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samsung galaxy s5 review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Reviews Reading customer reviews before buying a product is a very important step of the purchase procedure. However, with the boom in the e-commerce industry, the review section of any product has so many comments that a buyer will not be motivated to go through all the reviews. It may so happen that the buyer misses to read an important review as it was hidden among the later pages of the review section. With so many reviews available to the buyer, wouldn’t it be convenient if he could get a gist of all the reviews of the particular product? Well, worry not as in times like these, Feltso comes to the rescue. Just like artificial intelligence will help the humans take better decisions in the future, similarly, Feltso will help the buyers take much accurate decisions before they buy any product by giving them deeper and wider insights into the customer reviews. Feltso automatically goes through all the customer reviews and makes a feature wise compilation of all positive and negative reviews separately. Features such as camera, battery, performance, etc are all mentioned in one single video. So, all the pros and cons of the product are compiled in one single video.

Here we have described Feltso’s review on Samsung Galaxy S5 so that buyers can get an idea about how it works.

Starting with the camera of the S5, maximum reviews conveyed that the phone camera is very good and the picture quality too, is very impressive. A high number of customers reviewed the S5 as a mobile with a “killer” camera, display and Ultra power saver mode. However a few customers did face slight issues with the display. On the looks of the Samsung galaxy S5, most of the customers were extremely satisfied with the design and called it “wonderful”.  A few of them also called it “Nice and slim”.

Looking at the cost, a very large numbers of customers thought it to be a good value for money, calling it a “worthy phone for 23K”. On the other hand handful of customers also thought the opposite and said that it wasn’t a value for money. However, majority of the customers thought it to be a good phone at the price tag of 23K.

The battery of the S5 got a thumbs up for its Ultra power saving mode. Quite a few people mentioned about its overheating problem. There were quite a few negative reviews regarding the network of the S5 as it did not support 4G. Quoting a review, “Samsung may become a relic with such arrogant moves”, said in regard to no 4G support.

A few customers felt that the Samsung galaxy S5 has poor upgradation and they feel the lack of a snapdragon processor. However, many customers felt the phone to be “beautifully fast”.

Talking about the manufacturer and the distributor, many customers were happy with the brand Samsung while many were against the brand. Although, some customers were happy that the price of Samsung galaxy S5 on Flipkart was as low as to Rs. 17,999, the others found it fishy that the price of the phone went down from 43k to 22k, due to which they lost credibility in the brand. Flipkart, the distributor, received contrasting reviews. While some were extremely satisfied with Flipkart shipping, quite a few customers suffered from a delayed delivery. Some also faced issues with they tried to return this product. There were also cases where the customer was satisfied with the phone but said that the courier service was lousy.

Overall, the positive reviews of the phone said that this is the best smart phone in this price range and if this fit the budget, then one should definitely buy it. The negative reviews had adjectives such as “fake” and bekar” for the S5.

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