Snapdragon 821 vs 835 processor comparison and full details

 Snapdragon 821 vs Snapdragon 835 processor comparison and full details, Snapdragon 821 details, Snapdragon 835 details: Qualcomm detailed the Snapdragon 835 during its CES keynote 2017, giving us a glimpse as to what’s new in this year’s latest flagship SoC. Since then the debate has heated up over the Snapdragon 821 vs Snapdragon 835 battle of performance. The Snapdragon 835 is the newest member of Snapdragon 800 series with eight Kryo 280 Cores and 10nm manufacturing Process. The Snapdragon 835 gives improvements over almost all the other features on the 821 SoC board, and Qualcomm has also added a lot of new features. These include Bluetooth 5, 802.11ad Wi-Fi, Gigabit LTE, and a lot more other interesting feature upgrades. This will give a slew of new performance upgrade to the latest generation of smartphones coming out this year. These smartphones are the upcoming touted flagship killer OnePlus 5 and the flagship Android smartphone by HMD known as Nokia 9 and many more.

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Snapdragon 821 vs Snapdragon 835 processor:

The 14nm Snapdragon 821 was a big success last year due to its superb performance delivery and low power consumption compared to its counterpart 820. But Qualcomm has decided to move to the 10nm node using the latest in the transistor nanotechnology by the R&D team of Qualcomm in collaboration with Samsung’s R&D team. This has allowed Qualcomm to register huge gains in energy efficiency and performance. The Snapdragon 835 is 27% faster while compared to Snapdragon 821. It also consumes 40% less energy than 821. It is also 30 % lighter than the last year’s Snapdragon 821. Snapdragon 835 is the first processor by Qualcomm to use their latest Quick charge 4.0 Fast charging technology, which will charge a smartphone at a much faster rate than Quick charge 3.0. Here’s a detailed comparison of the improvements and features between the Snapdragon 821 vs Snapdragon 835.

Snapdragon 821 vs Snapdragon 835 processor comparison:

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Snapdragon 821 vs Snapdragon 835 processor comparison results:

It is clear from the comparison that the Snapdragon 835 wins the battle of supremacy in Snapdragon 821 vs Snapdragon 835. This is due to its higher clock speed using the little big architecture while using lesser power and giving the smartphones a variety of new features. It is set to give tough competition to the latest SoC from other companies such as Apple A10, Samsung’s latest Exynos 8895.

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