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Trick for buying Redmi 3s Prime and 3s from Flipkart Open Sale, Today Sale

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  1. bloggerharsh says:

    Will I be able to buy the redmi 3s with exchange offer using flipshope extension??

    1. Shravan says:

      yes you can… 🙂

  2. Akhil Sivadas says:

    It is not possible to take the exchange offer if we use flipshope for redmi 3s in flipkart because the offer comes only when sale is on and once sale begins flipshope autoadds the product to cart and once the product is added to the cart, taking that offer is disallowed by flipkart. Can anything be done to change this???
    Please reply

    1. Shravan says:

      yeah akhil you can do an alternative open two windows one in normal mode and other in incognito. Let keep the one in safe in other you can go for exchange offer

  3. Kris says:

    Must I login to Flipshope to get the autobuy feature … or just logging into flipkart alone would do ?

    1. Shravan says:

      just flipkart login will do

  4. himanshu says:

    hey shrvan when will be next sale happend

  5. kishore says:

    what about champ1 mobile?

    1. kishore says:


  6. siddharth says:

    Hey shravan kudos to flipshope the extension worked and I was able to order redmi 3s. But it is being sold by supercomnet instead of ws retail as normally in flash sales the seller is ws retail which is not in my case so I doubt the authenticity of the product and think that the product can be defective. please tell whether I should cancel the order?

    1. Rishi Raj Kalra says:

      Hi Siddharth, did you get the product now.. How is it? Is it original?

  7. jatin says:

    Trick works nicely

  8. ron says:

    it’s in my cart yet it is showing out of stock. how can i process this order ?

  9. Akhil Sivadas says:

    I got it in my cart but was not able to avail the exchange offer. I did not have an option to go to the product page and select exchange phone details. Is it not possible if we use flipshope? Please throw light on this issue.

  10. Mohuddin says:

    Wow it worked with Flipkart. But Flipkart opened sale 5 mins ahead. lucky me.

    Hope Flipkart wont cancel the order. and say ” you tried to trick us. so we tricked you :(”

    Also hope it s genuine product

  11. subn says:

    your trick didnt help me buy redmi 3s prime
    very very disappinted

  12. Asif says:

    Flipkart started sale couple of mins before 12 pm.

  13. RAHUL RAWAT says:

    Shravan redmi 3s is available for cash on delivery on flipkart?

  14. Amol says:

    If we add it to cart on Flipkart then within how much time we have to do payment?

    1. Shravan says:

      flipkart usually gives couple of hours

    2. Raj says:


      I have the redmi 3s prime phone in my cart but somehow it kept on throwing one or the other error related to out of stock etc. since the sale started today noon – its still there in the cart as of now (ie. lasting more than 2hrs.) .On refreshing, sometimes the price for the item appears and I’m able to proceed with the order till address page/some times till payment page – then it throws some error . Checked with Flipkart CC , they mentioned that if its in the cart, then I’ll be able to place the order but its more than 2.5 hrs. now . Now, for the last 15mins, even on refreshing , its not showing the price of the item in the cart section . Pls advise as to what measures can I take .

  15. Aditya says:

    Xiaomi smartphones are available in offline store infact they have their authorised distribution channel partners. The only thing is that the new models are online exclusive for few days and then it is available offline.

  16. Shravan says:

    no we don’t have any

  17. Abhishek lenka says:

    i have tried 4 times.fallowed the procedures. right side pop up turns blue.it showed no of times it cliked.but unable to add to my cart.plz help me.every time i became frustrated

    1. Shravan says:

      hey abhishek we are sorry to hear that, if you need better understanding i recommend you to check out our youtube channel. We added many flash sale videos over there.

      1. balaji says:

        shravan network error is getting poped up when i try to book note 3 in flash sale

        1. Shravan says:

          the error is because of huge demand of mi site at that time, it is mi official site problem not ours

  18. Sandeep says:

    Thnku dost

  19. Sandeep says:

    Sarvan bhai order confirmed ho jaye to kya credit card ke bhi payment option ayega kya isme

    1. Shravan says:

      ha it will add to the cart, rest is your choice buy it or not.. 🙂

  20. rishabh says:

    it did’t work for i follow all the steps 1mins before the sale extention starts clicking but didn’t get it

    1. Shravan says:

      We are very sorry rishabh, does it turned to green..? If u need any video tutorials you can search for flipshope in youtube. Everything is clearly explained in our flash sale videos.

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