USB Light 299Rs. Better go to local shop you ‘ll get it for 100 Rs. Dont waste your time.

    <a class="btn-status-e share-btn J_shareBuy" data-gid=”4151000002″data-disabled=”false” href=”javascript:void(0);” data-stat-id=”xxx” onclick=”_msq.push([‘trackEvent’, ‘xxxx-xxxx’, ‘javascript:void(0);’, ‘pcpid’]);”> Buy Now

    var goodsId = {

    rob: ‘4151000002’,
    redmi:[‘4151000003’, ‘4152500017’, ‘4153000022’, ‘4153000023’],
    mi4i:[‘4151700001’, ‘4153000020’, ‘4151700002’, ‘4153000021’, ‘4153000019’, ‘4152700020’],
    mipad:[‘4151000005’, ‘4152500018’]
    star:[‘4153700004’, ‘4153700005’, ‘4153700006’]

    appLocal: {
    name: “in”,
    id: “”

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