Smartphone With A Holographic Display – RED Hydrogen One

Smartphone With A Holographic Display

Smartphone With A Holographic Display – RED Hydrogen One, New Smartphone From Red Called Hydrogen One: There are a lot of smartphones being made every month. The companies are getting better and better and also creating creative new tools of your imagination. Each of these phones is getting a different kind of feature or something that sets them apart from the competition in the market. Some phones have a great camera or a dual lens technology. Many other devices come with a high-end 4 K display for the best viewing experience as the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

There are phones which also have a big battery size to last a few days with a full charge like the Redmi Note 5. All these smartphones are trying to be better than the competition. But what they are missing is the ridiculousness in their ideas and innovations. These innovations come through years of hard work and utmost dedication to the task. That is what the company RED has managed to do with their latest smartphone called the Red Hydrogen One. It is a Smartphone With A Holographic Display.

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Smartphone With A Holographic Display – RED Hydrogen One:

This is exactly what Red has done with their new smartphone. Camera creator and popular for their high-end camera, Red has reported its first cell phone called Hydrogen One. As indicated by the organization, Hydrogen One is the world’s first ‘holographic media machine, in your pocket.’ The device is an all in one holographic media player and creator in itself. The cell phone gets a 5.7-inch Hydrogen holographic show with nanotechnology. The technology they are talking about has been in works for years now but hadn’t been perfected. Red though seems to have done that exactly. It bolsters different substance sorts like 2D, holographic RED Hydrogen 4-View (H4V), 3D, manufactured reality (AR), Virtual reality (VR), blended reality (MR) and intelligent recreations. The organization asserts no glasses or headsets are required to view and appreciate content on Red Hydrogen One.

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Smartphone With A Holographic Display – RED Hydrogen One:

RED HYDROGEN ONE display lets you View all traditional 2D content normally at full-screen resolution without any setback. But what is amazing about the device is that it lets you also View holographic RED Hydrogen 4-view content (H4V). You can enjoy the stereo 3D content and 2D/3D VR, AR and MR formats as well.

“Embedded in the OS is a proprietary H3O algorithm that converts stereo sound to expensive multi-dimensional audio. Think 5.1 on your headphones. The perfect match for holographic H4V or just listening to your favorite tunes,” read company’s blog post.

The cameras in the device though won’t deliver the silver screen quality picture, yet there will have measured framework to include picture quality well past whatever another camera shy of our expert cameras. This is done using the modules concept which Moto is using as their Moto mods. This is the first Smartphone With A Holographic Display though.

It said that all different adornments accessible at dispatch will be accessible at an extra cost and extra modules won’t be promptly accessible at the season of this first generation dispatch. The organization has not declared correct particulars of the smartphone yet. However, the RED founder Jim Jannard said that it will accompany inner storage capacity and an outside micro SD card opening, an earphone jack, selfie camera and a back camera. Though the smartphone will not miss any of the latest technology perks found in other high-end smartphones. The device will come with a USB-C link and charger. It will also have an expandable Smaller scale SD card opening in addition to a “unique little token” for requesting early. The device will start shipping in the beginning of the first quarter.

The RED HYDROGEN ONE (Aluminum variant) –  $1,195 (Rs. 77,340 approx.)

The RED HYDROGEN ONE (Titanium variant) – $1,595 (Rs. 1,03,235 approx.)

You Can Pre Order The Device Here – RED

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