List of Virtual Reality Headsets available in India

Virtual Reality Headsets

In the recent days everyone is using Virtual Reality Headsets, recently lenovo killer note 5 made a launch day offer for these Virtual Reality Headsets they gave away that product for 500INR only, where the actual cost is 1299. The year 2016 my very well be called the year of virtual reality. The Indian market is all set for virtual reality headsets. Virtual reality is not an unknown term for computer gamers but now has grabbed the spotlight because of its use with our mobile headsets. Yes you heard it right virtual reality is going to be coupled with your moble headsets.

The VR headsets are connected to the headsets using the standard USB. The headsets provide users with immersive virtual reality with features like 360degree viewing adjustable focus and sensors for positional and rotational tracking. It takes entertainment and games on a mobile phone to a whole new level.

Here is a list of Virtual Reality Headsets available in India.

1.LG 360 Virtual Reality Headsets: 

The newest headset available in the Indian market it costs Rs.18,900 and is exclusively designed for the LG G5 phones. It’s less immersive than the Gear headset and Oculus rift headsets. It’s light weight and the newest VR in the market. LG is surely going to learn from their mistake and improve to try and continue their run in the VR brandwagon.

2.The Gear Virtual Reality Headsets:

The Gear VR works with high end smart phones and is quoted at a price of Rs.8,200. Designed in collaboration with Facebook and Oculus it is the best piece available to experience VR. You need to mount the phone inside the headset but the navigation keys help you change the views rather than taking the phone out every time.

3.Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets:

The Google Cardboard works with the cardboard app on the Google playstore  available on most phones. At a cost of mere 300/- this is the cheapest way to experience VR. Just slip your phones into the headset and enjoy.

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