Sony WF-XB700 and WF- SP800N headphones Specifications

Sony WF-XB700 and WF- SP800N Earbuds Features & Specifications

Sony confirmed two wireless earbuds in India. The Sony WF-XB700 TWS earbuds are released on June 24,2020 and Sony WF- SP800N earbuds will be released on June 26,2020. Both the wireless earbuds contain extra bass, punchy sound, and connect through Bluetooth 5.0.

The Sony WF-SP800N earbuds consists of Adaptive Sound Control which helps to automatically detect user’s voice with Digital Noise Cancelling. In addition, it has touch control settings to play, stop, or skip between tracks and adjust the volume. It is water and sweat resistant and has long battery life. The earbuds attained a IP55 rating. These can last up to 9h with NC and 13h without NC battery life. It can charge up to 18h with NC and 26h without NC when charged with the help of a charging case. These earbuds have ‘Noise cancellation’ function.

Sony WF-XB700

The Sony WF-XB700 earbuds has 12mm drivers with ‘Extra Bass’ technology which creates punchy bass rhythms and vocal clarity. It contains a special design for a secure and comfortable fit. In addition, it has water-resistant (IPX4) and gives a 9 hour long battery life. It can charge up to 18 hours with the help of a charging case. These earbuds have ‘Extra Bass’ technology.

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Sony WF-SP800N Earbuds Specifications

Smart Use :

These earbuds are suited for an active lifestyle. So splashes, sweat and dust won’t stop the water-resistant earbuds in any workout. The users can wash them after a training session in gym. However these will work even after wash. These earbuds attained IP55 rating.

Never miss a beat with the earbuds with the help of wearing detection, which automatically detects when any user takes the earbuds out. The users can pause the music instantly when they remove one of the earbuds out and the music will automatically resume when they place the earbud back again. However the users can select a preferred listening style when taking a hands-free call or listening to music. They can enjoy music and have fun talking with stereo sound on both earbuds. Also they can use one earbud when the other is on charge.

Design :

A soft cushion arc supporter and a 3D curve design gives a secure and comfortable fit. The earbuds are unmoved even if the users are running on a race or walking on the treadmill.

Sony WF-SP888N

Battery :

Further the earbuds are not slowed with limited battery power. A charging case will charge WF- SP800N TWS earbuds. So the users can power up on the go. The case helps the users to enjoy music up to 18 hours of music playback with noise cancelling on for a full charge, and up to 26 hours without charge. However a 10 minute quick charging gives up to 60 minutes of music playback.

Bluetooth :

These earbuds has a Bluetooth chip borrowed from WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds coupled with an optimized antenna design. The wireless earbuds ensure a stable connection with outstanding listening.

Beat Boost :

The WF-SP800N contains the latest noise cancelling technology to block distractions like sounds of the horns or in the gym. So the users can relax with the beats.

The beat of the music helps to enhance performance with Extra Bass so that the earphones can deliver powerful, punchy, low-end sound. So it can energize the user throughout a workout. With the free Sony Headphones Connect companion app, one can customize the sound experience to the desired taste. The equalizer on the app enables to customize the sound level to suit the music and activities. Further it can create a relaxed listening experiences on the work or boost bass to power the workout.

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Smart Listening :

The WF-SP800N lets the users to enjoy 360 Reality Audio, an immersive audio experience utilising object-based audio technology with an Android smartphone/iPhone which has a participating streaming services app. The 360 Reality Audio listening experience makes the users enjoy the music. Listeners can enjoy a custom immersive musical field that is perfectly optimized for each user with the WF-SP800N TWS earbuds.

The Ambient Sound Mode on the WF-SP800N headphones helps to control the sounds. The users can also customize the ambient sound settings to your preference using the Sony Headphones Connect companion app from level 0 to level 20.

The WF-SP800N also has an Advanced Adaptive Sound Control that automatically detects the status of the user and then adjusts ambient sound settings to suit the environment.

Smart Control :

Smart control technology allows to play, stop or skip throughout the music. A user can adjust the volume by placing a finger over the right earbud. Also he/she can turn down the music to hear around by placing a finger on the left earbud. A quick attention function turns the volume down and allows the ambient sound. So the users can chat with friends/colleagues without removing the earbuds.

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A soft cushion arc supporter and a 3D curve design gives a secure and comfortable fit.
There is a smart function which allows to manage a day with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. However the users can enjoy entertainment, connect with friends, get information, listen to music, see notifications, and set reminders.

The SP800N headset works against the Apple AirPods (2nd Gen), Samsung Galaxy Buds, and Jabra Elite 75t. It has an advantage because of the presence of active noise cancellation.

Price and Launch Date in India :

The Sony WF- SP800N earbuds may contain Black, Blue, and White colors which can price around Rs.18990 in India. It will be introduced from June 26,2020 across online and offline channels.

Sony WF-XB700 Earbuds Specifications and Features

Smart Use :

Sony also introduced the truly wireless WF-XB700 Earbuds. With EXTRA BASS technology, these TWS earbuds create precise, punchy rhythms that lift every track and maintain vocal clarity for a rich listening experience.

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Bluetooth :

BLUETOOTH wireless technology removes the need for wired connections for ease of use. Also the Ergonomic Tri-hold structure creates a comfortable fit.

Sony WF-XB700

Battery :

The users can enjoy up to 18 hours of listening with the help of charging case. These earbuds can function up to 60 minutes of music playback with 10 minutes quick charge.

Smart Listening :

The WF-XB700 headphones have an IPX4 rating and is water resistant. It can protect against splashes and sweat. So the users can listen to the music in the rain or at the gym. The users can even customise the settings using the Sony Headphones Connect app. Let in ambient sound while running outside, reduce unwanted noise while in the office and boost the bass in the gym.

Extra Bass :

The more affordable of the two true wireless headsets launched by Sony is the WF-XB700 as it has an Extra Bass range. So the earphones can be tuned for better volumes, and support for the SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. The TWS earbuds can be charged with the help of charging case through USB Type C port.

The WF-XB700 is introduced as Sony makes an impact on the increase in demand for mid range wireless earphones in the Indian market. The ‘Extra Bass’ tag attracts the Indian listeners, who tend to prefer earphones which sound with new functions.

Price and Launch Date in India :

The Sony WF-XB700 TWS earbuds arrive in Black and Blue colors. It will cost around Rs.9900 in India. It will be introduced from June 24,2020 across online and offline channels.

Sony WF-XB700 And WF- SP800N Verdict 

Out of Sony WF-XB700 And WF- SP800N wireless earbuds, the more affordable is the WF-XB700 as it has an Extra Bass range. There are no earbuds at the price of Sony WF-XB700 And WF- SP800N earbuds which are efficient and effective.

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