Smallest Phone In The World Launched In India

Smallest Phone In The World

Smallest Phone In The World Launched In India, Elari NanoPhone C Launched In India:  The world is moving towards a time when smartphones are getting better and better each day. The research and development team of each company doing arduous amount of work just to cram as many features possible in a slim form factor. They want to provide the users with newer technology sooner than the competition. This is a race that keeps on going, like it is going on between Samsung and Apple for their upcoming devices Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8. This results in the users getting a device that is not a phone anymore. This is true for all the smartphones today as they are rarely used for the purpose they were actually built. That purpose is to communicate from one place to another place without having to travel there, or in simpler words, to make a call. This simple purpose is getting somewhat bogged down in smartphones.

This doesn’t mean that the smartphones are not useful. Quite the contrary actually, most of us cannot do without our smartphone for even a day. But what if you could just get a device which would make calls along with a few basic tasks and leave all the other hassle and tassle of a smartphone away in a sleek and easy design. This is the same approach that led the people at the Russian phone manufacturing company Elari to create the NanoPhone C. I will give a comprehensible and detailed device description of the the NanoPhone C along with all its features and specifications in the next paragraph.

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Smallest Phone In The World – Elari NanoPhone C:

The new device named NanoPhone C by Elari packs just the right amount of features in a simple, compact and sleek design. Being the smallest phone in the world, the device is barely the size of a credit card and can be used just as easily as well. It weighs a minute 30 grams and feels almost as light as air. The Company states that the device is “the perfect choice for smartphone users who wish to maintain an active lifestyle having the opportunity to completely disconnect, while staying reachable and retaining other features, when required.”

This does not mean that it lacks any essentials under the hood. The device comes with a 2 inch TFT display with a 128 x 96 pixels resolution which is ideal for viewing numbers and words. It runs a Mediatek MT6261D chipset along with 32 MB of RAM on the inside. It is run by a 280 mAh battery which lasts 4 days on standby and 4 hours of talktime. This may not sound like much but it ensures a more than smooth experience as the device can perform only specific tasks. These tasks include outgoing and incoming calls, mp3 player, FM radio, voice recording and phone recording. It also has a 3.5 mm audio jack which is something all the apple users would understand the importance of. Another significant bit of information is that it is a dual sim GSM phone. It can also connect via bluetooth to another device to either make or accept calls from the connected device.

If you want a healthy and active lifestyle that is disconnected from all the nuances of the digital world but still staying reachable when needed, then this is the device of our choice for you. You can buy the device at the link we have shared below for a price of Rs 3,490.

You Can Buy NanoPhone C At : YERHA

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