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Redmi Note 4 Flash Sale Auto Buy Script Trick To Buy

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  1. Sanjay butani says:

    If you want to buy more then 3 phone of any Redmi phone please contact me . I will charge only for booking, and you get product from Amazon and you have to pay cash on delivery

  2. Pavani kademane says:

    I placed order in today’s sale just bc of u. Thank u so much flipshope.

    1. Shravan says:


  3. mohd danish says:

    i want to purchace redmi 4 2/16 gb gold

  4. rafi says:

    redmi note4

  5. Deepika says:

    It really works! Thanks a lot for this extension.

  6. Vil Sharma says:

    any trick for pre order to confirm order… in this ext. it is not working in pre order …

  7. Pavani kademane says:

    Thank u so much flipshope.. U are amazing. I got my Redmi note 4 delivered today. I booked it in yesterday’s sale. If you were not there, may be I won’t have got the phone. Thank you.

  8. Shishupal says:


  9. mohamed anas says:

    redmi note 4(64gb) avilable black and gold . i ordered today in flipkart .. if anyone wants call or whatsapp me 8300321072. i will change the delivery address to your address in flipkart.

  10. Tera tau says:

    Auto check out doesn’t work on flipkart.

    1. mohamed anas says:

      call or whatsapp me ..8300321072
      redmi note 4(64gb)
      gold ->13800
      COD available

  11. mohamed anas says:

    i have ordered on flipkart flash sale 21-4-2017.. pay me ₹500.. i will change the delivery address to.. watsapp or call me 8300321072

  12. sanu says:

    Many many thanks to u,,, i sucessfully oder redmi note 4,, U r genious……

  13. shishupal says:


  14. Gagandeep Kamboj says:

    Redmi note4 flash sale Rs.1

  15. Osama Ansari says:

    bhai main 2 month se try kar raha hu ek bbhi buy nhi ho raha aur btao ki time kaise sync karu step by step btana plxxx

  16. Sanath says:

    Thanks you. It worked very well as described. I was able to book my redimi note 4 black 4 GB RAM using this tool in the last flipkart flash sale on 05/04/2017. Thank you very much one again.

  17. Sanath says:

    Thanks you. It worked very well as described. I was able to book my redimi note 4 black 4 GB RAM using this tool in the last flipkart flash sale on 05/03/2017. Thank you very much one again.

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah mi site did that, well don’t worry tomorrow you will get perfect sale pages for both mobiles.

  18. farhan says:

    do i need to set time zone as indian standard time or any time zone will work
    i live in saudi arabia

    1. Shravan says:

      No you must choose IST

      1. farhan says:

        i have set my time zone as IST i hope it gets me My beloved phone redmi <3 note 4

  19. Hamid Mukadam says:

    I have Sealed pack Redmi Note 4. Want to sell in 12500. To purchase please contact 9920223020.

    1. farhan says:

      y you wanna sell
      can you deliver it?

  20. Aditya anil says:

    Hey in mine flipshop is showing “you are registered for automatic checkout/add to cart for next sale on flipshop”
    i didnt register anything. This is not a few minutes before the sale.i just checked it randomly.

    1. Shravan says:

      you confirmed your registration on our extension icon, don’t worry that is just a sign to show for which mobile you have registered for

  21. Maharshi says:

    Iss phone ko cart me lene ke baad currently peyment karna jaruri hai? Mene cart me liya per stoke out ho gaya.. To me payment kaha se karu…

    1. Shravan says:

      in Flipkart you have to do the immediate payment and in mi they will give u one hour to complete the payment.

      1. farhan says:

        cash on delivery ni hai kya?

  22. Kresi says:

    I’m reading all the articles but still im confuse so please can you describe step by step from top to bottom?

    1. Shravan says:

      please watch our video everything is clearly mentioned in that

  23. naresh says:

    Mi note 4

  24. dharmendra says:

    Despite of using flipshope extension , no add to cart option appeared and even after sold out notification, green extension keep refreshing flipkart site. I think merchant site has blocked the extension. Please comment so that I can decide whether I should trust extension for next sale.

    1. Shravan says:

      hello dharmendra, no one can block our extension. Maybe there were some glitches during the sale we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please do give it a try in next sale it will surely work

  25. Yuvraj Kohli says:

    Thank You very much brother i bought dark grey 64 gb 4 gb and successfully got it will buy black colour today thanks in advance once again

  26. vijayraj says:

    Hello i want to buy black colour but its not showing in extension. Please add it.

    1. Shravan says:

      it’s been updated.. 😀

  27. jaspreet says:

    Why the extension is not showing redmi note 4 Black 32gb version ??
    While the mi site is showing this variant

    1. Shravan says:

      we will update in few mins

  28. sumer says:

    your extension is really good till now i ordered 8 RN4 using your extension and please update script for 1 march matte black edition.

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah sumer we will update it by tonight 😀

  29. Nikhil says:

    Bhai note 4 black ka option kab ayega?? 1st march ko mob lena hai usse pehle aa jayega na??

    1. Shravan says:

      ha we will add it soon

  30. hardik says:

    my redmi note 4 is still in flipkarts cart, i cant checkout due to address and pin code problem can i directly procced to checkout in next sale from cart or readd to cart and then checkout?

  31. Praveen says:

    nice products.
    really MI is doing best in mobiles and its services

  32. Vaibhav says:

    It did not show any pop up. Only the flipshope banners is shwoing in the middle right of google chrome. Please help

  33. ravi says:

    please update for 15/02 slae…

  34. harsh says:

    my redmi note 4 got stuck in cart. Currently its still in cart. Can I proceed from cart during next sale ?

  35. ravi says:

    please update for 2pm sale…

  36. ravi says:

    i was able to buy successfully…thanks flipshope …it was a great extension

    1. Shravan says:

      please give us your rating on chrome store.. 😀

  37. DilrAj says:

    Thank you
    just now i order redmi 4 3gb 32gb mobile thanks for flipshope extension its osam

  38. Yatin Deshpande says:

    pop up is not coming on flipkart and mi now for redmi note 4 4gb ram varient even though i checked on it in flipshope extension please help sale is in 1 hr

    1. Shravan says:

      We hope that you got the product.. 🙂

  39. shailander yadav says:

    why there is no option for the black variant of redmi note 4

    1. Yatin Deshpande says:

      It is not yet released buy mi for sale on flipkart or thats why you cant buy it!

  40. teja says:

    please update extension…

  41. ravi says:

    please update extension for 8th Feb sale…

    1. Shravan says:

      it’s been already updtaed…

  42. Mark philip says:

    Did anyone get redmi note 4 of 4 gb ram 64gb rom please let me know…bucz few ppl wer telling tat 64gb is not yet realsed

    1. Shravan says:

      mark, it’s been released please check the attached video. I have given the proof on how to buy redmi note 4 4GB variant from our extension.

  43. hardik says:

    is any pin code require after auto click on buy now button by flipshop extension?
    i tried to buy from flipkart app but after click on buy now button it shows enter the pin code but when i enter it shows no seller available at this place.

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah sometimes it will happen, so do check the pincode just before the sale.

      1. hardik says:

        but before sale starts there is no option to check pin code. can you tell me which pin code is right everytime if my pincode is failed?

        1. Shravan says:

          please do check it on mi site, we are also providing auto-buy on their site.

          1. hardik says:

            can i use this extension on both site at same time if no then how can i use it on both site at same time?

          2. Shravan says:

            you can use in both sites

  44. ghanesh says:

    when is the next sale again ?

  45. ghanesh says:

    dude this is jus bogus! within a min how can it be sold out in jus few secs?

    1. Shravan says:

      the competition is huge, try on 8th feb where you can use our extension auto-checkout features.

  46. Harsh says:

    Even After using the flipshope. It came you are in a queue then out of stock what to do ????
    neither we have F-code

    1. Shravan says:

      we are working on it, sale went out of stock in a second. With the help of flipshope you are able to join the queue

      1. Indra Kiran says:

        Same Problem occurred to me in 12:00 PM sale but bought it in 2:00 PM sale comfortably using the flipshope. THANK YOU Mr. Shravan for making our lives simpler. By the way what is F-code and where can I get details about it ?

  47. Shounak Devbhuti says:

    popup not showing in 2:00pm sale page…it was showing at 12:00pm sale page

    1. Shravan says:

      please update the extension

  48. ravi says:

    whether we have to select the variant or it will add directly to cart….after clicking buy now it showed variants???

  49. ravi says:

    is there any trick for unpaid orders 2pm sale…on

  50. ghanesh says:

    what abt the address filling page? where and when would that happen ? that requires sometime to fill right? is there anyway that can be auto filled and is COD option available for this so i neednt waste time on filling bank or card details?

    1. Shravan says:

      hey once you got the product in cart, then you will get 2 hours time. So fill the address and payment details proceed to checkout

      1. ghanesh says:

        hi is that exclusive 2 hour access like is it blocked in my cart ?

  51. Harikrishna Patel says:

    Hello Admin,

    Can you please help me in ordering 20 pcs of redmi note 4 64GB Gold from as quick as possible?

    1. Shravan says:

      please use our extension script to get the mobiles, but you can only get 2-3 mobiles from one laptop

  52. pradyumna gupta says:

    there is no pop up being shown for confirmation for registration ……..what should i do ????

    1. Shravan says:

      on which site are you trying..? and may i know the page link

  53. nakul mehta says:

    mi website par nhi popup aa rha haui

    1. bhanu says:

      anyone want to buy a mi note 4… it is only 2 days old. i want to sale it.

      1. tushar saini says:

        Number do apna

  54. ravi says:

    in website there is only one link for all colours in sale page…but in extension there is seperate link for colour…how to buy it???please reply

    1. Shravan says:

      All steps were clearely mentioned in the blog, please do check it

    2. ravi says:

      is it required to refresh page on,if necessary when we should refresh

      1. Shravan says:

        No need to refresh, our extension will do the work in the background.

  55. Vijay Pawar says:

    Nahi hua bhai purchase mobile last moment par error show kar rha tha flipkart par

    1. Indra Kiran says:

      Bought a MI Note 4 in flash sale today from MI store. THANK YOU FLIPSHOPE. Though the product was out of stock in a minute, I could purchase one. All credits to this wonderful extension.

  56. vinit pancha; says:

    which server is choose for set time to internet time

    1. Shravan says:

      Just choose internet timing from the settings

  57. Surendra Pal Singh says:

    Jio 4g 3g mobile me nahi chal pa reha nahi chal reha

  58. Surendra Pal Singh says:

    Jio 4g 3g mobile me nahi chal pa reha

  59. Sanjay says:

    Can you tell me what we should do after the green notification appears

  60. susheel says:

    after adding it to cart how much time will get to complete the transaction …will i get 1-2mnts ?? because on first sale i didn;t use any extension to buy redmi 4 note ..i tried to buy it thru normal steps from flipkarrt and within 1 mnt it was sold out ,,,

  61. surajit guchchhait says:

    Baghajathin pruba phoolbaghan. 7/1

  62. Talpada narendra kumar Kiran bhai says:

    I have phone 1000 rs good

  63. Talpada narendra kumar Kiran bhai says:

    I have to buy 1000 jio reliance 4g smart

  64. santosh rajal says:

    Jio 4g rs 1000 mobile chahia

  65. Junaid says:

    Why did u delete my comment???

  66. John says:

    do we get atleast 5 min to make payments and enter delivery address or less than tht ?

    1. Shravan says:

      no you won’t get any time, if the products were in stock then you will get more time. I would suggest you to go with our auto-checkout where it will directly take you to the payment page

      1. Prashant says:

        i tried auto-checkout , but it was just taking me to the cart page, and from where it got deleted after i clicked ‘order now’ button.. it happened a few times. Finally, couldn’t buy it 🙁

  67. SAM says:

    Thanks bro succesfully ordered REDMI NOTE 4G

  68. Amit Panwar says:

    What happen after added to cart can i buy it at any time even its out of stock on web side ???

    1. Shravan says:

      no you must complete the payment before it goes out of stock

      1. Biris says:

        Hi Shravan.. Could you recommended a trick or two to get past the payment process quicker
        . some kind autofiller ? Or am i just typing fast and hoping for the best?

        1. Shravan says:

          Hi biris our extension is already providing one feature that is called auto-check out, it is only available on Flipkart site. Here is the link:

  69. Paramesh Mondal says:

    How I add redmi note 4 on cart on flash shale?

  70. Prashant says:

    Gajab mobile h Bhai

  71. manoj kr mahto says:

    I want to buy 1000 reliance jio 4g smartphone

  72. manoj kr mahto says:

    I want to buy 1000 R’s reliance good 4g smart phone which support volte

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