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Trick To Buy Redmi Note 4 Flash Sale Auto Buy Script

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  1. ravi says:

    please update for 15/02 slae…

  2. harsh says:

    my redmi note 4 got stuck in cart. Currently its still in cart. Can I proceed from cart during next sale ?

  3. ravi says:

    please update for 2pm sale…

  4. ravi says:

    i was able to buy successfully…thanks flipshope …it was a great extension

    1. Shravan says:

      please give us your rating on chrome store.. 😀

  5. DilrAj says:

    Thank you
    just now i order redmi 4 3gb 32gb mobile thanks for flipshope extension its osam

  6. Yatin Deshpande says:

    pop up is not coming on flipkart and mi now for redmi note 4 4gb ram varient even though i checked on it in flipshope extension please help sale is in 1 hr

    1. Shravan says:

      We hope that you got the product.. 🙂

  7. shailander yadav says:

    why there is no option for the black variant of redmi note 4

    1. Yatin Deshpande says:

      It is not yet released buy mi for sale on flipkart or thats why you cant buy it!

  8. teja says:

    please update extension…

  9. ravi says:

    please update extension for 8th Feb sale…

    1. Shravan says:

      it’s been already updtaed…

  10. Mark philip says:

    Did anyone get redmi note 4 of 4 gb ram 64gb rom please let me know…bucz few ppl wer telling tat 64gb is not yet realsed

    1. Shravan says:

      mark, it’s been released please check the attached video. I have given the proof on how to buy redmi note 4 4GB variant from our extension.

  11. hardik says:

    is any pin code require after auto click on buy now button by flipshop extension?
    i tried to buy from flipkart app but after click on buy now button it shows enter the pin code but when i enter it shows no seller available at this place.

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah sometimes it will happen, so do check the pincode just before the sale.

      1. hardik says:

        but before sale starts there is no option to check pin code. can you tell me which pin code is right everytime if my pincode is failed?

        1. Shravan says:

          please do check it on mi site, we are also providing auto-buy on their site.

          1. hardik says:

            can i use this extension on both site at same time if no then how can i use it on both site at same time?

          2. Shravan says:

            you can use in both sites

  12. ghanesh says:

    when is the next sale again ?

  13. ghanesh says:

    dude this is jus bogus! within a min how can it be sold out in jus few secs?

    1. Shravan says:

      the competition is huge, try on 8th feb where you can use our extension auto-checkout features.

  14. Harsh says:

    Even After using the flipshope. It came you are in a queue then out of stock what to do ????
    neither we have F-code

    1. Shravan says:

      we are working on it, sale went out of stock in a second. With the help of flipshope you are able to join the queue

      1. Indra Kiran says:

        Same Problem occurred to me in 12:00 PM sale but bought it in 2:00 PM sale comfortably using the flipshope. THANK YOU Mr. Shravan for making our lives simpler. By the way what is F-code and where can I get details about it ?

  15. Shounak Devbhuti says:

    popup not showing in 2:00pm sale page…it was showing at 12:00pm sale page

    1. Shravan says:

      please update the extension

  16. ravi says:

    whether we have to select the variant or it will add directly to cart….after clicking buy now it showed variants???

  17. ravi says:

    is there any trick for unpaid orders 2pm sale…on

  18. ghanesh says:

    what abt the address filling page? where and when would that happen ? that requires sometime to fill right? is there anyway that can be auto filled and is COD option available for this so i neednt waste time on filling bank or card details?

    1. Shravan says:

      hey once you got the product in cart, then you will get 2 hours time. So fill the address and payment details proceed to checkout

      1. ghanesh says:

        hi is that exclusive 2 hour access like is it blocked in my cart ?

  19. Harikrishna Patel says:

    Hello Admin,

    Can you please help me in ordering 20 pcs of redmi note 4 64GB Gold from as quick as possible?

    1. Shravan says:

      please use our extension script to get the mobiles, but you can only get 2-3 mobiles from one laptop

  20. pradyumna gupta says:

    there is no pop up being shown for confirmation for registration ……..what should i do ????

    1. Shravan says:

      on which site are you trying..? and may i know the page link

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