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Trick To Buy Redmi 4A Flash Sale Script Auto-Buy on Amazon

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  1. Abdul says:

    Any trick to buy from Mobile not PC

    1. Shravan says:

      no you just need to try manually from amazon app

  2. hh says:

    Fookers keeping 1k commission I wil buy when it comes to open sale

    1. Shravan says:

      who is keeping 1k commission..?

  3. anurag says:

    hello admin, i want to order 30 redmi 4a 15 gold 15 gray/black so what how can i order it in next sale

    1. Shravan says:

      from one laptop you can order two mobiles, one is normal mode and other is incognito mode. So to order 30 mobiles you should have minimum of 15 laptops and all of them must run on sale time.

  4. Ajay says:

    i want redmi 4A in bulk,
    book and earn.
    whats app

  5. Ashish says:

    I want Redmi 4A. Plz contact me on 9429980255. I will pay 250/- extra. Plz contact me.

  6. devesh says:

    i want to know that chrome extension will work even if 12am sale is postponded to 3pm for redmi 4a

    1. Shravan says:

      yes it will work

  7. Ashvin makwana says:

    I want in bulk
    Will pay 250 per piece

    1. Shravan says:

      Please mail your details at cs@flipshope.com

  8. Ashvin makwana says:

    I want bulk in next sale can you arrange it
    Will pay 250 per piece

    1. Shravan says:

      Hello Ashvin,

      Can you ping us at cs@flipshope.com Just mention all the details like delivery address and mode of payment?


    i want to buy redmi 4a but i can’t order i have no laptop how to order by android mobile pls help and and what is tha procces

    1. Shravan says:

      I would suggest you to pre-order from mi.com on every Friday, That is the only way for you to get the mobile

  10. Preetam YADAV says:

    Extension is very good and useful but it also open an another tab automatically after clicking on buy now button please solve this

    1. Preetam YADAV says:

      Please reply

    2. Shravan says:

      yeah from next sale you won’t face that problem

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