Trick to apply Whatsapp Fingerprint lock | Whatsapp kids safety Features

Whatsapp fingerprint lock

Want to secure your Whatsapp without downloading any external application? WhatsApp has an in-built feature that enables you to do so. Only you can unlock your Whatsapp with the Whatsapp fingerprint lock in your mobile. Sometimes kids/children/friends/wife/husband open your Whatsapp but there are some official or personal files that you don’t want to show anybody. At such times, it becomes a very awkward situation to deal with. In such a situation you need to lock only your Whatsapp.  Now, Whatsapp has launched the feature of unlocking it with the figure print lock method. Let’s discuss how to use Whatsapp fingerprint lock.

Why you should not download an external app doesn’t to lock your Whatsapp?

Sometimes, we download an external application on our WhatsApp. In such a situation, the external application provider asks us some basic permission and we simply allow them thinking these permissions might be necessary to lock your Whatsapp. But these permissions can allow the applications to leak your personal or confidential data. So now onward,s you need not download any external application to lock your WhatsApp. You can simply set these settings in your Whatsapp and relax about your data. Let’s see how to configure these settings.

Required hardware in your smartphone to use this feature

To configure this feature in your smartphone it should have basic hardware. The only thing your smartphone must-have is a fingerprint scanner. It can have a physical or In-Display Fingerprint Scanner. See top Upcoming Smartphones that supporLet’sgerprint scanner.

How to Configure settings to apply Whatsapp Fingerprint lock to your Whatsapp?

Configuring these settings on your phone can help you save yourself from a Data breach. Only you or the person you want can have access to your Whatsapp account. It acts like a child lock for small children too. So, let’s check out the steps to apply the Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock on your Whatsapp.

To apply Whatsapp fingerprint lock to your Whatsapp you need to use the following steps:

  • First of all, uninstall all those applications you have been using to lock your Whatsapp until now. Even if it is a Mi/Realme/Samsung/other mobile’s security app, turn it off!
  • Open your Whatsapp
  • Open options from the three verticle dots at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select settings from the options.
  • Select account settings from the given options.
  • Now, select the Privacy option.
  • Here you will see Fingerprint lock.
  • Please select it and put your finger on the fingerprint scanner of your smartphone.
  • Select the options from the given options about when you want to apply the fingerprint. Immediately enables the fingerprint every time you open Whatsapp. When you use the after one minute option, you have to use the fingerprint one minute after you close Whatsapp and the same happens when you choose after 30 minutes.

Now, your settings are configured and you are all set to use the Whatsapp fingerprint lock-unlock feature. This lock is trusted and provided by Whatsapp itself. So, you don’t have to worry about your security or data breach. Whatsapp trick to send messages to more than 5 members at a time?

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