Microsoft Windows 10S Price in India & Windows 10S Pro for Free

Windows 10S Price in India

10S Price in India, Windows 10S Price in India, Windows 10S Price: In case if you don’t know Microsoft just announced their latest laptop which they named as Surface Laptop. They announced that Microsoft surface laptop on 2nd May and it will be available from June 15th. The best thing about the surface laptop is it’s price because it’s priced less than 1000% which is very cheap for a laptop which comes with touch screen and i7 processor. This laptop will come with the latest Windows OS which they named it as Windows 10S, here we are presenting Windows 10S price in India.

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Windows 10S Price in India:

Most of the windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 are available for free in the market. Where you need to download illegal windows file and have to use the fake product key. But in this latest Windows 10S user can’t download an illegal file to activate that with fake keys. Because Windows 10S comes with so many restrictions it is just a modified version of Windows 10 but still, it’s much better that any OS in the market. So coming to windows 10s price where the people who brought Microsoft surface laptop will get free Windows 10S and others have to buy.

  • Windows 10S Price: 189$
  • Windows 10S Price in India: 12999 Rs

Windows 10S Pro Price in India:

As mentioned earlier the people who brought Microsoft surface laptop will get windows 10s OS for free, but to enjoy windows 10s pro services user need to pay some amount. So windows 10s pro price in India for Microsoft surface laptop users is 49$ and others have to pay the full amount to enjoy pro services of windows latest OS.

Those who are running windows 10 pro in their laptop will get a free upgrade to windows 10S. They don’t have to pay any money, all you need to do is check for windows update. Download and install the update then restart your system to get brand new windows 10s.

  • Windows 10S Pro price for Surface Laptop Users: 49$
  • Windows 10S Pro for Windows 10 Pro Users: Free
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